Laptop VS Tablet VS Netbook : Which is Best for You?

Ever since iPad tablet has came out as a product of technology, many people are asking which one is better, a notebook or tablet? Is notebook still needed if there is a tab that can perform its functions? Are we living in a post-laptop era?

Notebook Vs Tablet

Each individual is using technology in a different way. Others are even sticking with tabs alone. In figuring out the best device for you, there are some features to consider.

  • In the Laptops have built-in benefits than tablets, particularly its power. They have a better processing hardware that allows a wide array of uses, multitasking and fast performance. They can also handle tab uses such as movie or video streaming and web browsing. The uses include complex tasks such as video editing and photo editing to date entry.
  • Between notebook vs. tablet, this also varies among people. As the tab boasts sixteen to one-hundred twenty-eight gigabytes of storage space, a notebook offers five-hundred gigabytes or even more. The smallest laptops feature smaller SSDs along full-size SD cards, flash drives and portable drives.
  • With laptop vs tablet, there is also a battle in terms of form factor. A notebook has its benefit of having a built-in mouse and keyboard that allows you of doing all mouse-related work and typing. A touch screen does not provide the same level of control which a cursor and mouse does while a screen keyboard fits for entering text. A mouse of a notebook is even efficient as compared to the touch screen for clicking of links, swapping of the windows and in general mousing. This is a lot important in a working environment, wherein these tasks may stress you all day.
  • There is also the question of peripherals and ports. While it may seem that tablets and laptops have their ecosystem of devices and accessories, notebooks can work with different accessories. These accessories may include HDMI outputs, USB ports and many other features. From keyboards and mice, it is believed that a notebook is still a better choice.
  • In doing a serious work, which is better to use a laptop or tablet? Laptop is still the best alternative because it has its multitasking and powerful processing capabilities. It is compatible to use with a storage device or specific accessory. Although a tab can still perform these tasks, a notebook is still a reigning device.
  • In the debate of tablets vs. notebook, the question is focused on the price. Other laptops are known to be competitive, especially when talking about speed. If you are one of those who are willing to pay for the price, a laptop can keep up and perform better.
  • As mentioned, choosing a tablet or laptop varies on the needs of a person. Doing more than playing games, social networking or checking email, a notebook is still the best to choose from.
  • A notebook is still more powerful as compared to a tab. The former device also has its bigger internal storage and there is more software that is available for a laptop. It also has its great compatibility for file such as images, documents, video and a whole lot more. Even the browsing experience is better on laptops than tab, particularly that Adobe does not support Flash for mobile devices and tabs.

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Netbook Vs Tablet

Should I Buy a Tablet of Netbook..? These days it seems like everyone needs a computer. Students need them for researching their assignments and taking notes in class. Business professionals need them for taking notes in meetings, making presentations or any number of other bufsiness related tasks.

Even when we are not working we need our computers for entertainment, for listening to music, watching movies, surfing the Internet, checking e-mails etc. Both Tablets and netbooks offer very compact options that are easy to take with us but which one is the better choice? Should I get a mini laptop or a Tab?

What Is a Tablet PC and What Is It Good for?

A Tablet PC is a very compact and ultraportable computing device that offers many of the same features as a regular computer minus the keyboard. Rather than a keyboard and mouse, a tab has a touchscreen that allows you to interact with the computer.

The tabs are great for entertainment because they have large high-definition screens that are great for playing games, surfing the Internet watching movies etc. If you do need to enter some data you can do so with a virtual keyboard via the tablets touchscreen or by using a stylus and handwriting recognition software to actually write notes on your computers screen.

Although it is possible to enter data on a tab most people are able to type much faster than they can write notes by hand and a virtual keyboard on the touch screen can be a bit cumbersome and inaccurate so a tablet computer is great for a lot of entertainment related purposes but would not be anyone’s first choice for entering or editing data.

What Is a Netbook and What Is It Good for?

A netbook, or often called mini or small laptop computer, is a lot like a smaller, small version of a laptop. It will typically have a little bit less computing power than a larger PC but it will be able to perform virtually any task that a notebook or a desktop computer can perform.

You will be able to surf the Internet, listen to music, watch movies and do all of those types of things on a mini laptop but the screen on the netbook is smaller than that of a Tablet PC of the same size because it does not have a keyboard. However, if you are planning on using a portable computer for school or work a small laptop is a better choice.

People that are working on a computer need to type and typing on a real keyboard is a lot easier, faster and more accurate than entering data on a virtual touchscreen keyboard. If you need a portable computing device for entertainment a tablet may be the way to go but if you need to get some work done a netbook should be your top choice.

Ten Things Netbooks Still Do Better than a Tablet

Not long ago netbook computers were all the rage but now tablets have taken over. In many ways, tablets are superior to small laptops. Like a netbook, a tab is lightweight and portable but tabs usually offer better battery life, much faster booting times, better graphics and video playback and much better multitasking capabilities. However, there are still a few areas where mini laptops may have an advantage so we put together a list of 10 things netbooks still do better than a tablet.

  1. Typing. If you’re going to be doing any typing it is much easier to type on a real keyboard versus the touch screen, virtual keyboard that you have with a tablet. This is one of the most obvious examples of one way a small laptop is still better than a tab but there are some options out there now that will let you use an external keyboard with the tab so this benefit may not be a benefit for very much longer.
  2. CD and DVD Drives. Tablets do not have CD and DVD drives. Most netbooks do not have them either but what they do have is a USB port that allows you to plug in an external program drive, making it much easier to watch movies or load programs.
  3. USB Ports. A couple of the benefits of a USB port were mentioned above. USB ports also make it easy to share files from one computer to another and also offer additional storage capacity if you don’t want to store everything on your hard drive. But, today, some companies have produced tablets with USB ports
  4. Storage Capacity .A typical tablet computer might have 64 GB of storage space on the hard drive. A very inexpensive, low-end mini laptop might easily have three times that much storage capacity. Tabs will often give users access to cloud storage but this still requires an Internet connection and is not always the best substitute for a bigger hard drive.
  5. Using a Windows Operating System.There are some tablets on the market today that do use a Windows operating system and there are also a number of people that would argue that this is not a benefit. However, for most people the Windows operating system is the one that they know how to use, the one that they are familiar with. Using the same operating system on your netbook means that there is no learning curve when you are going from a desktop or laptop PC to a more mobile computing device.
  6. The Ability to Install and Run Other Microsoft Programs.If you are running the Windows operating system you will also be able to use programs like Microsoft Works, Excel, Mappoint etc. Tablets, especially android tablets, have a number of apps that can be used in place of just about any other program but again it comes down to what you are familiar with. If you already know how to use a certain program you have eliminated the learning curve involved with using a new app.
  7. The Ability to Run Flash .There is a lot of flash driven content on the Internet today and with a small laptop you will not need any special apps to do things like playing YouTube videos or watching a Netflix movie.
  8. The Ability to Swap Batteries. Battery life is pretty good with most Tablets but a netbook makes swapping out batteries very easy and it is nice to have a fully charged, fresh battery waiting just in case.
  9. Upgrading RAM. The more RAM you have the better and faster your computer is going to run. Mini Laptops make it very easy and fairly inexpensive to upgrade RAM. This is not the case with a tab.
  10. Price. One final benefit is that a small laptop is going to be considerably less expensive than a tablet PC. Of course to be fair, Tabs will usually give you a lot more performance for your money. A tab can do almost anything that a regular desktop or laptop computer can do and a small laptop will be limited with things like multitasking, video playback, and they are simply not as powerful as a regular computer.

With the list above we are not trying to convince anyone that netbooks are superior to tablets but there are still a few areas where netbooks have a bit of an advantage.

Tablet Vs Laptop for College Students

These days students don’t think twice about taking their laptops or other electronic devices with them wherever they go. In fact, in many classroom settings, electronics, Internet connections and conferencing technology are essential components. Not surprisingly, this has given rise to yet one more choice facing students at various levels. As published reports indicate, many individuals are now weighing the benefits of both laptops and their sleeker counterparts, tablets in the classroom.

Laptop Vs Tablet for University Students – Making Comparisons

Tablets are the obvious choice if the personal criteria are convenience and a lighter load. Beyond these considerations however, technical aspects of these devices might make one or the other more suitable for certain tasks. The decision basically rests on the content of the course and what is required during lectures.

  • Tablets

    It is true that there are many developers busy churning out apps for these devices. The big question is, how well do they handle full blown, feature rich applications? Users will no doubt prefer to have a mouse on hand, plus the ability to quickly switch between programs and windows as necessary. Typing may be an issue for those less experienced with the touchscreen format, especially with large blocks of information. They are acknowledged to be ideal for settings where previously prepared information, such as literature texts, will be read.

  • Laptops

    Reports seem to suggest that this is still the king of the classroom setting, even if it is beginning to give some ground to tablets. Its main advantages are of course storage and the types of software it can run. No matter how light manufacturers make it, a laptop will simply never be as light as a tablet. As stated previously, they are easier to use when lots of information has to be inputted in a relatively short space of time. The larger screen is also an advantage as windows can be placed side by side and still be viewed comfortably.

There are students and teachers who support using both devices. There is no denying that they complement each other. Most students still seem to have a preference for the depth and functionality of laptops. Tablets are constantly evolving, their portability and lightweight may eventually win the day.

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