Best Laptop Backpacks for Women 2019

Today laptop backpacks for women are a reflection of style, comfort and practicality. In a nutshell, everything that a woman wants and needs. Laptops have almost become a standard, especially for busy working women as it provides mobility. Therefore computer backpacks are a great benefit for ladies as well as an accessory.

They can be found in different colors, materials, sizes and styles. The most important thing you need to pay attention is the size of the backpack. You have to match the size of your laptop to the size of the backpack. If you have a 15 inch laptop, then buy a backpack which can hold a laptop that particular size. A 15 inch laptop can also fit in a 17 ” backpack, but if you buy a 15″ backpack for a 17″ laptop, that will simply not work.

You will either not be able to close the backpack entirely or it will be cramped. And you do not want a sensitive thing like a laptop to be cramped. Also you should consider the style. If you are a working woman perhaps you will prefer a more professional and simple laptop backpacks. If you are a college student or go to school, maybe you lean to something more casual with soft colors. Down below are listed best laptop backpacks for women available on Amazon.

Mobile Edge Express Pink Ribbon Backpack

This model is created by women to women. No wonder it is among the best selling computer backpacks on Amazon. Designed to carry up to 15.4 inch laptops, but customers report that it is perfectly able to hold even bigger laptops. Its main advantage is the ventilated back panel which means it prevents your back from sweating as they are completely lined up with the backpack.

As for the design itself, the backpack is just too cute. You definitely get more than you pay for in terms of design. The zippers slide with ease, the straps are padded, the backpack is fully compact, lightweight and cushioned in the right places to prevent back pain. Plenty of space for books, files, electronic devices and so on, and extra pockets for multiple organizational combinations.

SOLO Vintage Collection Colombian Leather Backpack

This is absolutely perfect for all working women or any woman who wants to leave a serious impression. It is slightly challenging to find a more business looking backpack, and even tougher to find leather backpacks. But this one if by far the on the top of the list of women’s backpacks. If you have ever felt embarrassed to wear canvas backpacks on business clothing, buying this backpack will end that feeling for good.

This purely leather backpack holds up to 15.4 inch laptops and contains other compartments for other items so they do not get mixed up. Easy accessible which is important if you are in a rush, padded laptop compartment and ergonomic straps and lots of storage space for things you would not even consider placing in a laptop backpack.

Mobile Edge MEBPEX2 Express Backpack

If you like dots, if you are a fan of color pink, and are looking for notebook backpacks for girls, stop right here. Designed to carry up to 15.4 inch laptops and is created by women at Mobile Edge. Its best selling points is pure comfort even when packed with laptops and heavy books.

Not to mention the storage room as it is larger than it seems when you look at the picture since there is lots of interior pockets. A nice feature is a headphone sound port for music fans out there. As almost all of their laptop backpacks they have a ventilated back panel so you can stay sweat-free which makes this a great choice for those who suffer from excessive sweating. Well worth the money.

Belkin F8N078-SGF-DL 17-Inch Energy Collection Slim Backpack

For all women who have bigger laptops or want even more space, this Belkin model holds up to 17″ laptops. Belkin has established a strong reputation in the world of laptop backpacks. And this model is no exception. It has an interesting combination of feminine look and classic look at the same time. Equally suitable for working women as well as college students with its gray colors and flamingo pink lines.

What makes this backpack great are two things. First, it is entirely water-resistant since it is made out of durable rip-stop material. The second thing is the padded compartment which is extra soft (plush) which makes it completely scratch-free offering full laptop protection. Users report enormous storage space and the fact that is surprisingly light.

Laurex BP115RE 17-Inch Backpack

For those interested in a more casual looking backpacks with colors and patterns will particularly enjoy this model. By size most suitable for 17″ laptops and by design for college students and young people just starting their business career. Lightweight, fully padded, adaptable and a special surprise is the flat pocket hidden by the flap to ensure maximum security for your most valuable items. Its best selling point beside the attractive design is PVC bottom on the backpack which is waterproof, and therefore great for those who live in rainy or snowy areas.

It also makes the backpack stand upright on its own. A big plus are extra straps for waist and chest for higher security. But not too many, otherwise you would look as if you are going hiking on a mountain. If you do not want to wear them, they can be tucked away. The backpack you see in the picture on the right is red. Down below are listed other Laurex laptop backpacks designed for women in other colors and patterns, but the construction and the price is exactly the same as the previously

Buying Guide

Now you know that women’s laptop backpack are going to be about more than just carrying around a computer. You have seen the inside of your mother’s, girlfriend’s, wife’s, sister’s… purse, right? A ladies laptop backpack is going to be lucky if a computer can actually fit in there.

Styles, sizes and shapes; oh my!

This is the fun part! And they are definitely different than laptop backpacks for men. You can go leopard print or leather; business to elegant; earthy to moderate. This backpack join function and beauty and bring them into one utilitarian yet stylish computer carrying case. It’s like taking your work station were ever you go. Those women in their power suits working in the high rises spend a lot of their time in airports; and this is where the laptop bag is going to come in handy, ladies.

On the other hand, if you’re heading over to a Starbucks for the afternoon (because you’ve got the weekend off), it’s perfect for that, too. Find whatever suits your style, your personality, or your profession. Sizes range to accommodate 17″ laptops all the way down to 11 inches. And if you’re all about designers’ names, check these out; JanSport, Abbi New York, and Mobile Edge.


No matter what your price range, there’s the best women’s laptop backpack for you. You can spend as much as $200 or more (that’s going to be some backpack!) Or if things are a little tight these days, you can spend as little as $30.00 or less. Now that’s not bad for something that will not only carry your life source (your notebook) but a few various sundries as well.

Of course, there is more than just the backpack style of laptop carrier; there are also totes, briefcases, sleeves, messenger style and rolling cases.


And materials? Oh my goodness, don’t get me started! Calf leather, vinyl, canvas, velour, coated fabric, top grain leather, corduroy, tapestry, cotton, suede, cowhide, polyurethane, false leather, polycarbonate, false snakeskin, poly canvas, felt, nylon, leather, neoprene and micro fiber are your choices; and probably more.


You’re going to make me go through the colors too, aren‘t you? Big breath! Here we go; animal prints, yellow, white, black, tanned, blue, stripes, floral, skulls, gray, retro prints, green, red, ivory, quilted, metallic, purple, orange, polka dots, oriental, plaid, paisley, and pink. Phew! OK, that was way more than just a few colors.

There were also some really interesting bags that caught my eye that I have to tell you about. One of these computer bags had the most amazing picture of an old sail ship. It was utterly magnificent. One had the hugest daisy I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Bees must come from miles around when this babe steps outside with her bag. Oh and don’t forget to get your bag monogrammed. That’ll show all those businessmen with their fancy handkerchiefs and desk caddies. But my very favorite, was the computer case with a tiny little bar set up inside. Cocktail shaker and all!

With all these unique backpacks to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding one that suits your needs.

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