Best Wireless Keyboard for PC, Laptop, Android Tablet, Smart TV

The Advantages Of A Wireless Computer Keyboard

It was only a matter of time till technology would do away with the annoying wires on our desks it has definitely done away with wires and our tablets or phones so it isn’t really a surprise that the keyboard and mouse were on the list. What used to be something of a prototype technology a few years back has matured and wireless computer keyboard and mice are now something of the quotidian in homes and offices across the globe.

Getting a wireless laptop keyboard comes with many advantages, despite the bigger price tag when compared to a traditional wired one. First of all the fact that they are wireless means that they eliminate a steady source of annoyance and various accidents related to the keyboard wire; either it was too short and you couldn’t place the keyboard where it would’ve been more comfortable, either it was too long and you had no choice but to house it on your desktop and in the process offer the conditions to create a tangle mess of wires when combined with a mouse, a webcam or any other thing that you might have on your desk.(read: Best Laptop Desks)

One other advantage is the fact that since wireless computer keyboards are so much more expensive than the normal ones, the manufacturers feel that they should add various extra features to the keyboards to make them more appealing to customers. As such most if not all wireless computer keyboards will come with a plethora of multimedia buttons or other dedicated buttons for special features and whatnot.

So those right there would be enough to consider a wireless notebook keyboard but that’s not all, the fact that it is wireless means that you aren’t limited to staying at your desk when working or surfing the net or doing whatever, you can grab your keyboard and sit very comfortably in an arm chair or on the couch, of course depending on the particular setup of one’s rooms.

More so, special mini wireless keyboards have been created for exactly this purpose either to occupy very little space on your desk for those who don’t need a keyboard there all the time or to just pick up and situate yourself in a different part of the room altogether. Many of these mini keyboards work via Bluetooth which means that you could use them with other devices that have an integrated Bluetooth receiver such as PDAs, laptops, net-books, android tablets, cell phones or smart phones and this characteristic makes them extremely flexible pieces of technology that you could take away with you on a trip.

Just as it is with any other product or service on the planet, not all wireless computer keyboard models are made equal, so before you decide on buying one do some research into the particular brand and model that you are interested in and look for review on the Internet as there will surely be more than a few that will give you some facts about firsthand experiences with the particular products that you are considering.

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Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

One of the latest wireless technologies is called Bluetooth and it has allowed many gadgets and gizmos the ability to communicate with each other with greater ease than infrared has done till now. Bluetooth wireless is a technology very common with portable or mobile devices and products like cell phones, smart phones and palm computers so it shouldn’t come as a shock that it is being used to make other things portable and wireless as well like the portable Bluetooth keyboard for instance.

The most traditional type of Bluetooth portable keyboard is a folding keyboard meant to be used mostly with PDAs when travelling or in cramped quarters. The fact that it connects via Bluetooth means that such a keyboard is basically platform independent meaning that it can communicate with anything that has a Bluetooth receiver be it a traditional desktop PC or pretty much any kind of PDA or palm computer out there regardless of the maker, model or operating system. Some of these keyboards might feature a PDA stand some might not it depends on the maker and the overall purpose behind it.

Now that is the traditional idea of a foldable portable keyboard and it works very well as is, but the intrepid people from research and development have come up with something even smaller and better than that, a portable Bluetooth keyboard that isn’t physical, a virtual keyboard.

This works via two laser beams, one project a red laser that forms a keyboard on any surface, but ideally you would do it on a flat surface like that of your desk, and the other beam recognizes when you “push” a button and translates that into a signal for the computer. The almost hologram-like keyboard that you have beamed on your desk has the exact same arrangement of keys as traditional keyboards do with the only difference being that it’s not actually there. Thanks to the fact that it comes with Bluetooth wireless technology it means that one can use this device with anything that has a Bluetooth receiver and when you add to this the portability factor and the sheer cool factor of a virtual keyboard this is definitely going to be the next best thing in typing.

The potential advantages of this type of keyboard go far beyond the fact that it’s wireless and extremely portable and that it frees up a lot of workspace that would otherwise be occupied by a traditional physical keyboard. A physical keyboard has been found to be like a very rife breeding ground for all sorts of nasty bacteria that get passed one from one user to whoever uses that same keyboard later this being a real issue in offices.

The laser portable Bluetooth wireless keyboard blows all of that out of the water since there is no physical space that various things can inhabit and breed, except maybe the table surface but that was going to be there anyway, and it can be easily wiped in order to avoid any of these sorts of issues.

Reasons To Get A Compact Wireless Keyboard

In a world where fitting as many functions and capabilities into a gadget is paramount, the same thing goes for making the best use of the actual physical desktop space. The first thing that one can do is to replace the bulky desktop with a laptop but that doesn’t solve all of the issues as some individuals actually need the bulky desktops for more advanced reasons than just surfing the web and writing a shopping list. This is where wireless technology comes into play and in this case especially compact wireless keyboard technology.

Wireless computer keyboards have been around for a long while, they’ve been evolving with the technology and nowadays you can find a plethora of models on the market that offer many types of extra functions and features besides the main one of them not being wired anymore thus de-cluttering the desktop. The humble computer mouse has seen the exact same jumps in evolutions it too being able to work without a wire in fact many times you will be able to purchase a wireless keyboard and mouse package as a means of doing away with two of the most necessary wires on your computer desk or table.

So in this world where more things are being crammed into the same available space it should not come as a surprise that there is such a thing as a compact keyboard.
A compact keyboard is very similar to the keyboard of a laptop in the sense that it doesn’t occupy any more space than the keys require, in fact some of them even feature a touchpad, but the idea is that they are obviously lighter than a laptop and don’t heat up in your lap.

A wireless compact keyboard works just like any other wireless device, it requires a receiver to be plugged into an USB port and will run on a variety of battery combinations but it offers certain benefits to certain computer users out there.
Again, some computer users don’t see the necessity of a smaller keyboard, because they either feel that the one they have isn’t necessarily too big or because they got used to the traditional size and dimensions. However there are users out there who do not use their keyboard as much as those who do a lot of coding or writing do, and this means that from their point of view the keyboard eats up more space than it’s worth. Similarly a compact keyboard can be of use to someone who works with a computer but doesn’t work with a keyboard, like a digital graphics designer who will work with a graphics tablet and only require the keyboard occasionally for keyboard shortcuts and the like.

There are also the individuals who linked their computer or laptop to their considerably larger LCD or Plasma TV and wish to surf the net from the comfort of their couch, they also can benefit from a compact wireless keyboard.

Regardless of which type of potential user you are, make sure that you look for reviews on the compact wireless laptop keyboard models that you fancy as you will want to make sure that you are making the right decision.

What Does It Take To Make The Best Wireless Keyboard

Looking for the best wireless keyboard doesn’t necessarily have to be a daunting task as it might seem at the beginning due to the wide array of offer that one can find on the market; with certain knowledge about what it is that one needs from his or her wireless technology one can make the choice that will result in them getting the wireless PC keyboard that will best suit their needs.

When it comes to the technology aspect of a wireless computer keyboard then you will have to take into account the range that the product offers. However regardless of how powerful your particular choice is all wireless items suffer from the same problem, which is interference. Even a modern Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse can occasionally show signs of being interfered with by various electro-magnetic sources around them. As widespread as the problem of interference is as simple it is to diminish or eliminate altogether in most cases by repositioning the receiver or your keyboard or mouse or some other electronic gizmo in the vicinity.

Most if not all brand name wireless laptop keyboards come with a plethora of multimedia buttons as a ways of allowing easier access to media files on your computer but you can look for specific keyboards that offer other helpful features that will eliminate the need for a mouse in some cases. Some of these function buttons will in fact be programmable so you can customize them to do whatever function you find most useful thus not requiring you to use the mouse all the time.

Another thing that you should consider while looking for a wireless computer keyboard is that you get a well designed one sure but you will also want it to be as ergonomic as possible, since the wireless aspect allows you more room on your desktop then the ergonomic one should permit you to use your keyboard in a manner that will not string your wrists, especially if you use the computer on a daily basis and type for extended periods of time. Getting yourself a split ergonomic wireless keyboard will be the best of both world, at the same time stylish as well as comfortable.

There was a time when only the most hardcore of computer geeks would purchase wireless PC keyboards because they were a bit on the expensive side, at least when it came to keyboards, and they didn’t have great reception unless in very particular circumstances which a computer geek could supply. However those days reside in the past, with wireless technologies becoming more and more compact and increasingly accurate, this has meant that wireless gadgets and gizmos have made out of the realm of hardcore tech and into the realm of the average IT consumer or computer user.

Ultimately the best wireless keyboard will vary from individual to individual as each one will have different requirements as to special functions or range characteristics but what everybody can do is to look online for keyboard reviews and read about what other think about various models and makes that they are considering to find out if they are making the right choice.

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