How to Stream Video to a TV from a Computer, Tablet or Phone

Buying a Graphics Card

Recently the graphics card of my PC went out suddenly. I realized this after I verified that it wasn’t the cable or the monitor or the cable. Because of the fact that my PC is more than 5 years old, the original graphics card isn’t available any longer in the market.

So I go to the local computer store to buy a suitable substitution for my ATI video-graphics card. It cost around $100 but I got a coupon and the discounted price was about $85. Bring it home, snap the graphics card into the slot and the monitor works!

It seems as time passes, methods for streaming video from PC to TV have updated and very much expanded. The standard for s-video cable from computer-to-television was based on 4 pins about 5 years ago. At the moment, the output from pci express graphics cards is either 7 pin or 9 pin.

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I was not able to find an adapter that would convert my 4 pin cable to the 7 or 9 pin graphics card. So I returned it and mail-ordered one from a computer supply warehouse at a quarter of the price that came with a 9 pin s video-output, that I was told would accomodate a 4 pin cable.

No such luck! But I could mail order a 9 pin s video-out to component cable. A week later got the parts, hook up the monitor -it works, hook up to the tv – it’s black and white, but crisp! ATI is the software that enables this hardware.

They were very helpful when I called and after much trial and error, they believed the manufacturer of the second graphics card was actually not manufactured for the North American market which uses the NTSC-video format, rather it was made for the South American market which uses the PAL-video format; this would result in a black and white picture.

ATI recommended I order from an ATI supported graphics card company listed on their website. The best deal was a Sapphire video-card which came with a 7 pin s video-out, since I already had component cable, I ordered the 7 pin s -video to component video-adapter.

Another week later, got all the parts in hand, quick assembly – the Sapphire video-card fired up the monitor, connect the 7 pin s video to component video-adapter to the component video-cables, and… the TV video now is in full crisp living color!

After a month of trial and error and mail ordering to save on parts costs, it all works at total great price: $42 for the Sapphire video-card + $4 for the s-video to component video-adapter + $6 for the 25′ component video-cables + $13 for shipping costs = $65 total, shipped and installed.

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Sound from PC to Television

Getting sound from computer-to-television is alot easier than streaming video from PC to TV. It is much more plug and play, and very little software involved. Although modern computers are equipped with a computer audio card and connections, I purchased years ago an external computer audio card from Creative since it had the standard red and white composite connections that connect easily to a surround sound amplifier/receiver by way of composite cables.

In my setup, 25′ composite cables deliver sound from computer-to-television – all that’s needed is to plug in to the TV-in connections on the amplifier/receiver, and surround sound from computer-to-television is delivered. Without the external computer audio card, 1/8″ to composite splitter to the composite cable will work fine.

Online TV Shows

So now that we have streaming video and sound from PC-to-television, what TV shows are online to watch? Most of the major broadcast and cable networks have an archive of their recently shown TV series.

Although each may have its own particular player, these are easily downloaded and then you can watch that missed TV show a day later to a few months later for instant streaming of video and audio from computer-to-television.

For an archive of past years shows, I have found to be a great resource. These are bit torrents to be downloaded and opened up by a bit torrent player.

It may take a couple hours to download an episode, but it may be worth it to you – for instance the entire original StarTrek is available. Spoiled as we are, we want our TV. DVR’s on your cable or satellite box are wonderful, but what if you want to record 3 shows at one time, no can do, or what if something gets accidentally deleted, there are online TV show available for your entertainment.

If you enjoyed this article, feel free to leave a comment, or discover more about the best movie and video streaming services.

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