The Best Cute Tablet Cases for Kindle, Samsung Galaxy and more

In this article, you will find the very best cases for 7 inch tablets by Amazon (Kindle),  Samsung (Galaxy) and other models(brands). These cases have received good reviews on Amazon by happy customers. In each section, you will also find a particular cute tablet case I’d like to recommend based on reviews and personal experience.

We all enjoy owning the latest technology, but how often do we actually think about how to protect our gadgets? No matter how careful we may be, the worst can always happen – your smart phone dropping out of your bag, your child knocking your tablet off the table, and so on. This is why an ergonomic, sturdy, and scratch-proof case should be considered an obligatory purchase to go hand in hand with any new device. After all, who wants to fork out hundreds of dollars for a new tablet, smart phone or other piece of technology if it will simply end up in the repair shop (or worse) the next day?

Supcase Leather Case for Amazon Kindle Fire HD

If you are looking for a budget case for your Kindle Fire HD, the Supcase, made of leather and soft micro suede, is one of the best options on the market today. With its slim-fit design, you’ll have no trouble carrying around your Kindle Fire, and slipping it in and out of your bag. It includes a useful sleep-wake function when you close and open your case, and comes with an adjustable stand that allows your Kindle to stand up on its own. You also won’t have any trouble accessing the various controls on the Kindle Fire, such as the USB ports, volume buttons, speakers and microphone. Since this case provides many (if not most) of the features even more expensive cases offer, my mum and I consider it one of the top models in terms of value for money.

Th Best Case for Kindle Fire HD 7 inch

When it comes to Kindle Fire 7 inch cases, you won’t find much better than the selection of eight cases displayed here. These cases have all received at least 4.5/5 stars on Amazon from happy customers who use them on a daily basis. Qualities these cases share include: durable outer casings, soft anti-scratch interiors, flexible stands, and easy access to all controls. Most come at a very reasonable price and provide a snug fit for any 7″ Kindle tablet. To see more about each individual tablet, read the descriptions below.

Poetic Slimbook Leather Case for the Google Nexus

If you thought that finding a high quality leather case for your Google Nexus 7 inch tablet was out of the question, think again! This slim case by Poetic, despite its smooth leather casing and slim and lightweight design, costs just a tad more than your average latte at Starbucks. It comes with a handy horizontal stand and port cutouts for cables, speakers, and headphones. As with other cases, it includes a sleep/wake feature when you open and close the case. Durability isn’t a problem either as this case has been known to resist some pretty nasty falls!

The best Cases for 7 inch Nexus Tablet

If you are interested in checking out some other case styles for the Google Nexus 7 inch tablet, this list of eight cases should be your starting point. Each has a rating of at least 4.5/5 on Amazon from satisfied customers, and embodies important qualities such as durability, a high level of protection, a slim and lightweight design, and comfort.

CrazyOnDigital Samsung Galaxy Leather Case

This cute Samsung Galaxy 7″ tablet case may not be made of high quality leather, but it does the job at a price anyone can afford. Sold in an attractive purple shade, it will look great in the hand of any woman with a bit of spunk. As with other models, this case transforms into a stand you can use to watch movies, play games, check your emails, and more. Both strong and sturdy, you’ll never have to worry about your tablet getting damaged. What’s more, it is the perfect fit for the Galaxy 7 inch tablet.

The Best 7 inch Tablet Cases for Samsung Galaxy

Here is a selection of the best Samsung Galaxy 7 ” tablet cases available for purchase on Amazon. As with the other cases shown previously, these cases all share a number of important qualities: durability, high levels of protection, stands that adjust to multiple angles, and easy access to controls.


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