Best Low-Cost iPad Kitchen Stands, Holders &Mounts

Do you use an iPad or another tablet in your kitchen? As a collector of dead-tree cookbooks, it took me a long time to admit that technology – as in a mobile device, like an iPad – has a place in food prep. But the tablet full of recipes and with access to all your cooking shows and how-to videos?

Yeah, it turns out to be a real blessing. Especially these days when we’re all looking for ways to save space, get organized in the kitchen, and be more efficient to save time.

But where do you put your Tablet, when you’re cooking?

You need it close at hand so you can find and follow a recipe – or catch up on Oprah while you toss the salad – but you sure don’t want your tablet to get splashed with vinaigrette or knocked off the countertop in the mad flurry of dinner preparation! So, I’ve been considering the merits of various stands and mounts to prop that tablet up at a readable angle and hopefully keep it safely out of the way.

Read on to see what I’ve come up with – and let’s exchange notes on the best food apps for iPad, while we’re at it. Love to hear your thoughts on the best ipad kitchen stands!

iPad Fridge Mount – Belkin, of course

IF my refrigerator door wasn’t completely covered with cute souvenir magnets, family photographs, and kids’ artwork (which it so hopelessly is, all the time) I do believe the sleek Belkin fridge mount would be my first choice of iPad wrangling device. It looks so classy, like those high-end fridges with a TV in the door, only better because it’s a tablet… but I don’t know what on earth I’d do with all those crayon’d dinosaurs.

Belkin Fridge Mount for iPad 2

This mount uses 3M Command Strips to stick to your fridge, so no tools are needed to install it. The iPad just slips in, and there is a clear plexi faceplate that swings up over the screen to keep it free of splatters in case of a blender explosion (could happen!) or a food fight.

Belkin Tablet Stands and Mounts for Kitchen

I’m normally quite a big fan of Belkin products, and the wand (a stylus that lets you keep your food-smeared hands off the iPad when you need to touch-operate) is just plain good thinking.

Acrylic Under-Cabinet Kitchen Tablet Stand(Holder)

It doesn’t take up any counter space. It cleans easily. It can be easily taken down and put away if you’re not using it, then put back up again quick-as-a-wink when you need it. It goes with every style of decor. It looks good enough to use in any room of your house, not just the kitchen…. yep, there’s a lot going for this simply acrylic tablet stand.

The Original iPad Kitchen Holder(Stand)

I’d put one in the main food prep area, to use when cooking, and another over by the breakfast table for a little entertainment with my Wheaties.

Extra Mount for the Original iPad Stand for Kitchen

I like it that you can get an extra mounting piece for the acrylic iPad Stand – that’s the piece that fastens up under your cabinet, that the stand itself slides into. With a couple of mounts you can put one on each side of the kitchen at different work stations, then use the one stand in both locations, depending on what kitchen task you’re doing.

Multi-Device Wall Mounts

If you have another kind of tablet that you use in the kitchen and/or your recipes are stashed on your smartphone, it makes sense to choose a mount or stand that can fit a variety of devices. Personally, I don’t find think particularly attractive, but on the other hand they are quite versatile and well-reviewed – and the price is right.

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