Best Wireless Gaming Mouses of 2019

Thanks to improvements in technology, wire free gaming mouse are no longer a fantasy. As lately as fifteen years ago, there weren’t really any good wireless gaming mouse available.

Despite some clever designs and interesting marketing gimmicks, no wireless mouse could overcome the horrible latency that plagued wireless technology. While most users wouldn’t notice it in regular usage, the few extra milliseconds that it took for a wireless mouse to transmit data about movements or mouse presses meant life or death in most games.

Today, wire free gaming mices and keyboards are more than viable some people even prefer them! Huge leaps in battery technology mean that gamers can go weeks without recharging and better technology gives a wireless mice the same latency as a wired one.

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Our Favorite Gamers Mouses of 2018/2019

While Logitech has helped drive most of this new technology, Razer hasn’t been far behind. Companies like Mad Katz and Microsoft have also made forays into the wireless world. Here are our favorites:

The Razer Mamba

The Mamba rocks a 5,700 DPI laser sensor, making it one of the most accurate gaming mouse on the market. Paired with its good looks, great rubberized surface, and 72 hours of performance before recharging (17 hours of serious gaming), the Mamba has really set the bar for other wireless mouse.

In case you’re worried, the Mamba is easy to charge. A USB cable slides into a hidden port on the front of the mice and allows you to continue to use the device while it charges.

Not only is it a handy feature, but if for some reason you decide you don’t like wireless operation, the charging cord doubles as a data cord and allows you use the device in fully wired mode.

Microsoft Sidewinder X*

Though the Sidewinder might not be the newest mouse on the market, its still among the best wireless offerings out there. Sporting a 4,000 DPI sensor, it isnt very far behind the Mamba though its design takes some getting used to.

Microsoft chose to stack the two thumb buttons on top of one another, rather than putting them side by side. It takes a little adjustment, but isn’t really a big deal.

Other than that, the device is very ergonomical and comfortable for long periods of use. It delivers about 30 hours of operation on a single charge and has the coolest recharging system we’ve seen.

The charging cord has a magnet on the front of it and when the device is running low on battery you can simply slide the front of it toward the cord and it will magnetically snap into place, charging your device.

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Few Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Quality Wireless Gaming Mouse

When looking at these mices, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Hand size: One size does not fit all. A tiny mouse will be uncomfortable to someone with large hands. Second, and actually more importantly, is how you prefer to hold the device.
  • Grip: Everyone holds the mice differently. Most mice are designed to accommodate pretty much anyone, but some gaming mouses are designed to accommodate only one kind of grip. Where this is the case, we will make it very clear in the review. To summarize grips very briefly, there are those who like to rest their hand on the mice in the palm grip). There are also those who like to either have their hand floating or rest their wrist on a surface. This is called the claw grip. To be perfectly honest, mouse manufacturers have made way too big a deal out of this, and most people can adjust to any mouse with very little effort.
  • DPI (Cursor Sensitivity): DPI (dots per inch) affects mice sensitivity, or how far your device moves on the screen when you move it. Users with large monitors (resolutions around 1920 x *) will be more interested in a mouse with high DPI – about 1800 minimum. We recommend turning the device sensitivity up to maximum speeds, then adjusting windows/game sensitivity up or down from there for a smoother motion. You might play games at high sensitivity, but browse at lower levels. You might play a sniper at low sensitivity, but play an assault class at high sensitivity. Rather than dealing with the hassle of adjusting sensitivity and cursor speeds back and forth, gaming mouse usually have an instant solution. On-the-fly DPI adjustment is useful to gamers who need to switch between speed and precision. You simply press the button, and your device movement is slower or faster instantly. For many gamers, programmers, and regular users this is a must have.
  • Cords / wires: Cordless mouse have long been shunned by gamers due to a belief that there is lag in response time, but with new high-end wireless mices the difference is actually almost negligible. Aside from response time, reports of minor skips in tracking or slight interruptions are more common. Others complain about battery life, the weight from batteries, or the need to recharge or replace batteries. Regardless of the reasons, low demand for wireless gaming mice has resulted in most gaming mice being corded. The Razer Mamba and Microsoft SideWinder X8 are exceptions to this rule, and seek to change all of that.
  • Weight: Weight matters more to some than others. Most users will get used to the weight of a new mouse after a couple weeks of consistent use, but a minority of users really want things to be a certain weight. This is tricky because it is not uncommon for a mouse to get dinged for being too light and again for being too heavy to another. For users who are picky about weight, a mouse with an adjustable weight cartridge might be a good choice. Mices with weight cartridges are listed below.
  • Other options and customization: High-end mices tend to offer more customization and options. The Logitech G9x, for example, has multiple grip options and saved profiles in on-board memory. The Microsoft Sidewinder X8 features a Quick Turn feature that instantly flips players 180 degrees in shooting games, and it runs in either corded or cordless mode. Both mice have re-programmable buttons, easy-to-use macro programs, and so on.

Given the superiority of gaming mouse for gamers and non-gamers alike, we strongly recommend them over standard mice. Our reviews provide the truly smart shopper with relevant information on choosing the right mouse.

Choosing The Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

If you ask ten gamers out there what are their best partners on virtual battlefields, I bet nine out of ten will tell you its the gaming mouse. Of course, there will be more than just a mouse to conquer things. But I believe that its our gaming mous that make the difference.

Many gamers know this, that’s why they always on a search for the best mice that fit them. Today, I will share with you my experience of choosing a great mice. And the next time you go shopping, make sure you have these tips in mind.

Tip #1: Draw a price tag that you can afford first

Why I share with you this tip first?

Because I know that the more advanced the mouse, the higher its price. It might not be the case 100% but that’s what my experience tells me. And remember that the mice for gaming is the most important part, but its not the only part out there.

If you want to dominate your favorite games, you need more than just a good gamer mouse. That’s why drawing a line of price that you can afford is necessary. Always set some money aside to invest on other gears.

Tip #2: Pick the mouse that is suitable for your games

Whats your favorite kind of games? Real time strategies? First person shooter? Or MMO?

Whatever the answer is, make sure you know the difference among them. For example, a mouse for MMO games doesn’t have to be as accurate and speedy as one for FPS games.

But I agree that they all have to reach a certain threshold of both accuracy and speed to be considered a good gaming mouse. Try to reach for 1500 dpi or more with your mice. That’s a decent level.

Tip #3: Choose the mouse that fits your hand

Don’t underestimate this feature! I see so many gamers overlook this tip and they often choose a mouse based solely on statistics. I agree that statistics are cool. But what if you have a small hand and the mice is to big? Still want to go with it in the long run?

If I were you, I wouldn’t do that! A suitable mouse for gaming can reduce hand fatigue significantly if you play games for hours. Talking about health!

Tip #4: Wired or wireless ?

What do you prefer? A wired mouse, or a wireless one? Many people argue that wired mices always outperform a wireless mouse both in speed and accuracy. Me? I don’t think so.

I think the conclusion should be based on practice. And personally, I know that the Razer Naga Epic mouse is the best testimonial for this debate.

It works wonderfully both in wired and wireless mode. So, don’t stress on this tip too much. Just stick with the wired device if you know it works better.

Tip #5: Does the mouse support your game ?

Many big names in the gaming gear industry have their mouse designed for specific games. They just help you even more in comparison with other gaming mices.

But this tip is very optional. If you have money and love the have a small collection of your favorite game, then go with it. But if you don’t have much money to burn, stick with a general gaming mouse as they’re enough to destroy your enemies if used correctly!

There you have it. 5 handy tips for picking a good wireless gaming mouse that fits you. I hope you will enjoy this site as much as I enjoy writing the reviews. All the best and have a great gaming experience.

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