Benefits of Tablets in the Classroom

Being popularized for the first time by Apple in 2010, iPads and tablets have gained huge popularity not only in United State but also all countries across the world. Due to its useful applications and the ability to provide information, tablets now are also widely used in learning activities in a classroom.  Why do students need a tablet? Is there any con over the device usage in school?

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Reasons Why Students Need Technology for Their Classroom Activities

Tablets for classroom are one of the perfect examples of the technology applied in the learning activities at school. But, it can be difficult to apply sometimes due to some reasons. First, there are many people who still think that in spite of their benefits as a strategic learning device, particular mobile devices will only lead more burdens.

In addition, most schools do not have proper network infrastructure to make it possible for them to apply the technology in classrooms. But, these following reasons might give you more reasons to embrace mobile devices in class activities.

  1. Students will be able to prepare their career in the future if they can use the applications on their mobile devices properly.
  2. Whatever the learning styles possessed by pupils, teachers will be able to connect with them by integrating technology into the learning activities in class.
  3. By encouraging collaboration, teachers will have bigger opportunity to improve students’ interactions with both their instructors and classmates.
  4. It also can be an effective way to develop pupils’ skills in digital citizenship.
  5. Students will be able to stay engaged with the integration of technology into the class. With the technology, they will be able to keep playing and learning at the same time. By integrating the technology, teachers can more encourage the pupils to learn.
  6. The technology applied can also help the pupils to keep up to date. They will get information faster and easier with the technology used.

Tablets Vs Textbooks

Due to the useful and interesting applications provided in mobile devices, there are a lot of advantages of tablets over textbooks. The applications available in the tabs make it possible for the students to learn in things using interactive methods. Here are the advantages of using tablets in the classroom that you need to know.

  1. Easy to Apply

    One of the reasons why tablets should be used in schools is that they are easy to apply. It is no wonder since technology is created to facilitate people in all aspects of their life, includes in education. Using a tablet is much easier than using a laptop or desktop. The device is really easy to operate that toddlers can even learn to use it quickly. It is even easier to use than paper books since most children easily get bored to read.

  2. Provide Direct Communication

    Unlike textbooks, use of tablet computers in classroom activities can provide pupils with direct communication. The machines make it possible for all elements in education include teachers, students, and parents to connect easily and directly. Unlike handwritten tasks or notes, there will be further reference available for feedback such as concern or even criticism provided by digital data. There will be nothing to miss out in the direct communication provided.

  3. More Personal Approach

    As teachers, you must understand that not all of the pupils in your classroom are equals. Thus, this is really important for you to use various learning methods to accommodate pupils with different learning styles. The applications available in tabs can help teachers to give a more personal approach to teach students based on their individual learning style. Teachers can ask the pupils to play education games or show videos to them. By doing this, the teachers can eliminate barriers give the course to the students in different ways.

  4. Quicker in Visualization and Reporting

    Another advantage you can get by using a tablet for class activities is that it can enable the students to have visualization quicker and provide teachers with faster reporting. This is because the tab is a great device to develop pupil’ scientific skills. For example, applying tab in class will enable the students to document their field trip or other outdoor activities and make report about them easier. Not only the pupils can support the report with wonderful pictures but they can also complete it with interactive maps by using the applications available in the machines.

  5. Boosting the Pupils’ Creativity and Improve Their Computer Skills

    Today, the influence of technology in people daily life is inevitable and computers will really rule the world in the future. Thus, by using tablet at classroom, it will help teachers to improve their pupils’ computer skills. The tabls usage will also develop the pupils’ creativity since there are a lot of applications to use.

  6. Learning Simulations

    There is something that people cannot deny that the applications available in tabs make the gadgets become something attractive. If the applications are used correctly, they can stimulate the students to learn their subjects. Teachers can be as creative as possible to use simulation games to teach the pupils about particular subjects such as science and mathematics and make them more attractive. The machines can bring subject materials students often find in textbook into more real and live performances.

  7. Paperless Tasks and Homework

    By using a tab, there is no paper needed for any task or homework. The applications and technology used make it possible to submit their tasks in digital format where papers are not needed anymore. Paperless innovation is not the only saver and eco-green to help the environment. But, they are also saving in budget since students do not need to buy pens and papers for their school needs.

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How to Support Technology for Classroom Needs

To support technology for classroom activities, there are some things you need to consider well. The first thing you should understand is that it is really important to provide proper and up – to – date infrastructure before deploying new devices at schools.

There are a lot of cases in which the mobile tools bought couldn’t work effectively since the Wi-Fi network available is not compatible with the machines. You need to consider all of the things and get them right for the first time since tight budget cannot afford to purchase new mobile devices as well as make them work out.

Due to the high price of the Wi-Fi network system needed, you have to make sure that you pick up the one with affordable monthly payment. The Wi-Fi system also needs to be able to provide scalability to improve along with the growth of your ups and downs needs.

Beside the compatible Wi-Fi system, there are many things you need to put into consideration before applying mobile device technology in classroom include technical resources. They are quite high in cost and pretty difficult to find. So, this is important to make sure that you have the budget needed for that.

You also need to realize that everything is changing simultaneously include the applications, devices, how you use the Wi-Fi system, number of users, number of devices as well as physical environment. Thus, it is very crucial to have certain plans to anticipate the changing that schools will face regard to the use of mobile devices.

Pros and Cons of Using Tablets for Education

Despite the importance of tablets in education, there are still pros and cons of using tablets for school. Though statistics show that the mobile devices can help pupils to learn more effectively up to 66% and perform better at schools up to 66%, but still many people are worried about the negative effects might be caused by the tools.

First, those who against the idea of use of tablet in school argue that there are unnecessary distractions might be caused by the gadgets. Due to the capability of the mobile devices to provide various websites that can take the users to go far away from the class virtually, the students will less focus on the subjects they have to learn.

The second reason often argued is the technical limitations of the usage of mobile devices. Though most people agree that most mobile devices can facilitate people, but tablet computers are not made for a multitasking purpose. Some windows or files are sometimes hard to be integrated for class learning activities.

Professional IT is also needed to provide online security. One thing that also makes the use of tablets in classrooms is the huge budget needed for the technology application. The costs needed for maintaining the device as well as the networking system is relatively high.

Moreover, adaptability and training are also needed if the school wants to apply tablet PCs for the learning activities. There will be extra time needed to make the teachers get used to with the technology of mobile devices applied for the lesson activities. This is because some of the teachers may be reluctant to adapt their teaching methods into new formats.

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