Top 10 Best Laptop Bags for Teens in 2019

Undeniably, the high mobility may require you to bring the laptop anywhere so that the laptop bag is definitely needed. It is important anyway to look for the best laptop bags for teens mainly for you the high schoolers.

Interestingly, the laptop bags are designed not only by providing a pocket for the device. There are some more features available even the electricity socket to charge the laptop. Besides, a good laptop bag must also be able to protect all the content from the clash and scratch. It is much better if the bag is also waterproof so that you should not worry about passing through the rain.

The more options indeed make you feel confused in choosing one of them. Despite all the benefits and features, you must also want a kind of laptop bags with cool designs. Well, the list below is some the best laptop bags and backpacks for teens.

Top 10 Teen Laptop Backpacks & Bags

Matein, Travel Laptop Backpack for Men & Women


If you look for a kind of unisex laptop bags, this series from Matein is highly recommended. The design is quite simple with its compact look. But it is still really trendy and suitable for men and women.

There are lots of storage and pockets of various sizes. It meets the needs for keeping some types of the laptop at once whether the device is 15, 14, or 13 inches. Besides, it is really sturdy and functional as well as you may find it comfortable to be carried on your back. The materials are solid and durable so that the product can be used for years.

The bag is also water resistant and it is equipped with some sophisticated features including the USB charging ports.



Leaper, The Cute Backpack for Girls

Leaper is known as the bag producers with many casual and fashionable products. One of the proof is regarding this series of the backpack for girls. The designs are various in multiple colors starting from pink, blue, white, black, and more with floral accents that makes them look cuter.

With the size of 12.2×16.9×6.7 inches, the bag is able to carry the laptop of 14 inches. Meanwhile, although it looks quite small and compact, the capacity is quite big. It is possible for you to pack many books and even clothes for school or camping.

It is featured straps with unique designs to make you feel more comfortable while carrying it for a long time. The materials are strong and durable even if the load inside is heavy enough.


TRENDYMAX Galaxy Backpack for School

Are you quite bored with laptop bags with too-common designs? Well, this series from TRENDYMAX can be a good solution. There is indeed nothing special in term of the shape. But the colors and ideas are just so stunning.

There are around 22 designs available for the series in various colors and patterns. Some of the designs are namely the Galaxy Purple, Frozen Flake, Unicorns Pink, Motor Room, and the Monogrammed Black. Choose one of them you like the most.

Not only is it about the cool designs, the Galaxy Backpack from TRENDYMAX is also water resistant due to the polyester materials. It is also surprisingly lightweight to make you carry it more comfortably. There are many pockets available to keep any other stuff like books and stationery.


Leaper, Girls’ Backpack for School and Travels

This is another backpack series for girls. But compared to the previous series still from the same brand, this one indeed looks simpler and more “mature. It has a bigger size and also some of them are available in plain colors.

The main material is the durable canvas with smooth zippers, makes it stronger and not easily damaged or scratched. The main compartment is very large and spacious to load more stuff including books and large-sized magazines. The other smaller pockets are on the sides for holding the water bottle and umbrella.

The backpack is water resistant and very comfortable to carry around. It is due to the straps that feature the airflow-padded back and airflow-padded adjustable shoulder straps. The top handy loop is added on the upper part to ease you in grabbing and handling it.


Vaschy Unisex Classic Backpack for Campus and Travel

Vaschy offers a simpler and more elegant look for the backpacks it produces. This series is a good example. It provides 16 stylish colors in which some of them are combined well. There is no pattern to meet your needs that probably prefer the more mature design.

It is formed by high-quality water-resistant materials; this is polyester. The use of this material makes the bag not only more durable but also lightweight. There is the main compartment with some smaller pockets. The pockets are for the laptop, the water bottle, and 4 more placed inside for the stationary.

The straps are adjustable and the airflow features make the bag, in general, feels more comfortable on your shoulder. It has such a reinforced bottom to let it stand up sturdily on the flat media.


Fjallraven – Kanken, the Classic Pack

There are some classic looks that are everlasting and still good to be applied in this modern day. Well, one of them is presented by Fjallraven, a backpack brand from Sweden. It features the iconic Scandinavian design reminds you of the school backpacks popular some decades ago.

The material used is Vinylon F that is really strong and water resistant. It can be cleaned so easily just by wiping it. The volume is up to 16 L for the main compartment. Then, there are some interior and exterior pockets for stationery, water bottle, and other stuff.

The straps are adjustable with woven shoulder X design. It makes the users feel more comfortable even when you need to load any heavy things and equipment. To protect it more from the water, the Classic Pack from Fjallraven-Kanken also provides the rain flip.


JanSport Right Pack Laptop Backpack

JanSport makes available many series of the backpack that are good for both boys and girls. One of them is the Right Pack series. The design is very compact and simple with its black color. The pattern and some outer zippers added just make it looks more fashionable.

The main material is Cordura and there is also additional suede as the base. The combination makes the bag stronger and more durable toward the bumps and scratches. Interestingly, its color is also not easily washed even for years.

It is featured some interior and exterior pockets in varied sizes. The main compartment is able to load volume for around 1900 cu. The straps are padded and adjustable. It makes the load feels lighter and it becomes more comfortable for you wearing it around.


Matein Business Travel and Laptop Backpack for Boys and Girls

Although this backpack is mainly intended for young adults, it is not bad for the teens to have it also. There are 7 colors available and at a glance only, you can just see that this bag is really strong and sturdy.

The high-quality materials applied also make this bag very strong. All the content kept inside is protected well towards the bumps from the outside. Meanwhile, this series from Matein features many storages and pockets aside from the main compartment to meet your needs in carrying some devices at once.

This brand is one from few brands that have applied the technology without making the product too expensive. It has the USB ports for charging. Make sure to fill the power before traveling since the bag itself is needs to be recharged as well.


Mancro Anti-Theft Business Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Ports

Are you looking for another brand of a backpack with USB ports? This is the best answer. Mancro offers you a type of high-quality and multifunctional backpack. The design is simple but elegant so that it is suitable for any users whether you are adults or still teenagers.

The anti-theft combination lock available is necessary for you who want to protect anything inside more. It is also added by the metal zippers for both security and fashion. The charging port is placed outside so that the charging things become easier.

The main material itself makes the backpack in general stronger and more durable. This anti-theft bag from Mancro also has 3 main compartments along with 9 inner and 2 sealed side pockets. Your school and traveling can just be more interesting with it.


Mancro High School and College Backpack for Men and Women


Mancro still has some other anti-theft series that you should not miss out. One of them is The High School and College Unisex backpack series. The design is just similar to the previous one in which it looks simple and elegant with loading volume that is relatively big.

It features some components to protect the laptop and any other things kept inside. For the anti-theft feature, this series is equipped with the hidden and durable metal shackle. It is very easy to operate particularly only for the owners.

Meanwhile, it also has the USB charging port and some interior and exterior pockets aside from the main compartments. The bag is able to hold a laptop with its strong and qualified materials as long as the device is less than 17 inches.



It is worthy to spend more budgets for one of the laptop bags mentioned above when the product bought is indeed qualified. Moreover, those bags are also manufactured in very stylish and fashionable designs. It is not exaggerating to say that your confidence can just be improved also. So, are you interested to buy one of the backpacks in the list?

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