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Ladies, celebrate your femininity with HP pink laptops!!! Since our childhood days, it has been almost imbibed in us that pink-colored items belong to girls and blue to boys. Now, girls have taken over boys’ domain, so have their exclusive color. As a result, along with pink-colored bikes and mobile phones, now pink-colored computers are in vogue too. So are the different accessories like pink case, layout of keyboards etc.

Remember Legally Blonde where Reese Witherspoon flaunted the stylish notebooks? Don’t you too feel one such laptop can make you a fashion icon yourself? You can always own such fashion statement without compromising with the quality as all the big names of industry manufacture pink laptop, right from Apple to LG. These laptops are as sturdy as laptops of any other color.

When the laptops are available in pink-color, it goes without saying that they have a set of target customers, teenager girls and ladies. What else, they are available in different shades of pink to cater the taste of working women as well as college going girls.

All the features found in pink computers are same as any other laptop yet their price is higher than them. It is so because these laptops are specially made with unique exterior. There are companies which accept order of customized laptops with desired exterior. The cost of laptop and its modification is bore by the customer only. So if you don’t find your dream laptop from the desired manufacturers, hire one of these companies to modify a usual one. Isn’t it what you call eating the cake and having it too?

So when a laptop is sparing you the hassles of cluttered and complicated cables, a pink-colored laptop computer is adding a style edge to it. What else you can ask if you get Dulce and Utile at one go. These laptops are also compatible with any operating systems like Linux, Mac and Microsoft. Hard drives, software and hardware installed, storage space on system, processing units are same as found in any other kinds of laptops.

Often these unique looking laptops serve extra purpose. They are meant for charity. The surplus revenue generated from the trading goes to some charity house in support of some special cause. So, next time when you see ladies with pink-colored laptops, remember, they are not just fashion conscious lot of the society but great human beings inside.

HP Pink Laptops

Hp’s Mini 110 netbook is the best pink HP netbook. It’s one of the most stylish looking Pink notebooks in the market today. It is currently available in a Chic Pink-model that is about 1” thick.

The Mini 110 is a little cheaper compared to its predecessor the Hp Mini 1000. However, it is marginally thicker and heavier too. The biggest difference between the two Hp models is the price; the Mini 110 is a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than the Mini 1000.

This 1” thin laptop though a little heavier than its predecessor weighs a mere 2.3 lbs and can easily fit into any backpack, briefcase or even a purse. The Mini 110 offers something that most Netbooks find hard to achieve; it has the largest keyboard in the Netbook market with a 92% full keyboard.

On the outside the chic pink-model looks sleek and doesn’t attract any finger print marks. It also has a very innovative glowing blue wireless status that lights up with the power and wireless on/off switch. On the inside, the keys look spacious and the touchpad is vertically slim. This might get annoying while scrolling up or down as you have to keep backtracking. Hp also continues to have its uniquely placed right and left mouse buttons on either side of the touchpad.

The 0.3 megapixel webcam provides good clarity when used for video conferencing and the microphone on the left of the webcam doesn’t require you to talk loudly. On the sides, the Mini 110 avoids the bothersome VGA adapter and smartly provides a full-size VGA port. It has three USB ports, a 5-in-1 card reader and an Ethernet port.

The 10.1 inch wide-screen display provides good resolution for most web-surfing. The only drawback is that it requires a lot of scrolling when viewing a lengthy document, but this is a common issue with most netbooks. This tiny pink mini laptop(netbook) also comes with a surprisingly impressive speaker which is integrated into an area underneath the screen.

This chic HP Pink Laptop is embedded with 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 and has a 1 GB RAM. It comes with Windows XP OS and provides a lot of space for a netbook with a 160 GB HDD.

Hp’s 6 cell battery lasts for 3 hours while doing basic computing work like web browsing and using MS office. Compared to the other netbooks in the market this is a little substandard.

Other features included by Hp are industry-standard one-year parts-and-labor warranty, an online knowledge base and driver downloads.

This netbook may not be perfect but it has definitely impressed the consumer market. Hp has managed to come up with not only a chic looking laptop but also at a very competitive price in these tough economic times.

All in all, the positives for this netbook are its excellent keyboard, chic-pink look, spacious hard drive, full size VGA port and impressive speakers.

The negatives are its unconventional mouse buttons and a substandard battery life.

The Hp Mini 110 Chic-Pink is priced at $ 329.

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