The Best Ereaders & Tablets for Reading PDFs, Comic Books, Magazines and more..

This guide will help you choose the best tablets and Ereaders to read PDF files, comics, graphic novels, magazines, newspapers, etc. From the past few decades, you have seen the Smartphone and Tablets taking over the human lives and internet incursion is going all-time high and it will continue to increase more in the future as well. That is why today, you can find the tech innovations are increasing epidemically, and gadgets have been ruling individuals’ lives. Today, people are using tablets and phones literally for everything.

That is why today the sale of paper comicbooks is declining and most people are choosing to use a tablet to read their favorite comics and also companies are making it easy by developing apps like comiXology and others, these apps are designed exclusively for comicbooks.

When you’re looking for the best tablet for reading, the important aspect is the display quality of the tablet. The best tablets allow you to enjoy reading your favorite books, and that is why you need to invest in a tablet that comes with advanced features, capabilities, and space to continue your reading interest.

Making sure you can get and read your preferred material on your device is the primary aspect so that you can enjoy reading it fully. Today we can find various tablets available in the market. You need to find the best tablet and invest in it that comes with outstanding features, the capabilities, and the space to sustain your interest.

Things to Consider :

  • Compatibility
  • Battery Life
  • Size
  • Resolution

Here you can find some of the Top Tablets and Ereaders that are perfect to enjoy reading your favorite e-books.

Top 5 Tablets to Read eBooks

ImageModelScreen SizeScreen ResolutionDisplay TypeOSStorageConnectivityBattery LifePrice
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 12.2 inch2560x1600 PixelsLCDAndroid 4.4 Kit Kat 32 GB Flash memoryWi-fi13 HoursCheck
Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T580NZKAXAR10.1 inch1920 x 1200 pixelsLCDAndroid 6.0 Marshmallow16 GB Flash memorywi-fi13 HoursCheck
Apple iPad Mini 47.9 Inch2048 x 1536 resolution (326 ppi)IPS LCDiOS128 GB Flash memoryWi-fi10 HoursCheck
FIRE HD 1010.1 Inch1024 x 600 (224 ppi)IPS LCDFIRE OS32 GBWi-fi10 HoursCheck
Kindle Paperwhite6.6 Inch300 ppiE-InkKindle OS8 GB or 32 GBWi-fiUp to 6 weeksCheck
Kindle Oasis E-reader - Graphite7 inch300 ppiE-InkKindle OS4 GBWi-fiUp to 6 weeksCheck

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#1 Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 (32GB, Black):

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 (32GB, Black)


The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro comes with an extra large resolution screen (12.2-inch 2560×1600 resolution screen) along with over 4 million pixels.

This tablet allows you to enjoy rich graphics, vivid color, and amazingly clear display that allow you to read your ebooks clearly, watch HD movies, or do you work comfortably. The tab weighs 1.58 pounds only for easy portability and the Galaxy Tab Pro contains a powerful Exynos 5 Octa-processor for quick receptiveness.

This Tab Pro 12.2 also allows you to customize with dashboards, profiles, and more. The personalized dashboards on the screen offer quick access to the feeds and apps and it provides a convenient, easy method to keep track of the things that are important to you.

Samsung Galay Pro 12.2
  • Play Games, Watch Movies, Edit Documents, Browse the Web, and more
  • 12.2 –inch display and High Resolution
  • KitKat OS, Android 4.4
  • Battery life per charge – Up to 13 hours
  • It contains an Exynos 5 Octa process for outstanding performance
  • It allows you to use four apps by using MW (Multi Window)
  • View all your apps and feeds using Magazine Home

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 is very expensive

#2 Kindle Oasis E-reader – Graphite

Kindle Oasis E-reader - Graphite


Kindle Oasis e-reader comes with a 7-inch High-Resolution Display (300 PPI), and it comes with a Waterproof feature and a built-in Audible, Wi-Fi, 8 GB, and comes with a special offer. The largest display allows you to read comics like real paper without any glare, even when you are reading in bright sunlight.

The built-in audible allows you to listen to the largest library of audiobooks globally. The battery life per charge lasts weeks, not just hours so you can keep reading as long as you want. Kindle Oasis gives you instant access to best sellers and new releases, or you can get a million titles at a very affordable price. Prime members can get unlimited access and allowed to read thousands of titles for free.

Kindle Oasis E-reader – Graphite:
  • Highest Resolution Display
  • Designed to feel light like paper
  • Perfect for one-handed reading
  • Ideal lighting anywhere
  • Large storage capacity
  • Read books whenever you want
  • Waterproof
  • 6-week battery life
  • Outstanding e-link display
  • Great Reading Experience

  • No headphone jack
  • Costly
  • You cannot use audible while reading

  #3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T580NZKAXAR

Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T580NZKAXAR


Samsung Tab is a 10.1-Inch 16 GB, Tablet that allows you to enjoy your desired digital activity wherever you want. Samsung Galaxy SM-T580NZKAXAR comes with an attractive 10.1inch HD display.

The Tab brings the rich colors to life and offers crisp details. The powerful Octa-core processor and long-lasting battery allow you to browse online or allow you to enjoy crisp details and rich colors of your favorite shows.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A comes with two cameras for taking videos and microSD card slot for including memory so you can take care of all your favorite moments. The Galaxy Tab is surely the perfect companion for manga readers.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T580NZKAXAR
  • High-resolution, vibrant 10.1-inch display for complete entertainment
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Allow you to add up to 200GB extra memory using a microSD card
  • Quick connect allows you to share content across screens
  • Stylish design and comfortable handling
  • Rich quad-speaker audio

  • No HD Streaming on Prime or Netflix
  • Only 32GB storage

#4 Apple iPad Mini 4 (Wi-Fi, 128GB) – Space Gray:

Apple iPad Mini 4 (Wi-Fi, 128GB) - Space Gray:


Apple iPad Mini 4 is one of the best and most affordable tables designed by Apple. The iPad 7.9 is a functional tablet that looks the same as its earlier versions.

After a long wait, now, you can enjoy the upgraded iPad Mini as it takes up the iPad Air 2’s very slim visual and got a great screen, the iPad Mini4 contains dual-core A8 chipset.

Powered by A8 Apple’s fusion processor with a fixed M8 coprocessor, this tab opens the apps quickly and functions without glitches. Every avid reader will love this tab as it allows them to read continuously with its long-lasting battery life.

Apple iPad Mini 4
  • Apple iPad Mini 4 comes with 7.9-inch antireflective coating Retina Display
  • 1080p Video with 8MP camera and 1.2MP FactTime HD camera
  • Up to ten hours of battery life
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi comes with MIMO
  • Two speaker audio
  • Solid Performance

  • Costly
  • Less power than iPad Air 2
  • Lackluster speakers
  • The base model comes with just 16GB of storage

#5 Fire HD 10

Fire HD 10


Fire HD is one of the best tablets in this list as it comes with a 10.1inch 1080p and with 1920 x 1200 Full HD display and a 1.8GHZ quad-core processor. It contains 2GB RAM with ten-hours of battery life.

The largest display contains two million pixels, Dolby Audio, Stereo Speakers, and Dual-band Wi-Fi, which is perfect for playing games, watching full HD video, streaming content effortlessly, and reading PDF files, newspapers or novels.

The tab allows you to expand the internal storage from 32 or 64 GB to 256GB with microSD. With a Showtime subscription, Netflix plan, and a Prime membership, you can download video anywhere.

You can use hands-free Alexa mode to play music, pause videos, show sports, open apps, and more. With the Fire HD, you can enjoy millions of TV shows, Movies, Kindle eBooks, Songs, Android apps, Magazines, and games, including Facebook, Spotify, HBO, and more.

  • Alexa is helpful
  • Loud, Crisp Stereo Speakers
  • Affordable

  • Weak App Choice
  • Disappointed screen
  • You need Amazon Prime
  • Poorly positioned buttons

#6 Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite – Now Waterproof with 2x the Storage – Includes Special Offers


If you’re looking for the best ereader for PDF and digital books, Kindle Paperwhite is definitely one of the best options. It comes with a waterproof feature with 2x storage and includes special offers.

Kindle Paperwhite is the lightest and thinnest tab that comes with a 300PPI glare-free display and flush-front design allows you to feel like reading a real paper and allows viewing the screen clearly even in bright sunlight. It comes with an 8GB storage or you can select 32GB to hold more magazines, and audio-books.

It contains Audible that can be paired with Bluetooth speakers or headphones to listen to the story. Battery per charge lasts for weeks, not just hours. The inbuilt adjustable light allows you to read outdoors and indoors, day and night.

The display screen contains 300 pixels per inch resolution compared to earlier Paperwhite, and it stays extremely readable and sharp. At any size, the text is crisp as it has E-ink display that is different from LCD, and it is softer on the eyes. When you try to read the text on the iPad screen, you will struggle a lot after reading for some time, but this Kindle Paperwhite you don’t face any problem.

Kindle Paperwhite
  • Improved Design
  • Great Screen
  • Waterproof
  • Light, Slim, and Durable
  • Audible Support

  • No annual button to turn pages

Choosing A Tablet Computer For Reading E-Books

Although e-readers and tablets are very different devices, many people consider them to be comparable. In fact, I have seen both the Kindle Fire HD and the Nook HD referred to as “e-reader tablets”, whatever that is.

There’s certainly a degree of overlap between the two devices – and it’s true that tablets can be used to read e-books as well as surfing the web, watching video and playing games.

There is a price to pay of course – and it’s not just measured in dollars. Even so, if you want the versatility of a tablet, and you will only read e-books on your tablet from time to time, then a tablet will serve you perfectly well.

Reading PDFs or E-Books on Tablets

Tablets are wonderfully versatile. They can do pretty much anything that your notebook or desktop can – but they use a touch screen instead of a QWERTY keyboard.

For that matter, if you want a QWERTY keyboard, you can get one as an add on – but it might be defeating the purpose just a little.In addition to surfing the web, playing games and watching video, you can use your table to read e-books.

Tablets have really reduced in price recently – and the price difference between them and dedicated e-readers has narrowed, so it’s not such a big jump to get a lot more versatility.

However, it’s worth pointing out that tablets are back-lit, whereas e-readers use e-ink technology. Reading on a tablet isn’t such a pleasant experience as reading on an e-reader. It’s a bit like reading with someone shining a light in your eyes – but that’s the same for any color computer monitor.

If you don’t intend to read for more than an hour or so at a time, then you might not mind that at all. And if you will be reading magazines or other publications with lots of color photos and diagrams, then a back-lit color screen will be a positive boon.

The other drawback of using a tablet for e-book reading is the fact that the lovely color screen is energy hungry. You’ll be lucky to get a few hours between battery charges with a tablet, whereas a dedicated e-reader will go for weeks at a time between charges.

However if that’s not a problem for you then a tablet will give you a lot more functionality for not a lot more money.

A Tablet Might be a Good Choice for You If :

  1. You won’t be reading for too long a period at any one time. Although a back-lit screen isn’t quite as pleasant to read on as an e-ink display, it should be fine for short reading sessions – say up to an hour at a time. As a rough guide, if you don’t mind reading on your notebook or desktop for a while, then reading on a tablet will be much the same.
  2. You want to read publications which have a high graphical content – be it photos images or other forms of diagrams – or which rely heavily on the use of color. For example, you can get any number of magazines in digital format these days. As good as e-ink readers are, they are monochrome and won’t be able to show such publications off to their best advantage.
  3. You want to be able to surf the web, watch video and play games. Tablets are absolutely ideal for all of these activities. They can do just about anything a notebook can – but with the added bonus of being much lighter and more portable.
  4. A battery life of a few hours is acceptable to you. The most modern tablets tend to have batteries which last for 10 hours or so, which isn’t too bad really. It would do you for a long haul flight or a long train journey for example. They also tend to charge up fairly quickly – between two and four hours is typical

Which Tablet Is Best For Reading?

If you’relooking for  tablets for reading manga, pdfs, newspapers or magazines, then you would probably be well advised to go for a 10″ tablet. The Apple iPad is great (and who wouldn’t want one?) – but it is a little large for reading and you might find it just a little clumsy and heavy in your hands if you were reading for any length of time.

If you were to go with the Kindle Fire HD 10″ model, then it will be much easier to manipulate. You will also have full access to the Amazon library of Kindle books.

If you really like Apple products, then the Apple iPad Mini is a nice, small format, version of the iPad which gives you all the benefits of the Apple brand and access to the Apple store and its huge choice of apps, music etc. in a conveniently sized package.


Some of these Tablets are designed specifically for reading, and some are designed for both reading and also for doing other tasks. The Fire HD by Amazon is the Tablet that is specifically designed for reading.

When you want to buy a reading device, then the most crucial things that you should look for are the compatibility of the device with the ebooks, size, resolution, and battery life. All these tablets are the perfect packages as they all come with the best features and most of them are available at a very affordable price.

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