Best Laptops for 5-12 Year Old Daughter/Son

Vtech is one of the leaders in the toy industry with its products suitable for many age groups. Among its most popular products is the Vtech V Smile TV Learning System or V Smile and VTech Nitro Notebook. Generally speaking, the consumer and professional reviews for this educational kids laptop for 5-12 years old is on the positive side with a few bumps along the way. In this post, We have reviewed these 2 products. Let’s check these out..

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VTech Nitro Laptop Review-  Best for Kids Age 5-12 Year Old

This is The Best Laptop for Children Age:

  • 5 Year Old
  • 6 Year Old
  • 7 Year Old
  • 8 Year Old
  • 9 Year Old
  • 10 Year Old
  • 1 Year Old
  • 12 Year Old

From one of the worlds leading toy manufacturers comes the Vtech Nitro Notebook. No, it is not a dangerous toy made from gunpowder or a notebook designed to explode. Yes, it is a laptop for kids 5 years old and up, which combines the benefits of education and enjoyment for the intended recipients.

With its price tag in the vicinity of $50 depending on the site and store, you can become one of the thousands of parents who gave the Nitro laptop 4.5 out of 5 rating and for good reasons, too. For one thing, you can mistake the Vtech notebook for a real, well, notebook. On the outside it has a sleek external casing that will put even your full-featured laptop to shame.

Of course, it comes in two colors black and pink to suit the gender of your children. As for the internal component, your children will love it that the keyboard for the Vtech Laptop is all grown-up with the QWERTT keyboard and the monitor control with a working plug-in mouse. Now, your children can feel like mom and dad working on their own laptops. Think of it as family bonding time in the sense that your kids can relate to your activities.

Beyond the external casing and the internal keyboard, we think that it is the quantity and quality of the games, activities and lessons contained in each bundle. Your children can choose from 80 activities teaching multi-curricular skills that will prove valuable in schools. And to enhance your child’s foreign language skills, Spanish is one of the two languages used in the system, the other one being English. Interchangeable cartridges add more bonus games for more challenges.

The lessons are packaged as arcade games so that your children’s attention can be engaged for hours at a time. Just imagine hearing your children’s laughter while they are playing with the Vtech Kids Toy Laptop while you know that they are actually learning in their lessons in math, social studies, reading, language, art and music. Its a win-win situation for everybody concerned.

From the beginning when the Nitro laptop is opened, your children will be attracted to the notebook. If you were a child, you would be, too, thanks to the fun music and the children’s voices telling the various play options. Then when navigating the simple interface, your children will be drawn deeper into the learning experience.

Don’t worry about your 5-year old becoming bored with the same lessons every day either because the Artificial Intelligence feature of the Vtech’s Nitro Netbook ensures that your child’s learning level is stored in the memory and then adjustments will be made according to his/her progress.

On the flip side, you will want the gray-scale LCD to be updated to a colored scale so as to have the look of a true laptop. Then again, your children will not seem to mind so it can be overlooked. Also, you have to make a separate purchase for the A/C adapter if you want to plug the notebook into the main grid. Otherwise just use 3 AA batteries, which may or may not be included in the bundle.

All in all, the Vtech Nitro Notebook truly packs a punch in terms of value for money. You will recommend it to other parents for its many merits.

VTech’s V Smile Learning System – Best for Children Age 3-9 Year Old

This is The Best Laptop for Kids Age:

  • 3 Year Old
  • 4 Year Old
  • 5 Year Old
  • 6 Year Old
  • 7 Year Old
  • 8 Year Old
  • 9 Year Old

As its name implies, the V Smile can be directly connected to your home television set without the need for additional equipment, wires and plugs. You will then be able to see television in a different light as an educational tool instead of a medium where your kids learn undesirable habits.

If you love the education that the V Smile gives to your children, they will love the many games and activities on the console. Each V Smile Learning System is sold as a bundle with one particular game featuring a favorite cartoon character like Dora the Explorer, Spider-Man, Thomas the Engine and even Shrek.

But as is often the case with children, the existing games can quickly bore them. Fortunately, you can ward off the tantrums, shrieks and wails for new games with the addition of other ROM cartridges, known as Smartridges, sold separately from the main unit.

You many think of it as additional expenses but when it comes to the education of kids, we often hear parents say that no expense should be spared especially when it comes to the critical stage of early development. Besides, if the Smartridges can buy you a few hours of happy children in the house, then its an investment well worth your tired body.

Two children can actually play the Vtech educational toy. Just purchase another joystick and connect it to the console for two-player games, which means that your child will be able to learn the social skills necessary in co-operative play. No worries about dexterity as the joysticks can be adjusted to accommodate south and north paws alike.

After all, there is no use in teaching kids new things if you have to force upon them your own sense of which hand should be the dominant one. So, what exactly can your children learn with the V Smile aside from smiling due to enjoyment with the games? According to the official websites and the consumer reviews, your children will learn math and logic as well as new words and spelling.

As your children progresses in the games, specific skills necessary for good learning in school are added to the program. In short, kids smile with the games while you smile with the quantity and quality of learning they can get from the Vtech Learning System.

There are a few wrinkles in the system, however. You will pay a few more dollars over its competitors so you have to decide if the money is well worth the comparable benefits. You should also stock up on batteries although if you want to plug it into the main grid, buying an AC adapter is an excellent idea.

So, will we recommend the VTech’s V Smile to our family and friends? Yes, we will because it is a good investment in your children’s education.

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