Verbatim 32GB USB Flash Drive Reviews

A flash drive make it possible to store, transport and share data in an easy and convenient manner and verbatim 32 GB pen drive accomplishes these purposes. While this is the case, it is ideal to note that this comes in different models and it is ideal to look at each in order to increase your chances of settling down with one that perfectly meets your storage needs. Ideally, some of these are as highlighted below.

Verbatim 32 GB USB Memory Sticks Review

Verbatim Tuff ‘N’ Tiny 32 GB USB 2.0 Thumb Drive 97465 (Red)

When looking for a verbatim 32GB thumb drive, this is one of the options you need to consider. It is thin, tough and water impermeable thus known to offer secure storage of all your important data. It is also one of the most durable drives currently available in the market and in addition to this it is also known to fit into different USB standard ports. This verbatim 32 GB jump drive is designed to withstand everyday handling and at the same time it withstands day to day disasters. In essence, these drives have the ability of withstanding static discharges, dust and water. In addition to this, it offers a password for window users in order to increase security level. When looking for a verbatim 32 GB memory stick this is a worthwhile choice.


  • Compatible with Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux Kernel.
  • Password security features.
  • USB capless connector that is resistant to dust, water and static discharges.
  • Limited warranty.
  • It uses SIP technology that ensures that the thumb drive is efficient.


There have been numerous positive customer reviews on this verbatim 32 GB jump drive and it is for this reason that it is seen as one of the best buys in the market. Once consumer says that they have been using it for more than six months and in this time, they have not experienced any complexities or setbacks. Another consumer says that it is tiny, weighs practically nothing and is the best as long as it is working ideally. From these reviews, the verbatim 32 GB USB memory is worth your purchase.

Verbatim Store ‘N’ Go 32 GB USB 2.0 Pen Drive 96806 (Red)

This is yet another verbatim 32 GB memory stick worth considering when shopping for memory sticks. It has a cap-less design, is reliable and convenient. In addition to this, it comes from a name that is trusted and is compatible with different types of USB ports. With these verbatim 32 GB memory sticks, you can have all your data stored in a small compact gadget and this ensures that all sensitive data is protected thus giving you peace of mind.


  • It works on Window Vista
  • It has a cap-less swivel design that is convenient to use.
  • It has a limited life warranty
  • It makes it easy to transport and share files without need of floppy disks, DVD’s and CD’s.
  • It has a password protection feature.
  • It comes with a retractable USB connector.


Reviews of this verbatim 32 GB flash drive are also positive an aspect that affirms the fact that with this memory stick one can never go wrong. One consumer says that it lives up to the promises it makes and says that it is reliable and very fast. Another consumer says that it is the best verbatim 32 GB pen drive in the market.

Verbatim 32 GB USB 2.0 Jumb Drive 97408 (Blue)

If you want to get back to the basics of jump drives, you should try verbatim 32 GB pen drive. This is especially true if you buy the memory stick. With this, you get to share and receive files and data without any issues and it also makes it possible to share and transfer files and data without having to deal with the complexities associated with use of memory sticks. With this verbatim pen drive you also get housing that ensures it lasts for a long duration.

Product Features

  • No need of software to get configured. Simply plug it and it works.
  • It comes with a cap-less design that increases usage convenience.
  • Five year limited warranty.
  • Design that is easily retractable.


These verbatim 32 GB thumb drives come with positive reviews and it is this aspect that increases its popularity among consumers. One consumer says you can transfer large amounts of data. The same consumer says that the high point of the jump drive is its sliding mechanism. Another consumer says that it is the best verbatim 32 GB jump drive since it works flawlessly and it is also easy to use.


Considering all the features and customer reviews from the verbatim 32 GB pen drive it is safe to conclude that it is the best pen drive in the market.

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