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Wireless split keyboards or wireless ergonomic keyboards as they are mainly categorized as came into being as a way of reducing the stress incurred by the wrists and the forearms of those individuals who spend many, many hours in front of a computer screen typing away.

Of course the ergonomic keyboard wasn’t wireless from the get go, being a wireless keyboard isn’t a prerequisite for being an ergonomic one but it does help with clutter and wires on your desktop.

The traditional design of computer keyboards doesn’t promote a very natural posture for the human body, and especially for the hands and arms and this has resulted in a steady increase in joint-related stress injuries for many frequent computer users.

A common ergonomic keyboard design features a split computer keyboard look basically separating the keyboard into two angled sections meant to match the shape and angle of the human writs when typing. The fact that companies such as Logitech have created wireless versions of these things only adds to their usefulness as they allow for more uncluttered workspace on your desk.

For anyone who does a lot of typing as part of their daily job this sort of double benefit can prove to be a great investment in one’s future as it saves on the discomfort that you might experience while using a traditional keyboard thus either allowing you to work for longer periods of time or to work harder for the same amount of time.

Nowadays you can get special packages that get you both a wireless ergonomic keyboard and a mouse for a relatively low price thus allowing you to eliminate two of the most common wires that normally you couldn’t do without from your workspace, and for everyone who does a lot of work on the same computer day in and day out it can prove to be a great advantage not having to worry about the cables getting tangles or knocking something off the desk.

While the split laptop keyboard style is still on the market you can find some other variations of ergonomic PC keyboards as well which look like the traditional keyboard but have their central buttons differently shaped than the normal square shape and made with different materials for less impact.

It is important to understand that an ergonomic laptop keyboard isn’t a cure for any ailments that you might be experiencing if they had time to set in, but it is a great preventative measure for not allowing such issues to take hold or to allow you to work longer or harder before any soreness due to fatigue starts showing.

The wireless split keyboard options offers all of the benefits of the ergonomic notebook keyboard but with the added advantage of no wires so less clutter and of course the sheer flexibility of wireless transmissions between your keyboard and your computer, meaning that you can set up your writing post in one part of the room while the computer could be in a different one so you could arguably type things in a position that you find more relaxing that at your desk.

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