Best Tablets for Kids 2019

In today’s fast moving technology world, its extremely difficult to keep up with all the changes in the tablet market. Fortunately you’ve come to the right place!  We’re here to help take the guess work out of purchasing a good tablet for kids and for for teenage girls and boys as well.

As parents ourselves, we know how daunting the process can be.  No two children are the same and everyone will have different criteria and preferences when deciding which kids tablet is best for them, but there are certain attributes of a quality tablet that can be used to rate their general desirability.

In the interactive grid of tablets below and the analysis that follows, we’ve taken a look at 5 top tablets currently on the market.

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Screen Size

Best For



Fire HD 8 Kids Edition8″Best Overall4.8CHECK
iPad Mini (Latest Version)7.9″Middle-High School Kids4.6CHECK
LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer5″Toddlers4CHECK
VTech’s InnoTab 2s Tablet5″Toddlers4CHECK
Fuhu NABI NABI2-NV7A7″Toddlers4CHECK

Ater looking at the chart you may still be thinking that getting a tablet specifically designed for your kids would be the best option.  And that may be true.  Typically,  the chief argument against giving your kids a tablet that adults may also use is that they will break it or access content that would be inappropriate for children of certain ages.

Todays tablets, however, have tons of specialized cases that can be purchased to protect your gear and parental controls are abundant on most devices.

Also, the prices of full featured tablets have come down to the point that they arent really that much more expensive than their fully kid-centric counterparts.  That’s why we think it makes the most sense to purchase a full featured tablet computer for your kids.

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Best Tablet for Toddlers & Kids in 2018/2019

To add a bit more detail to the grid above, below are our rankings for the top tablet for toddlers on the market today.  We will be constantly evaluating and updating this list as 2019 progresses, but for now they constitute the best way you can entertain, educate, and keep your kids quiet for a few minutes (truly the #1 reason to buy a tab for your kids!).

Keep in mind, these rankings are subjective and surely others have different opinions.  We welcome any feedback in the comments section!

#1  Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Amazon FIRE 8 HD Kids Edition is our top overall choice as a kids tablet. This tablet comes with impressive parental controls, durability, and 2-year warranty.

What makes this device one of best children’s tablets is FreeTime. FreeTime is an all encompassing solution to parental controls on a tab and allows parents to create profiles for each of their children and choose what apps, books, games, and videos they want their kids to have access to.

This customized experience extends to the homescreen where their recently viewed and used content is stored in an easy to use carousel.  Additionally, you are able to set daily time limits for specific tasks like watching movies/videos, streaming netflix or playing games, while still allowing them unlimited reading time.

One really important note, FreeTime only works on the 2nd generation Kindle Fire or any of the Amazon Fire HDs. If you see a really great deal on a 1st generation Kindle Fire, just be aware that while you will still get access to Netflix and other traditional apps, the immersive experience of FreeTime will not be available.

The Amazon Fire is a great all around tablet, but takes our top spot on the strength of one important feature Amazon FreeTime.  Well get into that aspect of the tab in a little bit.  First, here are the basics of the Amazon Fire.  It has a 7 inch LCD screen, built in Wi-Fi, and runs on a custom version of the Android platform.

This allows access to thousands of developer built apps including Facebook, Netflix, and games.  Don’t be mistaken, however, the build of Android on this device is truly Amazon specific and is designed to take advantage of the rather extensive catalog of media (books, movies, tv shows, and music) that are available from Amazon.

This is both a positive and a negative.  On the one hand, if you’re already an Amazon customer with existing content purchases, access to that content is relatively seamless.  If you’re dependent on another ecosystem (Apples iTunes for instance) getting all of that great content on the Amazon Fire is more problematic.

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#2 Apple iPad Mini

On the plus side, the Apple App store is the most robust of any of the platforms on tablets.  Developers seem to create apps for Apple first and will then usually add Android counterpart somewhere down the line.

This holds true for the development of children’s apps as well.  There are thousands and thousands of great apps for the kids ready to download from the App Store.

Additionally, as a device the whole family can use, the iPad Mini has great access for email, music, videos, and integration to any Apple content you may own.Coming in at number three is the Apple iPad Mini.

The most expensive of the devices listed, we really recommend this tab for families deeply entrenched in the Apple ecosystem.  As a stand alone children tablet, it really pales in comparison to the Kindle Fire series.

The reason is the lack of customization specifically for children.  There are some parental controls available to limit a kids ability to download content, access the internet, or use certain apps or games, but there is not a full immersing experience for the kids.

Some apps, like Hulu Plus, have attempted to create this experience by adding Kids buttons that draw kids into a kid friendly section, but it is not nearly as intuitive or robust as the FreeTime experience on the Kindle Fire.

#3 LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer

LeapPad Explorer is an educational kids tablet manufactured by LeapFrog. LeapPad 2 has a built-in camera and video recorder, pre-installed apps, and a big library of apps and games available for purchase. Children can use a finger, a stylus, or “turn, twist and shake the tablet for exciting motion-based play!” Great product with excellent parent reviews.

Features :

  • Front and back cameras and video recorders
  • fast processor
  • library of 325+ downloadable apps and games
  • 4 GB onboard memory

Just in case you are curious, whether 4 GB of memory is enough, here are some examples of LeapPad app sizes and prices – 72-minute Dora Video ($7.50) – 153 MB, Disney Tangled Game ($25) – 65 MB, Disney Fairies Ultra Ebook $20 (with games) – 119 MB, Kidz Bop 21 with 14 songs ($10) – 63 MB) .

The LeapPad comes with 5 Apps – Learning Songs App (5 Songs Included), Pet Pad Writing App, Cartoon Creativity App, Art Studio App, and a Free App of your choice.

Be sure to read some of the great customer reviews of the product (by clicking on the orange button above) and to watch the video below to see the #1 Award winning Learning tablet in action.

#4 InnoTab 2s Tablet from VTech

InnoTab Tablet is manufactured by VTech and in many ways is similar to LeapPad. One of the main advantages of InnoTab over LeapPad is that InnoTab has an SD card slot for memory expansion.

Also, the InnoTab 2s tablet featured here has wi-fi connectivity to download apps from VTech wirelessly (please note the tablet does not have an internet browser and you can’t download android apps on the device).

Customer Review

The reviews of the product are very mixed. Some parents love the tablet, while others run into major product flaws and give it only 1-3 star reviews.

Parents do seem to agree that VTech app library is excellent, with many educational games and the setup is fast and easy (when compared to LeapPad’s setup).


#5 Fuhu NABI NABI2-NV7A 7-Inch Tablet

Designed for kids ages 4 and up, this kid-friendly Android Tablet with wi-fi is pre-loaded with popular educational games. Unlike LeapPad and InnoTab, this tablet allows Web browsing and has a password-protected “Mommy Mode” for full Web and app store access.

Long-term, this tablet is a better investment then InnoTab and LeapPad, when you compare the cost of the Android Apps vs. gaming software. Enjoy movies and read e-books on the 1024×600 resolution screen, get access to a full curriculum from Pre-K through 6th grade, synchronize with your home computer or laptop…

For $2.99 per month, you can also get access to 700+ hours of Spinlets+ TV “kid-safe entertainment”.
Includes: USB Cable, Quick Start Guide, AC Power Adapter. Be sure to click on the link above to Learn more about the Capabilities of this Kids Tablet.

#6 Amazon Kindle Fire HD

For all of the reasons above that the Kindle Fire is the best kids learning tablet, the Kindle Fire HD comes in 2nd place.  The reason its not in first is really due to price.  For a kids centric tablet, there’s really not a reason to spend the extra money for a better screen resolution.

Kids dont care about stuff like that!  The only other major advantage of the Kindle Fire HD from a kids perspective is that it has a front facing camera.  If you are looking to take advantage of video conferencing on Skype with grandparents or other loved ones, it may be worth the additional investment.

#7 Google Nexus 7

Similar to the iPad Mini, if you are deeply invested in Google Android ecosystem, buying a full featured Android tablet that runs a stock Google version of Android (No third party customization like the Kindle Fire) the Google Nexus 7 may be the best choice for you and you family.

Competitively priced just higher than a Kindle Fire and quite a bit less than an iPad Mini, the Nexus 7 is capable of completing all the tasks one would expect out of a modern day tab.






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