The Best Laptop for Online College to Buy in 2019

The online college has become one of the most popular alternatives to get a degree. It’s much easier to do because you can access it from any place that you want.

What you need is a good quality college laptop or computer, and good internet connection. Now, if we talk about a laptop, maybe this is the best choice if you plan to take this course.

The laptop is easier to use and carry around, compared to PC. Therefore, even though you are on vacation or travel, you can still access the class and study at your online classes.

However, in order to get the best experience from your laptop, you can’t just choose and buy any laptop. You need to find and choose the best laptop for online college students.

Fortunately, there are many products you can find. What you need here is, knows what kind of specification and requirement that you will need to take the course in online college.

If you know these parts, you can use them to considerate and choose the device. So, what kind of important factors you must know to choose the best quality computer for online educations? Here are some of them.

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Choosing Laptop for Your Online College Clasess – The Most Important Things to Look For

There are several things that you need to understand when you want to get the best laptops for your online classes. The first thing is the battery.

Because you won’t take your gadget to your college, and you use it at your home where you can easily access power socket, you don’t need a laptop with long-lasting battery life.

The processor and storage are also important. Make sure you choose a laptop with a good quality processor and huge space storage.

You will need huge space storage because you won’t get physical module or study material. All of them are downloaded into your machine storage. Then, the last thing you need to consider is the extra features on the machine.

The Processor

Now, let’s talk about the processor. For better performance, it would be better, if you find a laptop with at least Intel Core i7 processor or similar class processor from another brand. This type of processor will give you smooth and fast performance, so you can easily finish your college work.

The price for Core i7 class processor can be really expensive. At least, you need to prepare around $700. Look at your budget and make sure you have enough to purchase it. Basically, if you want to get the best processor for laptop, you will need to prepare at least $750 to get i7-5500U to i7-6500U. If you have more budgets, you also can buy the $1000 or more laptop for a high-end i7 processor, such as i7-4720HQ.

The Storage

For storage, you can choose the SSD type. We prefer to choose SSD type processor over HDD type because SSD is not only cheaper. SSD is also lighter and faster than, as well as has better durability. And for the budget that you need to prepare for storage need, basically you will need to prepare:

  • Less than $800 for 1 TB HDD,
  • $800 to $1150 for 250 GB SSD,
  • More than $1150 for 500 GB SSD and you also can get 1 TB HDD option here.

Actually, the price for laptop depends on the brand and other specification. There is a laptop that you can get with just $775 and you get 1TB SSD storage. On the other hand, you also can buy $2000 laptop and you won’t get SSD storage. Therefore, you have to be smarter when you choose the best laptop with the right requirement.

The Battery

The battery life isn’t that important when you are looking for a laptop for your online classes. You can even get a laptop with a weak battery, and you still can do your routine at your online classes.

This is also the reason, why you can save more money when you buy a computer for your online class. However, buying a device with the battery that can last for the full workday (around 7 hours) is also a good idea. This way you have more freedom to use this device.

For the price, there will be different prices you can find for a laptop with specific battery life. The good one is $700 laptop that can last for 7 hours for browsing or standard usage.

For example, you can get Dell XPS 13 that has good battery life and good performance. On the other hand, there is a laptop with much better specification and higher price (around $2,600).

However, it can only last for 3 hours for similar usage. So, you can choose the first one for more advantages. Or, you also can choose the mid-high class laptop with i7 processor, which mostly has around 6 hours of battery’s life.

Those three factor, which are a processor, storage, and battery, are important factors you need to find when you want to get the best quality laptop that perfect for online classes. However, there are also other factors that you also need to consider, so you will get maximum benefits from your machine.

For example, you must choose a laptop with good RAM specification. 8 GB RAM is a good choice. You can get the machine with this RAM at around $550.

Actually, 4 GB RAM is enough, if you don’t plan to do a too much heavy task on your machine, or if you don’t take a design or animation major, which needs a high-performance laptop.

But, to make sure you won’t get any problem, use the 8 GB RAM type. Other important features are the GPU, touchscreen (it’s not too necessary), and accessories. Even though your machine doesn’t have good quality GPU or touch screen, you still get the best laptop that can help your study.

Best Laptops to Buy for Online School & College Students in 2018

Now, after you know what kind of feature or specification that you need to find on best laptop computer for online school/college, you need to find the product that fits with that specification. Below are The Top 5 Laptops we recommend.

Dell Inspiron 15 i5558-5718SLV

Dell chooses a really cool design for this laptop. It doesn’t have too much accent, but its simplicity is what makes this laptop great choice. The flaw is the thickness of the machine. It is thicker than other laptops in similar class, which makes this machine, has heavier weight (2.4 kg).

It has a quite satisfying specification. It uses i5-4210U processor, HD 4400 GPU, 8 GB RAM, 15.6-inch 1080p monitor (touch screen), 5 hours 30 minutes battery life, 1 TB storage and complete connectivity feature. The processor is still i5 class.

However, with 8 GB RAM, the performance of this device will be able to help you with your college work. The battery’s life is also enough for online school needs. You don’t need to charge it too often. And of course, the best of all is the price. You can get this device with just $520.


  • i5 Processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 15.6-inch Touchscreen with high resolution (1080p)
  • 5 hours more battery life
  • 1 TB storage


  • Heavyweight,
  • HDD storage, which isn’t as good as SSD storage,
  • Onboard GPU, doesn’t suitable for high task activity.

Toshiba Satellite Radius

The slim design of Toshiba Satellite Radius will amaze you. Toshiba gives a good design for this product. And, because it’s so slim, this machine is quite light and easy to carry around. It’s only 2.9 lbs (1.3 kg).

The other specification is also really good. For the core hardware, Toshiba uses i7-6500U and 8 GB RAM, which will give you fast and smooth performance.

Then, it also has 8 hours battery life, even though you use Wi-Fi. Basically, you can use this device for the whole day. The monitor is small, which is 12.5 inch. However, with 2060p IPS technology, it will give you crystal clear image.

The flaw is maybe the GPU, which is using onboard HD 520 GPU. Plus, it also doesn’t have a touchscreen, even though you can fold the screen 180 degrees to the back.

The storage is only 256 GB, but it uses SSD, so it’s still acceptable. The price is $850, which is quite affordable for this high specification.


  • Light and slim design (1.3 kg)
  • i7processor,
  • 8 GB RAM,
  • 2060p IPS screen,
  • 256 GB SSD storage.


  • Onboard HD 520 GP,
  • No touchscreen.

HP Pavilion 15.6

This is definitely one the best computers for online course you can use. The design is cool and almost perfect. Just the weight is quite heavy (5.3 lbs/2.4 kg). It has 15.6 inches 1080p touchscreen monitor with IPS technology, which make it perfect for multimedia needs as well.

The price is quite expensive, which is around $960. But, it’s reasonable, because it uses one of the best i7 processor (i7-6700HQ) and 16 GB RAM. Both of these components will give you really smooth performance.

Unfortunately, the GPU is only HD 530 onboard GPU. It’s actually reasonable because if HP decides to give it stand-alone GPU from those popular brands, it can double its price. And, the battery’s life is also quite short, which is 4 hours 30 minutes. However, for online learning purpose, this is enough.

Thankfully, this machine use SSD storage. And, it has quite a space inside, which is 500 GB. So, you have enough space to save many files.


  • i7-6700HQ Processor,
  • 16 GB RAM,
  • 500 GB SSD,
  • 15.6” 1080p IPS screen,


  • Heavyweight (5.3 lbs/2.4 kg),
  • Onboard GPU HD 530,
  • Low battery’s life (4 hours 30 minutes),
  • Expensive price.


MSI GE62 Apache Pro

The black color makes this laptop looks really cool. More than that, it has wide hand rest, which gives you comfortable time when you use it. This laptop also can be classified as a gaming laptop.

Therefore, the specification is quite high. This device uses i7-6700HQ processor, 16 GB RAM, and 960M 2GB GPU. They will give you superb performance, which isn’t only for college, but also for playing a game.

The storage is big! 512 GB SSD and 2 TB HDD will give you lot of spaces to keep your files. Plus, it uses 15.6 inches 1080p WA screen for good quality image.

The flaw is the battery’s life, which is only 3 hours 20 minutes. But, for college purpose, this battery life won’t give you any problem.

And, this machine is quite heavy (5.3 lbs/2.4 kg). The price is quite expensive, which is at $1,280. However, with that kind of specification, this price is a good investment you can make.


  • i7-6700HQ processor,
  • 16 GB RAM,
  • 960M 2GB GPU,
  • 512 GB SSD + 2 TB HDD,
  • 15.6 inch 1080p WA screen.


  • Low battery life, 3 hours 20 minutes,
  • Heavyweight (5.3 lbs/2.4 kg),
  • Expensive price.

ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501VW (Signature Edition)

This product can’t only be said as the best college laptop from ASUS. With its specification and design, it can be said as one of best laptop you can find today. The silver color metallic appearance, make this product looks cool. Although it’s a little bit heavy (5 lbs/2.3 kg). So, that’s only the flaw in its appearance.

The performance and specification are way better. The i7-6700HQ processor, 960M 2GB GPU, and 16 GB RAM is the best combination. Then, it also uses 15.6 inch Touch 2160p IPS screen. Basically, it has everything that you need, for online learning, gaming, multimedia, and others.

The battery life is actually not that long. It can only be used for 5 hours 40 minutes. However, for online learning, this is enough. And, the price is the most expensive among another laptops for online classes, which is at $1,500. Make sure you have enough budgets for getting this product.


  • i7-6700HQ processor,
  • 960M 2GB GPU,
  • 16 GB RAM,
  • 15.6 inch Touch 2160p IPS screen for crystal clear image,
  • 512 GB PCIe SSD.


  • Heavyweight (5 lbs/2/3 kg)
  • Expensive price.


Basically, those are some tips and recommendation you can use to get the best computer for E-Learning classes. Now, you know that finding the laptop that perfectly fit for online students needs isn’t that difficult.

What you need to do is creating a good plan, and you get what you want. If you prefer a tablet for your online learning, please check out our guide to the best tablet for medical/nursing students.


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