The 10 Best Tablets with SIM Card Slot in 2019 – Top Phablets

Here, we have a list of Top 10 products of Best tablet with sim card slot of 2019 you can find on the market that you can buy without having too much problem with your budget. Read our review of best phablet(phone tablet) and tablet and find the best quality tablet you ever had in your life, that will give you not only really satisfying performance but also a nice design that makes it suitable with your appearance and fashion style.

Tablet is one of popular mobile gadget that we can find today. It easy to carry and use anywhere its user wants it. However, the most important thing about it is the specification and performance, as well as the screen size. Compared to the Smartphone, the tablet has bigger screen size, which makes it more comfortable to use.

Then, it also doesn’t need a physical keyboard, which makes it more practical than a laptop or even PC. The feature in the latest tablet is also really good and useful. One of them is you can use the SIM slot on this gadget. With this feature, you don’t need to have a problem, if you want to access the internet when there is no Wi-Fi.

You can use the internet data connection from your SIM card for that purpose. Although the SIM slot can be considered to be one of the most useful features, there is not much product that has this feature. Therefore, finding Tablets that use sim card slots can be really hard to do.

If you find some of those products, you still have to choose the best one, because you don’t want to get the product that can’t give you the best performance, don’t you? For that reason, we create this review of top 10 best products you can try and buy. Hopefully, you will get a clear image of what kind of gadget you want to buy and the gadget that match with your need. So, here are our reviews for the best tablets that have SIM card slots.

Best Tablets That Take Sim Card Slot Review in 2018/2019

#1 YELLYOUTH 10″ 3G Unlocked Dual Sim Android Tablet(GSM) – Black Alloy

The design is beautiful. This product doesn’t use physical button on the front side (the screen side). The “Home”, “Back” and “App” button are all digital button you can find on its touchscreen. The back side is the best part of its design. It uses the Black Alloy design, which makes it looks cool and elegant.

Like its name, it uses 10-inch screen which can produce 2560 x 1600 resolutions. For the core, this gadget use Octa-Core CPU and 4 GB RAM, which make the performance run smoothly. There is 64 GB space on its internal storage, plus Micro SD card up to 32 GB if you want to add more space.

There is also SIM Card slot, which unfortunately doesn’t support AT&T and T-Mobile SIM Card. So, you may have to find another card, if you use that. The other flaw is it only support up to the 3G network.

If you’re looking for cheap tablets with a sim card slot, this tab is absolutely one of the best choices. This tablet costs under $100 on amazon. You can also check our recommendations for best tablets under $300 and under $200


  • Octa-Core CPU + 4 GB RAM
  • 10-inch screen
  • 64 GB internal memory + up to 32 GB MicroSD
  • Black Alloy surface on the back side
  • Unlocked type


  • Doesn’t support 4G network
  • Still using Android 5.1 KitKat


#2 LLLCCORP UNLOCKED 10″ Mid Android 6.0 – Dual SIM Tablet (Silver)

The design is pretty simple. However, it looks not so appealing, because the material that it used looks cheaper. However, the overall appearance, this product looks great. The operation button and SIM slot are located at the best position. You can easily reach and use them because they are within your finger reach.

For features, this gadget has quite good feature and specification, with just one flaw. The one flaw here is this unlocked tablets with sim card slot doesn’t support 4G Network. So, you can’t get the fastest internet connection with this product. This product use Octa-Core CPU processor and supported by 4GB RAM. With these two components, you will get the best performance from it. Then, there is 64 GB internal storage.

However, there is a report from a customer that this product is actually only using 16 GB internal storage and a Quad-Core processor. But, the real product uses the specification that we described earlier. The best of all, it uses Dual SIM Card slots.


  • Dual SIM Card Slots
  • Octa-Core CPU Processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB storage


  • Only support 2G/3G Network
  • Doesn’t support AT&T and T-Mobile SIM Card


#3 Yuntab 10.1 inch Android 5.1 Tablet (Silver)

The silver color makes this tablet looks really beautiful and cool. But, the most interesting part of this product is the back side. It’s designed to have a unique surface with many holes on it. With this design, it can help the hardware to cool down. However, the most important purpose is for increasing the grip. With this design, this gadget won’t be easier to slip, if you hold it in your hand.

For specification, we can put this product on an intermediate level gadget. Using MTK Quad-Core CPU and 1 GB RAM, we can’t expect it to have a super fast performance like the previous two products. However, if you only use it for standard activity, like watching Youtube, internet browsing and such, you won’t have any problem.

The storage is quite big, which is 16 GB and it also has card slot where you can use TF Card up to 32 GB. This product uses Android 5.1 Lollipop and it has Dual SIM Card slots.


  • Unique design
  • 16 GB storage + 32 GB TF Card slot
  • Dual SIM Card Slots


  • Only 1 GB RAM
  • Only support 2G/3G Network
  • Simple appearance design
  • Quad-Core CPU


#4 Tagital 7″ Quad Core Android 6.0 Tablet(Dual Camera, Unlocked Dual SIM Card Slots GSM, 2G/3G Phone Tablet)

One word for this gadget is cool. It doesn’t have too much accent, which makes its design looks more beautiful because of its simplicity. If you look carefully, this product design is almost similar to Samsung Galaxy Tab A6. However, this product is thicker, which make it feel more comfortable on your hand.

This tablet uses Android 6.0, which for this class, it’s quite rare. But, with this OS, the performance and speed of this gadget will give you no trouble. Although this product only uses Quad-Core CPU and 1GB RAM, you can use it to play a game, browsing the internet or watching multimedia file without problem.

8 GB of storage is too small for us. But, there is card slot for TF Card that you can use to add more space to it. The screen size is 7 Inch with 1024 x 600 resolutions. The type of screen is IPS screen. The only flaw is it doesn’t support 4G. You can only use it on the 2G/3G network.


  • Android 6.0
  • Dual SIM Card Slots
  • Affordable price


  • Only support 2G/3G network
  • Low-resolution screen (1024 x 600 pixels)
  • 8 GB storage space

#5 LLLtrade 10.1 inch 3G Unlocked Android 6.0 Phablet MTK6592 (Black)

With one glance, you will know that this product has one of most beautiful design for a tablet that you can find on the market. It less accent and the frame around the screen is thin. This makes the screen that is originally quite big (10.1 inches) looks even bigger. That will give you more comfortable feeling when you use it.

The feature and performance are one of the best among all products. It uses Android 6.0 OS, which is suitable for multitasking. Then, the Quad-Core processor and 4 GB RAM will make this gadget run even faster. The screen, although only use the IPC technology, the resolution is quite high (2560 x 1600 pixels). With this combination, you can use it to play a game, watching movie or browsing without a problem. Plus, the 64 GB storage space and TF Card slot up to 32 GB are big enough to save many files, including movie and images.


  • Android 6.0 OS
  • 10.1 inch (2560 x 1600 pixels)
  • 64 GB storage + 32 GB TF card
  • Octa-Core CPU + 4 GB RAM
  • Cool and elegant design
  • Dual SIM Card Slots


  • Only support 2G/3G network


#6 Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T585 16GB 10.1″ WiFi + Cellular Tablet(White)

This Samsung tablet with sim card and wifi has trademark design like what you can find on other Samsung mobile gadget product. The physical “Home” button and two back and app button on its two sides are placed at the usual place.

The frame around the screen isn’t that big, which make the 10.1 inches screen looks wider. However, the color and appearance are too simple, which make it looks ordinary.

Regardless of the low quality of its appearance, the feature and specification are top notches. First, the 10.1-inch screen uses WUXGA Display that produces 1200 x 1920 pixels 224 PPI.

This will create the best quality image. The core specifications are Octa-Core processor and 2 GB RAM. Plus the Android Marshmallow OS make the processing goes faster.

This gadget has 16 GB internal memory that you can add its space with MicroSD up to 256 GB. The most important thing is this gadget supports 2G/3G/LTE. So, you can use the fastest internet connection with it.


  • Octa-Core Processor + 2 GB RAM
  • 16 GB internal memory + 256 MicroSD slot
  • Support 4G network
  • Android Marshmallow OS
  • 10.1-inch screen


  • Simple and ordinary appearance design


#7 Fengxiang Octa Core 9.7 inch Android 5.1 Tablet

This gadget looks cute with its rounded edges. This design makes it comfortable to hold. The back side is really beautiful, with different surface texture. The texture gives you more grips, which can prevent any slip incident. It doesn’t use physical button, which makes it more practical to use.

The feature is quite satisfying. It uses CPU MTK6592 Octa-Core CPU A7 2.0 GHz with 4G RAM. They will give you fastest performance that you can get. Unfortunately, the internal storage of this product is only 4 GB.

Yes, you can add the space with using MicroSD up to 64 GB, but still, 4 GB is too small, especially if you want to install many apps in it. But, the screen can produce 2560 x 1600 pixels resolution, which will give you crystal clear image.

It uses Dual SIM Card slots, which gives you more option for the card that you want to use. However, it only supports the 2G and 3G Network only. This will give you some problem if you want to access faster network.


  • Octa-Core Processor + 4GB RAM
  • Beautiful and comfortable design


  • Only support 2G/3G network
  • 4 GB internal storage


#8 SainSonic QT-10 10.1″ (Black)-Android 4.4.2 KitKat Phone Tablet (with 2 SIM Card Slots)

We can say that this is gadget with one of the best design. It’s simple and the entire surface is black. The coolest part is the back side that uses a leather-like material as its cover. This is not only giving it elegant looks, but also comfortable feeling when you hold it.

The feature isn’t as elegant as its design, but it’s still acceptable. Firstly, it has SIM Card port. Unfortunately, you can only use the card for the 2G/3G network. So, you need to forget the LTE world.

This product also uses a Quad-Core processor and only 1 GB of RAM. However, with Android KitKat installed in it, that specification won’t be a problem. It still can work really good and smooth. The screen is 10.1 inches but with only 1024 x 600 pixels resolution. But, it’s enough for watching a movie in HD format. The internal memory is big, which is 16 GB. Plus, you can add more with MicroSD card up to 32 GB.


  • Elegant and beautiful design with leather material on the back
  • 16 GB internal memory + 32 GB MicroSD Card


  • Only support 2G/3G network
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Android 4.4.2 KitKat


#9 Hippo 10.1 Inch – Android 7.0 Tablet – Dual SIM Card Slots and Dual Cameras

Futuristic is the right word to describe the design of this product. The diamond-like a front camera on top of the screen make it looks really cool. The most interesting part is the placement of all button and ports. It’s all on the top part of the tablet. Therefore, you can easily access it and use any function on it.

The 10.1 inches screen can produce 1920 x 1200 pixels resolutions, which is good for playing a game or watching a video. Then, the Octa-Core CPU and 2 GB RAM, plus Android 7.0 make it perfect for multitasking and it will give you a smooth performance.

It also has 32 GB storage inside. The tab comes with 5 MP main camera and 2 MP front camera. It has many ports for connecting it to another gadget, from Micro USB to HDMI port. If you’re looking for tablets that come with connecting ports(USB port, SD card and HDMI slot) you can check this guide.

It uses Dual SIM Card and supports 4G network. However, you need to check if your local service supports 4G network or not.


  • Futuristic design
  • HDMI and Micro USB port
  • Dual SIM Card
  • Support 4G network
  • Android 7.0


  •  It only has 2 MP front camera, which is not suitable for a selfie


#10 ASUS MeMO Pad 7 7″ IPS LTE QuadCore 1.33GHz 1GB 16GB WiFi Android Tablet-AT&T

The last product is Asus tablet with sim card slot. The design is actually interesting because we love the rounded edges. However, the frame around the screen is too big, especially the top and bottom part.

From an appearance point of view, this is not interesting. But, if we see it from a practical point of view, this wide part can be comfortable part to hold it when you play a game.

This tablet use Intel Atom Z3530 1.33 GHz Quad Core Processor and 1 GB RAM. The RAM isn’t that big, but the Quad-Core processor covers its flaw. Then, it only uses Android 4.4, maybe you need to upgrade it. Fortunately, this tablet supports 4G LTE network, so you can access faster internet connection with it.

There is 16 GB storage inside with MicroSD Card that you can use to add up to 64 GB space in it. So, this is enough to save any files that you have. Overall, this product is an actually good product with good performance.


  • Support 4G Network
  • 16 GB Storage + 64 GB MicroSD Card
  • Quad-Core Processor


  • Small RAM
  • Old Android OS (Android 4.4 KitKat)



So, those are 10 choices for the best tablet having sim card slot you can find on the market. Choose any of them that fit with your needs. And, you won’t have a problem with the budget, because all of them are a pretty much affordable product you can find on the market.

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