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Netbooks have lately become a fashion trend with each company trying to come up with the best possible combination of portability, features and price. To us customers, this just translates into more choice at competitive prices. If you too are considering getting onto the netbook band wagon, and are looking to find a lightweight unit in your favorite color then read on to find out about the Lenova IdeaPad’s S10 which is now available in Pink.

As you probably already know, there’s almost no difference in the processor and RAM specs offered by all the brands in the netbook market, however, it must be said here that the Lenova IdeaPad-Pink S10 is much more upgrade-friendly than any other model, most of which can’t be taken apart by the average user.

The 160GB hard drive (5400 rpm) not only provides more than adequate space but is also faster than those of both the Asus Eee PC 1000H and the MSI Wind PC. The chassis of this pink lenovo laptop is also slimmer than those of the above mentioned competitors. The 10.2 inch display comes with a 1024 X 600 pixels resolution that also boasts anti-glare protection which results in clearer vision even outdoors.

One interesting feature of the Pink-S10 is the Onekey feature which, at the click of a button (located right above the keyboard) allows you to recover and backup your data in an emergency. This feature can also be accessed from the Start menu.

Going online with the lenovo S10 is a pleasure with it offering the second fastest transfer rates (Acer Aspire One is the leader in this matter). The built-in Bluetooth is unique in that it allows you to use the external keyboard and mouse without taking up any one of the two available USB ports. The ExpressCard slot is another important addition.

The keyboard is well spaced and is bigger than both the Acer Aspire One and the Dell Mini 9 but is smaller than those of the Asus Eee PC 1000H and the MSI Wind PC. Where appearance is concerned some professional reviewers have spent a considerable amount of time pointing out the toy-like appearance of the S10 as a significant flaw, but that need not be so especially when coupled with the delicate color pink. What’s more, the glossy appearance while adding to the appeal of this netbook, doesn’t attract as many fingerprints as say, the Dell Mini 9.

There are a couple of minor design errors that must be mentioned as well. To begin with, the speakers on the unit are located at the front edge, below the mousepad, and when used can seem to be putting out music or other forms of audio at the waist-level.

The volume was good though and there was hardly any distortion. When accessed through headphones, the audio quality and clarity are great and leave nothing to be desired. The second disadvantage involves the fact that this unit tends to heat up rather quickly.

However, the same can be said of all other Intel Atom powered netbooks. Lastly, the reduced battery life offered by the 3 cell batteries is a true disadvantage. At just 2 hours and 20 minutes, it might not be ideal for extended usage when on the move.

Lenovo Pink Laptop Computer and Its Accessories

Laptops have slowly replaced the desktop computers in most corporate as well as households. People have taken a liking towards various designer laptop models and one such model is that of pink-colored laptop. This pink coloured laptop is especially popular among the ladies. Although there are some other colours too on the offer pink is more popular as most of them are die hard fans of this colour.

These trendy computers encompass all the technical and functional features like any other laptop. It has made this technological wonder even more interesting by offering a change from the usual blacks and greys. Setting a new trend among the female folks in all age groups of being different from the rest, this pretty-pink marks the beginning of a new style statement.

Most of the leading manufacturers have come out with their own pink laptops. So you do not have to compromise on your favourite brand of laptops and can choose any among Dell, Apple, Sony, Clevo, LG, Samsung, and many more. What more do you want? Shades in-Pink? Well then, yes you do have a choice of selecting your own shade of pink too. You can either opt for a baby-pink or a hot dark-pink. You can also get a customized shade for your laptop.

Now that you have your favourite colour notebook, wouldn’t you require same colour accessories for it? You name it and you’ve got it. There is wide range of designer leather notebook cases available in different shades-of-pink. Depending upon the size of your laptop you can choose a 13″, 15″or 17″ standard or widescreen cushioned leather cases matching the shade with your laptop. If you want funkier designs, you can buy pink-colored cases with polka dots on it or a black and pink combination waterproof rucksack or a trendy shoulder bag. Also available are pink-coloured laptop sleeve fits.

To have a complete range of pink-accessories, you can own a pink-mouse too for your pink-colored laptop. You can buy a pink-optical or wireless mouse and along with it a pink-mouse pad too. Some other accessories to match your notebook include USB radio speakers and kitty designed iPod speakers for laptop. In this way you can have the complete-pink range of laptop accessories. You can order all these accessories from online stores.

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