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Whether you’re a student looking to purchase a trendy pink-colored laptop to accomplish your school/Uni assignments or a business person looking to add an elegant yet mobile pink secondary laptop to your electronic wardrobe, you’ll love  this ACER pink laptop. The Acer Aspire One ZG5 is the latest pink netbook from ACER. This netbook is not only small and light but incredibly affordable as well.

Weighing just 2.2 llbs with an 8.9 inch screen boasting a resolution of 1024 X 600, this mobile laptop is just the right size for both, avoiding the inconvenience of smaller netbooks and the extra weight of the larger ones. Sized like a portable DVD player, this machine is, nevertheless, a full-fledged laptop with a Window XP OS (and a Linpus Linux version for those who find it a better OS to use), 120 GB hard drive, 1 GB RAM and the popular netbook Intel 1.6 GHz Atom processor.

This pink beauty is equipped with three USB ports and two memory card slots. One of these is exclusively meant for SD and the other supports the use of SD, MMC and Memory Stick. You also have the option of choosing an integrated camera (with mic) and WiFi. What’s lacking, as you may have noticed are a DVD or CD drive and built-in Bluetooth. However, the reasonable price of $350 (at retail stores), more than makes up for these absences.

The miniature size of the One, makes it easy to lug around all day and every day without ever feeling the weight of it on your shoulders. The only disadvantage of the size being that it doesn’t make for the most comfortable working position when placed on your lap. Offsetting that is the fact that it would fit snugly on an airplane tray, a feat larger laptops would be incapable of.

The compact size of it doesn’t detract from the use of the keyboard either which felt surprisingly roomy and didn’t result in any typos. I must admit though, that I found the placement of the mouse buttons a bit annoying and hard to get used to. Instead of placing the mouse buttons at the top or the bottom of the mouse pad, they’ve been located on either side, making it especially awkward to hold and drag. The One’s screen resolution translates to bright and vibrant images that are a clear and sharp.

Acer claims that the battery will provide you with three hours of usage but that actually turned out to be a little less than three hours when I used it as I do my regular laptop. Those who believe they will need more battery life out their laptops can opt for the six hour battery that’s available.

If you’re worried about the lack of a DVD drive, then don’t let that get in the way of your decision to own this light-weight pink unit as you can easily make use of one of the USB ports to connect an external drive. No, you won’t be able to watch movies or rip CDs and DVDs while on the road but hey, you can both watch movies and listen to music online so that you don’t feel the lack of either!

Knowing More About Pink Computers

As we all know, laptops are light and portable computers that do not require complicated wiring. As the name suggests, they are small enough to fit on the user’s lap. They are used for communication, work and entertainment. Some of them are battery-operated while many others need to be electrically charged. The demand for laptops is ever increasing.

Pink laptops are also gaining worldwide popularity. Although the color pink is primarily associated with girls and women, nevertheless men are also opting for them since they look attractive. The laptops are those that have a pink exterior. Sometimes they even come with cases that are pink in color and hold the laptop. Generally, these laptops are produced as special editions. They are made at specific time periods in the year. The costs of these laptops may be a little higher than other ordinary laptops. This is because they are exclusive and different compared to most other laptops available in the market.

Laptops are also available in various shades of pink. This helps to create a trendy and attractive exterior to suit the tastes of young girls and working women. Many companies receive custom orders to especially create and manufacture these pink colored laptops for particular customers. There are also a few companies that undertake orders of different clients in order to modify laptops to especially make it pink in color.

Pink-laptops are often sold for various charitable purposes and support special causes. The extra revenue that is generated after the sale of these laptops is donated to charitable organizations. Such laptops are generally not easily available in the market and are usually designed for special orders. These laptops do not compromise in any way in terms of their primary features. For instance, hard disks, standard-processing units, optical drives, and system storage spaces are common features present in these laptops.

Pink laptops are generally available with pink keyboards and wide screens. These laptops are also compliant with various operating systems such as Mac, Microsoft and Linux. The desktop can also be customized to include pink visuals in order to be in synchronization with the color code of the particular laptop. These laptops quite different from traditional laptops that appear very formal, unexciting and dull. These are generally available in colors of beige, black and gray. These colored laptops on the other hand are more stylish, trendy and unique. Thus, these laptops will soon become the norm in coming years.

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