Norton Anti-Virus Software 2019

It’s no surprise that Norton Antivirus has been a big player in the antivirus industry. It has continued to develop its software and the 2019 version has come out with excellent features. Its ability to remove new threats has impressed us during tests and its previous performance problems have disappeared.

Norton Anti-Virus Software

Norton anti-virus protection will offer you good protection from viruses, spyware, and other threats on your computer. It sits in the background quietly and works automatically blocking all harmful software before it gets into your system causing damage.

It works to block spy ware against the latest threats. It detects worms and viruses giving you automatic protection. It protects and prevents your email from getting infected by viruses. It will scan and clean your email before you get malicious software on your system that can spread worms and viruses to other computers.

With Norton’s antivirus protection you get protection for your computer twenty four hours a day. It works in the background of your computer quietly letting you work on your computer without being disturbed. It works automatically and will check for any new updates and features for your virus protection that is available. The antivirus software will also install any new updates and features that it can find.

If you have a computer that you think might be infected use anti virus program to scan your computer to detect and remove viruses, spyware and other security risk for your computer. Once cleaned with Norton’s virus tool your computer will run faster and be safe and secure. This will give your computer a clean start when using the software.

Norton’s antivirus software can protect your computer from new and unknown internet threats, making it hard for internet thieves to get your information. Some of the features of this virus protection are improved performance for faster scanning.

Your virus protection is updated on a continuous basis catching all new viruses, spyware and other threats. The ongoing protection helps to keep your computer protected against all internet risks. The internet worm protection blocks things such as viruses, worms and spy ware. Your email detects and will remove any infected attachments. And root kit protection finds and removes harmful threats that are hidden in the operating system of your computer.

Norton’s Quick Scan automatically runs on your computer when new definitions are available to help protect against the latest internet threats. A full system scan performs a scan of the entire system and hard drive to remove any existing spy ware, viruses, and other threats from your computer.

Norton softwares comes with features such as one year of automatic definition updates, the latest product features, and updated versions of the software. After the year runs out, you will need to buy a new subscription to continue getting the latest viruses updates to keep your computer protected. Norton virus removal tool will protect your computer and keep it safe and secure.

Norton Antivirus Review of 2018/2019

Scope of Protection
The most important feature of any antivirus program is its total protection capabilities. When we tested Norton, we found it totally efficient at removing viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and other less known threats like rootkits and keyloggers. Last year’s version was only available to users of the most popular browsers, but it now supports many other browsers like Opera, Safari and Chrome and also supports email clients like Outlook and Outlook Express.

Traditional Signature Based Protection is Norton’s first line of protection. It has a huge database of well known threats to keep your computer safe. It refers to this database when a malicious software (malware) threat hits your PC and implements a solution to remove it permanently.

SONAR3 which stands for Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response is an advanced technology feature of Norton which takes a proactive approach to detecting threats and observes the file behaviour in real-time and stops it from having a chance of reaching your PC.

Another impressive Norton feature is Download Insight which prevents malware from harming your PC by accidentally downloading it. Because of its Norton Community Watch, obtained from years of research, it gives you information about any file on your PC and what action to take to keep or remove it. This is a powerful feature, and you obviously wouldn’t want your antivirus program deleting files that you may need later. So the decision is in your hands and you get a lot of information about the file, like the number of users and where it came from.

This software is very effective at protecting your PC and has greatly improved its email and Instant Messaging protection. You no longer need to worry about threats as you are chatting online as it uses its traditional virus detection method of matching signatures. It has the ability to remove these threats at lightning speed and has recently been voted one of the fastest antivirus software packages

Ease of Installation
Norton gives you the option of a download version on their website if you are in urgent need of protection, or they can send a boxed version to you which offers the same protection. The installation process for both versions is simple and straightforward and within a few minutes it will be ready and protecting your PC. Unlike some other antivirus programs which take over 10 minutes to install, the Norton installation process took less than 6 minutes for us to complete. This is because it abandons the Microsoft Windows Installer and uses its own proprietary technology for an even quicker installation which takes a few seconds to complete

Ease of Use
Last year’s version received many complaints for its hard-to-understand tabs and navigation. The 2019 version is much easier to use and understand, confirming Symantec’s commitment to improving user experience. You will notice that it is streamlined and intuitive and you don’t need to be an expert to use its advanced functions.
If you are looking for a set-and-forget antivirus solution, then Norton is the perfect choice because you can automatically set it to run when you need it to and will only require input as a last resort. But Norton hasn’t forgotten its more experienced users who are looking for an antivirus program that offers a wealth of stats and tools to completely control it.

There isn’t a need to worry about Norton keeping up with the latest updates which are needed to protect your PC. Your PC is only as good as its last update, and Norton knows this and they’ve made sure you receive them quickly and easily.
It has the fastest update release of 5 to 15 minutes, faster than most antivirus products which update every hour or so. There are two major advantages to this: firstly, they are available quickly enough to keep you always up to date; and secondly, they don’t accumulate and become too large, leading to noticeable PC slowdown.

There are numerous ways to contact Norton if you are in need of support, and these include free chat, email and phone support for those urgent problems. You can also find a host of help files in the FAQs, tutorials and knowledgebase sections. This is more than you’ll find in most antivirus help sections, and Norton has also included a forum where users can meet for discussions and seek additional help.

We’ve really been impressed by Norton Anti virus 2019 and it’s proved to be one of the best antivirus programs. We recommend it to all our visitors and we commend Symantec for fixing the problems they’ve had in the past.

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