The Best Pink Sony Laptops of 2018

Sony pink laptop has given the women worldwide an opportunity to flaunt their womanhood with pride. Sony is an eminent brand of laptop. With pink color, it has successfully metamorphosed the grimace look of a usual laptop into a lively one. Apart from its regular features, the pink sony vaio laptop is actually a visual treat. The smooth and plain finish of the texture would inevitably win your heart.

The rose pink sony laptop has all the features that a regular laptop has. It comes with Microsoft Windows Vista Operating System. The storage capacity of the internal hard drive is 200 GB. Most of the notebooks do not offer this much space. The key parameters to judge a laptop is the screen resolution, durability of keyboards and the pointer. For example, the model VGN-TX670P has a wide screen size of 11.1 inches with resolution 1364×768. With crystal like picture clarity of the images produced, it is proudly way ahead of its rival notebooks.

The keys of this laptop are equally impressive. The ratio of keys and the body is proportional to the sleek and slender chassis. So you would not feel uncomfortable typing on it at a high speed. Keys like Enter, Tab, Return etc are large while alphabets keys are small. To avoid any kind of confusion, the Ctrl key has been retained in its usual position at bottom.

The pointer device of the laptop is mouse with optical detection mode. You need USB port to connect it with your PC. It is available with necessary driver and utilities. The small size and feather light weight of this mouse is extremely handy to use and hence can pass the litmus-test of any gizmo critic.

This laptop is actually value for money paid. With in-built wi-fi, microphone, speaker, webcam, internet telephone and DVD writer, it is a complete machine. The Intel Core 2 Duo processor of 2 GHz makes the machine fast and smooth. This state-of-the-art Bluetooth enabled machine is perfect for office use, playing games with special effects and movie watching due to its defined picture quality, sound and graphic cards.

Now it’s a myth that beauty and brain can not co-exist in one physic. Women in all walks of lives have proved it again and again. And now, with Sony pink-colored laptop, it is almost shouting from the rooftop of its beauty in smooth finish and utility in high end features.

Sony Vaio Pink Laptops

Pink laptops have become a rage among young and trendy girls and this Vaio pink laptop is no different. Sony Vaio had recently launched a new range of laptops in five different colours, espresso black, urban gray, seashell white, spring green and blush pink. Their pink notebook have already a generated a huge demand for itself in the market. Pink computers have become the ultimate style statement for tech savvy trendy young girls all over the world. Just because it makes a style statement, does not mean that it compromises on its functions.

This laptop has a long battery life, which makes it very convenient for long journeys. It has a Core 2 duo processor that can perform many demanding tasks. The processor has a speed of 1.66 GHz(x2) along with a 4MB L2 cache. Its integrated Bluetooth and wireless makes it very simple to share information with others. Bluetooth will allow you to receive or send music, image or data files in a convenient and simple manner. It has a 13.3-inch screen with X-black technology that allows you to watch videos and images comfortably.

Vaio Pink computer also has a DVD re-writable super multi double player optical drive along with integrated graphics supporting 128 MB. It has a 1024 MB Ram that can be increased as well if required but that would cost one extra. It uses a Windows Vista home premium edition as its operating system. Many people are concerned about the performance of Vista but it works fine now because of an available service pack that can take care of all Vista bug problems.

The pink Vaio laptop is quite light and easy to carry at around 2.3 Kg and is accompanied with a warranty for 1 year, which can be upgradeable to 3 years through many dealers. This laptop has a firewire port and a flash memory card reader for MS, MS-Pro and MS-Duo. One also has the option of choosing from a range of optional accessories like 1 GB laptop memory, universal charger and adapter among others.

Sony Vaio has launched many different models of pink laptops including budget laptops aimed at a younger crowd. Though the budget laptops cost less, they do not compromise on Quality that is expected of Sony Vaio products. There are many budget pink laptops of different companies available in the market but the Sony Vaio laptop pink is perfect for those who want to own a trendy and fully functional pink-colored laptop on a budget.

Pink Sony Vaio CS290JEC Laptop

Sony has long been synonymous with quality and impeccable style. While priced a bit higher than brands like HP and Acer, it’s definitely more affordable than Apple’s coveted laptops. In addition to making eye-catching laptops that last, Sony always tries to come up with innovative technology that sets its laptops apart. Another noteworthy reason, they are well worth the extra buck is the fact that all their laptop offerings pass Energy Star conditions making Sony a socially responsible company.

But you already know that I guess and that’s probably why you’re reading this review so you can find out more about its latest addition to the laptop market – the Sony Vaio CS290JEC – before going out and claiming it for your own. Well, right at the outset, let me state plainly that you won’t be disappointed with this unit in Cosmopolitan Pink. Packed with great features this pink-colored laptop is a delight to use whether you use it for work or play.

Let’s start off with the all important specs before we turn our attention to its appearance. Powered by an Intel Core2 Duo processor T6400, this style statement has an enormous 4GB RAM and 320GB HDD. It has a 64-bit pre-installed, weighs just 5.7llbs (battery included) and comes with Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium.

And now for the looks! The Cosmopolitan pink of this model isn’t just limited to the glossy exterior either but extends inside to the both the palm-rest area and the keyboard bezel. Even the mousepad’s done out in a matching shade with a matte finish. The pink CS is made from metal alloy and plastics with the former providing more protection to the HDD on the bottom and the latter being used on the upper exteriors.

The 14.1” display has a WXGA glossy LCD (1200X800) that makes video and movie viewing nothing short of a pleasure. However, the slight kinks we uncovered included inadequate viewing in sunny conditions and just about average vertical viewing angles. The speakers are pretty decent and when using the Vaio Musicbox software, the unique LED light bar feature (located on the front below the mouse pad) can be used to create a stunning strobe light effect. The intuitive A/V slide controls also respond beautifully.

The keyboard is well spaced and easy to use but the Synpatics touchpad exhibits a wee bit of lag.

The ports include 1 VGA, 2 audio jacks, 3 USB ports, and Ethernet connection, Modem, Firewire, SD multi-card reader and MS slot. But for such an expensive and up-to-date model, this beauty lacks both an HDMI port and an eSATA.

Well worth checking out are the excellent multimedia features packed in which certainly add to its overall appeal. Other outstanding features include the Motion Sensor security feature which works in tandem with the 1.3MP webcam, Blue-ray disc features, Bluetooth and the802.11n LAN technology which provides you with a superfast online experience.

The six cell Lithium ion battery ensures decent battery life of approximately four hours when the display brightness is set to 70%.

Those who love matching accessories can also log onto to Sony’s website to check out the matching pink case that costs approximately $65. Unfortunately though, there isn’t a matching mouse on offer.

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