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Latest Windows & Android Tablets in 2018

Are you thinking of buying yourself a tablet PC but you are not sure which model will really be worth it? Do not ask us which the best tablet in the world is because that is a question that is impossible to answer. Even if we cannot simply say there is one perfect tablet PC we can still suggest a few great tablets for you depending on your tastes, budget and needs.

Are you a Microsoft hater? Or maybe you simply do not care about Microsoft, but you love their main rival Apple. If this is the case I think you should go for the now already famous Apple iPad tablet PC. After all the iPad started the whole tablet epidemics; it has to be worth it. As with all Apple products the iPad is not cheap at all. Even if you have to pay a lot (the basic iPad is 500 dollars) I think its worth the money. The iPad is a really user friendly high performance gadget (as with all Apple products). It is a true multimedia center. View images and videos, read books, surf the internet, and play breathtaking games with this amazing tablet.

You might want a simpler tablet. Maybe you are seeking a simple tablet with which to just be able to do basic internet operations. You are probably unwilling to empty your pockets for this tablet. What should you do? If you ask me your best choice is to go for a cheap Android tablet. You might ask yourself why tablets running on the Android operating system are cheaper. The answer to this question is pretty simple; Android is an open source OS that you do not pay a penny for. The cheapest Android tablets are around 100 dollars. Probably the best tablet for basic internet surfing is the Archos Internet tablet.

Maybe you are a gadget enthusiast. If you are you probably already noticed that a completely new wave of tablet PC devices will be launched soon. These tablets are much more powerful than the original iPad (we will have to wait for the iPad 2 to make a fair comparison) and will run on the new Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system. You will have to have a little patience until the new wave of tablet PC computers are released soon this year, but it will certainly be worth it for you.

You should know there is no single best tablet PC. What you have to do in order to get the best possible device is to figure out exactly what you need and study the market carefully. Good luck!

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