Top Screen Protectors for Tablet, iPad and Smartphone

We cannot guarantee that we are always 100% careful when handling our tablets or smartphones. You can’t just wipe the dust out 24/7 and most especially, you can’t control from being clumsy at times especially when you are in a rush or hurry.

These things can lead to accidents that can greatly damage your Android Tablet screen. That’s why you need to protect it with a screen protector. These products have already been around in the market since the emergence of Laptops, Notebooks, and other Tablet PCs.

Smart tablet owners will invest in the best tablet screen protector. Besides it’s important for tablet, the screen cover is also essential for smartphones. If you have Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, iPhone 6S Plus or other smartphone brands, we recommend you to protect your gadgets with this display cover.

What are the Popular Brands?

A Screen cover for tablet is very easy to find online since different brands are already all over the Internet. There’s BStrong ® Protector, Fujitsu ®, Cover USA ®, XO Skins ®, Nomad, and more. Apple iPad, iPhone and other brands of PC tabs are also developing their own protector to be sold separately to their customers. You just have to browse on Amazon or eBay based on Category of PC & Laptop accessories.

The tablet accessories come with many sizes, colors (mostly translucent), and materials. Some are created with Silicone material some are leather, and some are clear durable plastics. You can just choose based on your liking/preference and based on the level of protection you want to achieve.


More often, the price for the screen covers will vary depending on the manufacturer and the materials being used. Of course, if the brand is well-known like the Apple, you’ll expect it to be more expensive than the others. The Price will usually range from $7, $15, to over $50. One of the most expensive screen’s protector is the Fujitsu® with price ranging from $50 to $79, since it has thin and smooth texture that has unbelievable power to resist dust, scratches and water accumulation.

Steps for Installing

Although the way to install the tablet screen covers is self-explanatory, you can still find these steps to be helpful as we go through the principles behind every action.

  1. Completely Turn your Tablet PC OFF. Turning off of your mobile PC before installing will prevent it from operating wrong keys and other programs due to accidental pressing (since it bears a touch-screen technology). Before anything bad happens, play safe by turning off the tablet PC and you’re ready to do the next step.
  2. Wipe the Screen Clean. There are still dusts which are left behind on the screen, make sure to make it clean by wiping it through the use of Microfiber cloth (avoiding scratch) and wetting it.
  3. Installation. After the tablet PC has been cleaned (especially the screen), you start installing by sticking the edge of the protector to the edge of the Tablet. Line it up so that you won’t accidentally be installing it ending up with irregular surface.
  4. Start from the edge, and Press! Be sure to avoid wrinkles and air bubbles behind the protector. So start it first on the edge down to the next side so that you will be sure that it’s free from wrinkles and it will look flat. Press it firmly while you do this.
  5. Don’t Rush! Taking long to make sure that you did the right thing in installing is more worth it than starting the process all over again. Make it slowly but surely.

Best iPad Screen Protector

Apple announced a wide range of iPad accessories along with the launch of this fantastic new device. However, they do not provide a display protector or even the option to buy one. Sure if you want to keep your iPad protected then you should get hold of an iPad case, but some people just like the reassurance of keeping their devices precious touch screen protected by having iPad screen protectors.

Over the last few years, with the wide range of touch-screen devices that have come on to the market, there has been major advances in the screen protection products that have become available. The key feature for the iPad, along with other touch screen gadgets such as the iPod touch and iPhone is the sensitivity and natural usage of the Multi-Touch screen. In the past, display protectors were to thick to allow touch screen use. In fact, many of these protectors were for devices that required a stylus and they just didn’t work well together.

Now, you can get some great barely visible display protectors that don’t look unsightly or detract from the user experience. They do this whilst still keeping your device protected from scratches and scrapes.

You can be sure that with the launch of the iPad and all of its associated accessories that the screen guard manufacturers will be soon selling protectors large enough to cope with the iPads fantastic 9.7-inch LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display. Although the iPad screen comes with a finger-print resistant oleophobic coating to keep it looking nice, this doesn’t stop it from getting scratched by sharp objects such as keys.

So if you want to ensure that you keep your shiny new iPads screen looking shiny and new, make sure that you find a good quality iPad screen protectors. You’ll be glad you did when you start to see those little annoying scratches appear on other peoples iPads, and yours remains scratch free.

Final Verdict

As a bottom-line, best screen cover for galaxy S5, S6, S7, S8 or any other tablets or smartphones are definitely a need especially if you use the Mobile Computer more often. It’s wise to buy a protector ahead before scratches harm your tablet PC and before it looks old. Remember that once it sustained a scratch, you can never reverse the situation again.

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