Best Waterproof Backpack With Laptop Compartment

Why would you need a waterproof laptop backpack?

Believe it or not there are several reasons you might need one as opposed to a regular laptop backpack. I know first-hand after my son, who was away at college, got caught in a heavy downpour between classes and as you might guess; he had his laptop in his backpack.

Unfortunately it did receive water damage and although could have been salvaged, it damaged many of the programs, lost some files and still ran the risk of not working properly (much like when your cell phone gets wet.)

So this is what led me to start looking at waterproof backpacks that also had a laptop or notebook compartment. I never knew there were so many different styles, sizes and colors.

It also made me consider what were some of the other reasons you might need or want a laptop backpack that was waterproof and was surprised to realize I knew several people that either had one already or could really use one. This was my inspiration to share my research, hope you find it helpful!

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Don’t Get Caught Underwater and Unprotected…Waterproof Laptop Backpacks

Whether you use your laptop for school or work, most of us can not afford to replace it if it gets damaged by water. Not to mention anything else we might have in our backpacks at the time. If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you questioned if you could keep your laptop and other valuables safe and dry, then you should consider a waterproof backpack.

People Who Might Need One:

Pelican Black Elite Storage Laptop Backpack – When you need the very best…

The Pelican U100 features a separate laptop compartment as well as lots of other storage to hold just about anything else you need to go along with it. You can fit notebooks with up to 17-inch screens and feel confident that it is not only in a watertight case but also crush-proof and dust-proof.

The Pelican U100 seems to have it all in one package and is guaranteed not to disappoint it’s users. It is clearly not the cheapest Laptop backpack that offers protection from water but it is definitely worth the investment when you just can’t afford the loss of your laptop or notebook and all that goes with it.

I was fortunate enough to hear about it first-had from a friend who travels and works out of the country about 60% of the year. He highly recommended it, especially if you traveled a lot and had to carry your laptop on the plane. He has had his for a year now and this makes the second one, ( he gave his first one to his son, when the new ones came out).

It may not be the right choice for everyone, it does have a downside. One of the cons associated with the Pelican is the weight… it might not be the best choice for a student or commuter cyclist. It does however come highly recommended by motorcyclist. They are clearly going to get the best benefit of the Pelican’s features in the event of inclement weather and crash protection for their laptop.This one is on my husband’s wish list!

Waterproof VS Water Resistant – Knowing the difference counts…

Do you know the difference between waterproof and water resistant backpacks?

A Simplified Explaination – Don’t get caught off-guard…

Protecting your computer from any sort of moisture is truly an investing you can not afford to skip but ensure you understand when looking to notice if it says “waterproof” or “water resistant”, there is a difference.

If it is only water resistant, it will only shed light moisture like a drizzle but only if briefly exposed. It will not protect against a spill, heavy down pour or where your backpack is subject to high humidity levels. And just to be clear it will not work if submerged underwater… which brings me to the being waterproof.

If a backpack is waterproof, it can be submerged in water while keeping all the contents inside our the backpack protected and dry. They are more expensive to make and therefore more expensive to buy. But when what you have inside can’t be replaced or is quite expensive as well, waterproof is really worth the investment.

Just things to remember when comparing backpacks.

What about iPhones? – Do they make an iPhone waterproof bag?

With the fast pace of technology, I realize many have gone from carrying around their laptops to just using their iPhone instead or any number of smart phones for their portable connection to the world. With the cost of smart phones, you also need to look at protecting them from water damage.

I know just last year I dropped my phone in the water accidentally and although it was only there a few seconds, it was toast! I always thought I was very careful but… life happens and some things just can not be avoided. With that  said, there are some great ways to protect your tablets or phones, and it can be truly less expensive.

There are multiple options depending on what types of activities you do or how often you run the risk of exposing your phone or tablet to moisture. My son has tons of music on his droid and loves to listen to it in the shower, so he has a waterproof bag just for that. Then he also has one that offers a little more protection for outdoor excursions where it needs to be a little more rugged.

Take a look at some of the pictures from the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas to get an idea of just what is or will be available!

iPhone Waterproof Bag from DryCASE – Specializing in Waterproofing your Techno-gadgets…

DryCASE is a company that specializes in waterproof bags for various types of electronics including the iPhone. They of course were at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas showing off their latest vacuum sealed waterproof bags. They are one of the leading companies in this type of product.

They also have a waterproof backpack that has also received rave reviews, the con is that it does not have a separate laptop compartment. If you were to use it for that purpose, you would need to provide some type of padding protection for your laptop.

Smartsleeve Waterproof Bag from Armor-X – Protect your smart phone or tablet…

Armor-X is another company which previewed their waterproof technology at the Consumer Electronics Show-Las Vegas called the “Smartsleeve”. They specialize more in just bags and cases for smartphones and tablets. But still some really cool products!

Rugged Laptop Backpack – For when you are headed outdoors…

If you are an outdoor enthusiast who is also a techie, then you know the importance of having a backpack that is both rugged and will carry your laptop. There are several choices out there depending on what type of outdoor activity you are going to be doing. Finding one that is waterproof or offers a waterproof cover is probably one of the most important features.

You might also want to consider the size of backpack if you will be needing to pack more than just your laptop. You can find one that is fairly rugged for less than $50 but chances are if you are planning on using it multiple times on outdoor excursions, you will want to spend a little more to get a more durable backpack.

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