Best Women’s Laptop Backpacks and Bags 2019

Shopping for a women’s laptop bag is more than just looking for and buying durable case for toting a mobile gadget. Gone are the days when women have to be satisfied with black, stiff cases that they have to carry around when heading for business appointments, presentations, and important client calls.

Now laptop bags for women has almost every imaginable design possible. From Ed Hardy laptop messenger bags to the earthy, subtle number of Acme Made Slim Cargo briefcase, a women’s laptop bag marries style and functionality that every lady of style and substance would love to have.

The women’s bags now come in many different colors such us pink, blue, red, yellow, green, orange etc. If you are pink lovers, be sure to check our guide to hot pink laptop bags.

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A simple Googling or hoofing between stores will tell you that designers are more than ready to conquer almost every ladies laptop bags for women type possible – long before you have taught of them. In spite of the colorful embellishments and vamped style, these bags only take their inspiration from one thing: your upward and mobile lifestyle. In choosing which bag for laptop to invest on, understanding the role that it will play on living your life can make shopping a breeze. The general rule: how will your notebook bag reflect your personality. One thing is for sure, you cannot only one laptop to the job. You’re a fun-loving and boardroom-mainstay woman. With the roles you play, you need to hunt down a number women’s notebook bags for each occasion.

– Briefbag Notebook Bags

These items are perfect for ordinary days. With comfortable shoulder straps and well-padded interiors, briefbag notebook bag is the item that women need in beating morning rush and traffic. The true advantage of this bag is the generous interior and storage spaces that are perfect for securing your other mobile gadgets. Briefbag bags are also a contender for business travels since they are designed with quick access pockets.

– Top Loading Laptop Bags

A favorite among travelers, this particular style of women’s bags for laptop can please any business warrior on the road. From quick access area to notebook to generous compartments, top loading bag offers utmost convenient among all ladies bags for laptop. Deal with airport security or customs at ease without having to rummage around your bag.

– Laptop Backpacks

These casual looking and laid back style is perfect for taking at evening graduate class. With plenty compartments and generous space for paperworks and books, laptop computer backpack for women comes with matching laptop sleeves that offers ultimate security for notebook.

Best Laptop Backpack for Women

Now you know that women’s laptop backpack are going to be about more than just carrying around a computer. You have seen the inside of your mother’s, girlfriend’s, wife’s, sister’s… purse, right? A ladies laptop backpack is going to be lucky if a computer can actually fit in there.

Styles, sizes and shapes; oh my!
This is the fun part! And they are definitely different than notebook backpacks for men. You can go leopard print or leather; business to elegant; earthy to moderate. This laptop backpack for women join function and beauty and bring them into one utilitarian yet stylish laptop carrying case. It’s like taking your work station were ever you go. Those women in their power suits working in the high rises spend a lot of their time in airports; and this is where the laptop bag is going to come in handy, ladies.

On the other hand, if you’re heading over to a Starbucks for the afternoon (because you’ve got the weekend off), it’s perfect for that, too. Find whatever suits your style, your personality, or your profession. Sizes range to accommodate 17 inch laptop computers all the way down to 11 inches. And if you’re all about designers’ names, check these out; JanSport, Abbi New York, and Mobile Edge.

Buying Guide

No matter what your price range, there’s the best laptop backpack for women for you. You can spend as much as $200 or more (that’s going to be some backpack!) Or if things are a little tight these days, you can spend as little as $30.00 or less. Now that’s not bad for something that will not only carry your life source (your laptop) but a few various sundries as well.

Of course, there is more than just the backpack style of laptop carrier; there are also totes, briefcases, sleeves, messenger style and rolling cases. And materials? Oh my goodness, don’t get me started! Calf leather, vinyl, canvas, velour, coated fabric, top grain leather, corduroy, tapestry, cotton, suede, cowhide, polyurethane, false leather, polycarbonate, false snakeskin, poly canvas, felt, nylon, leather, neoprene and micro fiber are your choices; and probably more.

You’re going to make me go through the colors too, aren‘t you? Big breath! Here we go; animal prints, yellow, white, black, tanned, blue, stripes, floral, skulls, gray, retro prints, green, red, ivory, quilted, metallic, purple, orange, polka dots, oriental, plaid, paisley, and pink. Phew! OK, that was way more than just a few colors.

There were also some really interesting bags that caught my eye that I have to tell you about. One of these laptop computer bags had the most amazing picture of an old sail ship. It was utterly magnificent. One had the hugest daisy I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Bees must come from miles around when this babe steps outside with her laptop bag. Oh and don’t forget to get your bag monogrammed. That’ll show all those businessmen with their fancy handkerchiefs and desk caddies. But my very favorite, was the computer case with a tiny little bar set up inside. Cocktail shaker and all!

With all these unique laptop bags and backpacks for women to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding one that suits your needs.

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