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Pink laptops seem to be the latest craze among the fair sex of today’s world. Like the traditional computers these computers also share the same advantages. They are durable and are available at a reasonable price. The laptops are specially designed for teenage girls and young ladies and are made to look fashionable to go with their latest fashions. As the coloured computers are targeted for special interest groups, they are often manufactured at a particular time of the year.

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The Fashion Quotient

The pink-colored laptops are exclusive editions and the price is therefore a bit expensive. They come in pink exteriors and are matched with pink-colored cases to hold the device and help carry it from one place to another. The sleek and stylish frame and also the color make it distinctive from the other laptops. However, different shades of pink are used to manufacture these special laptops in order to cater to the needs of the teenage girls and ladies.

If you are thinking of transforming your old laptop to a pink one then you can approach companies who offer such services. There are many companies, which modify old laptops and give it a pink exterior. These companies can make any of your traditional computers look like a brand new one.

Features and Advantages

The pink-colored laptops have some state of the art features. These features help to make them popular among the users. Following are some of the most common features known:

  • Optical drives
  • Standard processing units
  • System storage mind
  • The pink-colored desktop in order to match the exterior
  • To incorporate pink-visuals the desktops can also be customized
  • They also have pink-keyboard and wide screens
  • Hard disks
    Like other computers, these coloured editions are portable computers and are devoid of any elaborate wiring systems. They are very useful while traveling and can also be used at homes and offices.

Used for Charitable Work

Being exclusive edition products, these laptops are also sometimes used for charity with the amount gained from selling it being used in some noble cause. Within a short span of time since it was first made public, these computers have become extremely popular. Most of the famous electronics goods manufacturing factories across the globe now offer pink-edition computer of their own brands. They have been able to carve a niche for themselves among the most sought after electronic devices of the world, especially among the young ladies and the teenage girls.

Pink Mac Laptop

Well, now this is something you really want to have. Apple has been a pioneer in laptop and other gizmo designs and unfortunately they haven’t got a pink Apple MacBook. But now your pink Mac Laptop can be a reality. All you have to do is get a Pink Hard Shell Apple Case. This case is only available for 13.3” Apple MacBooks.

The Pink-Hard Shell Case is a two piece snap-on protective pack for your 13.3” Core Duo or Core 2 DUO model MacBook. The shell allows you to open or shut your MacBook without even removing the case. It has been designed with a lot of thought and allows you to protect your ports, plugs and disc drives. What’s more you can easily access all your ports with the shell on.

he shell provides extra protection to your MacBook and is made from translucent hard polycarbonate that is smooth and shiny. Many people were worried about overheating issues, but that is also taken care of as the shell provides 60 mini slots in addition to 3 big slots for better ventilation.

In addition, it has a rubber base that keeps the laptop from slipping off smooth surfaces. This shell not only will make your MacBook look good but will also provide the extra protection you need. It is priced at approximately $ 15.

For people who have MacBook pros or other Apple laptops, there is no reason to be disappointed as you can still have that pink-look that you have been looking for. A company called Colorware can alter the color of your current MacBook and make it look just the way you want it to.

All you have to do is send your MacBook to them and choose from the variety of colors offered. The color coating is permanent and scratch resistant. The only downside to this is that it is a tad expensive. The color jobs on your MacBook will cost you anywhere from $ 450 to $ 500.

If you don’t have the money to afford a color job from Colorware and you still really want the pink-look then you can go in for the cheapest option of shading your MacBook.

The shading job can be done by using Pink-colored laptop skins. The biggest plus point is that there is a wide variety of choice in terms of designs and color shades, some skins we recently reviewed had pink polka dots, checks and even a skull skin. These skins can come in plain-pink or with designs on them. You can also keep changing the way your laptop looks by just changing the skin. These skins cost anywhere from $ 14 to $ 25.

So, here you have it, three cool ways in which you have what Apple fails to provide; a pink MacBook. We really hope that Apple will add Pink to its range of slim MacBook laptops in the near future and we don’t have to make the effort of accessorizing our laptops but for now why not have fun doing so?

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