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It’s traditional for a laptop website to provide laptop reviews, where the authors proclaim the virtues of the latest “hot” models. While undoubtedly entertaining, these reviews do pose pitfalls for the unwary.

Firstly, there’s the feeling of overwhelm. After wading through numerous laptop reviews and opinions, you can end up buried under the ‘paralysis of analysis’ and become more confused than ever.

Then there’s the loss of focus. The authors of these notebook reviews frequently make a big deal out of the most miniscule items – like the “slightly springy keyboard” or the “off-color eraser nub” – and completely ignore many of the essential considerations.

The real problem with the reviews, however, is that they’re not specific enough for your personal circumstances. The question you should be asking is not: “What’s the best laptop”… but rather, “What’s the best laptop for YOU”?

That’s why we stress doing things in the correct order. Instead of reading through laptop reviews on websites and in magazines, you need to step back from the market and determine your own needs first.

Read through our laptop guide and complete the checklist. You’ll then have a blueprint for exactly the kind of machine that’s right for you.

Once you know what you want, then go into the market place. Start at the site of any major manufacturer – Acer, Apple, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Panasonic, Sony, and Toshiba all make quality products.

And if we were asked to recommend just one? Then it would be Dell Computers. Dell has become the world’s leading laptop manufacturer not just through the quality of its products, low prices, and customer service, but also by creating an innovative online ordering environment that allows you to custom-build your own laptop at every step.

A laptop review can help you decide on the best laptop provided you know exactly what you’re looking for. But don’t do things back to front. Know how to recognize your ideal laptop before you go looking for it.

And remember – the best laptop reviewer you’ll ever meet… is you.

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