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Welcome to Our Guide to The Best Mini Laptop. On this page, we have listed  Top 5 of Best Mini Laptops of  2019, including the cheap options, based on our test, product research and customer reviews..

The tech world changes quickly. It doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago that personal computers were dominating the world and everyone was filling their desk spaces with gadgets to go with them. They sat under the desk, big and clunky and noisy. A monitor sat up top, also big and clunky. There was a keyboard somewhere and a mouse somewhere else, both connected to the clunky desktop computer by a cord. There were many cords on personal computers, in fact, and the tangles they’d generated could make any hair stylist go nuts.

Fast-forward to today and PCs are still popular but many people are shifting to smaller units. Laptops are popular, but netbooks, mini or small laptop computers are becoming even more in demand thanks to their portable style and relatively affordable price range. But why would you want to use a netbook, anyway? What are the benefits to mini laptop computers? And what are some of the better models out there?

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Top 5 Best Mini Notebook Computers of 2018/2019

 ASUS Transformer Mini - T103HA-D4-GRSamsung Chromebook 3Apple MacBook Air MJVM2LL/AHP Stream PC 11-y010nrAcer Chromebook 11
Screen Size 10.1" 11.6" 11.6" 11.6" 11.6"
Processor Intel Atom Quad Core x5-Z8350 - 4 GB of RAM Intel Celeron N3060 - 4 GB of RAM Intel Core i5 - 4 GB of RAM Intel Celeron N3060 - 4 GB of RAM Intel Celeron N2840 - 4 GB of RAM
Processor's Speed 1.96GHz 1.6GHz 1.6GHz 1.6GHz 2.16GHz
Storage 128GB eMMC 16GB eMMC 28GB Flash 32GB EMMC 16GB
Battery Life Up to 12 Hours Up to 11 Hours Up to 9 Hours Up to 8 Hours Up to 9 Hours






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Mini Laptop Benefits

Size is probably the most apparent of the benefits in netbooks. With so much business being done on the road, portability is one of the factors in making any modern company tick. You simply can’t rest on your laurels near a clunky desktop anymore, especially if you intend to make a go of it in the business world. You need to be on your feet, moving and networking through various business centres and ensuring that you keep out there in the fray.

With Wi-Fi everywhere, getting connected to the internet isn’t a problem. You can use a netbook just about anywhere, thankfully, and that means you won’t lose valuable production hours with your netbook in tow.

Cost is another benefit. While the old desktops used to cost an arm and a leg (they still do!), netbooks are generally highly affordable computing options. You can get them in the range of $200 to $500 for the most part, with a few exceptions coming in the higher end with more features and goodies than you’d likely ever need. Still, the most basic models don’t cost that much and offer a wide variety of functional applications for your day to day life.

It should be noted that the benefits of the small notebooks out there currently are significant, but some may find these units to be too small and too low on function to work. By no means should a mini laptop replace a solid desktop or laptop unit, but they can augment an arsenal of tech equipment and can provide function and form out on the road for business users.

Top 3 Best Netbooks of 2018/2019

There are a wide variety of mini laptops out there to explore, so it’s hard to narrow it down to the best ones. New ones are also always coming out, so you need to keep that in mind as you sort through the possibilities. With new designs and models reaching market all the time, it can be hard to stay ahead of the curve. That doesn’t mean there are no trustworthy brands out there, however.

Asus Eee PC 1015PE

Asus Eee PC 1015PELet’s start with the Asus Eee PC 1015PE. This guy carries a battery life of 13 hours and a great deal of hard drive memory. The hard drive is a generous 250GB number, while Asus’ hybrid storage grants users an additional 500GB of online storage. That’s a big amount of storage by most netbook standards, trust me. This is one device that distinguishes itself from the herd thanks to the storage and battery life, so it’s a netbook well worth a look or two.

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Toshiba Mini NB305-N410

Toshiba Mini NB305-N410

Also worth noting is the Toshiba Mini NB305-N410. This unit, one of the best small laptop computers, rocks a fast processor and a good deal of battery life. The full-size keyboard is another benefit. It also features 1GB of DDR2 memory and a 10.1-inch display widescreen with 1024×600 resolution. It’s also a very attractive device, setting itself apart from other models with a slim, sleek design.

HP Mini 5102

HP Mini 5102One of my personal favourites of the mini notebooks out there is the HP Mini 5102. This features touch-screen display and a full keyboard, offering many ways to interact on the unit. The keyboard is spill-resistant, which is good news for “active” users. It also has a metal exterior, which makes it one of the more sturdy netbooks on the market. Above all else, it costs less than $$$ at most major retailers.

There are, of course, many other small notebooks out there. There are many choices and your best bet is to compare them to each other in person. Get your hands on the netbooks and feel them out so that you can see how much they weigh and how portable they really are. As helpful as my article can be, there’s no substitute for firsthand experience.

A Few Things to Consider When Buying a Mini Laptop

Everyone wants a laptop that is powerful while at the same time small and convenient. Before you buy a laptop or Macbook, it’s important to review the facts and differences between them first.

With the advances in technology people no longer have to deal with a heavy laptop just to get the power that they want and need. It is now possible to purchase tiny laptop computers that offer many of the same computing abilities that the traditional laptops offer without spending exorbitant amounts of money. When people are looking for laptops that offer easy computing, a compact size and the most up to date functioning there are a number of factors that should be considered to ensure that you are purchasing the best netbooks for your money.

  • Usage

    One factor that should be considered when shopping for best mini size laptops is its usage. There are numerous different laptops on the market, but not all of them are right for everyone. Individuals should consider how they plan to use their laptops and then select a device that is suitable for their personal needs.

    A “small” laptop is sometimes relative to the individual. Small can mean petite in proportion or size or it could mean thin and lightweight. When selecting a laptop individuals should be prepared to decide if they want a device that will be used exclusively to replace an existing laptop or a laptop that will be used for daily computing on the go.

    Weight will be a very important factor when purchasing a laptop for daily usage. Individuals that are interested in purchasing a computer that they will use on daily basis should be very aware of the overall size and the weight. How often will you actually travel with this computer? If you travel often, weight and size will be a more important factor.

  • Features

    Individuals that are interested in purchasing tiny laptops will find that features are very important. The features on a laptop allow the user to take advantage of all that the device has to offer.

    Individuals can choose from high definition or glossy screens, automatic wi-fi locaters and web cameras. Processor speeds and storage capacity is also very important when selecting a laptop.

    People that are interested in owning a computer that is fast and has the ability to store lots of data should definitely select laptops or a MacBook that has certain speeds and storage capabilities.

  • Software

    Software is also another element that needs to be considered when selecting mini notebooks for sale. Many laptops today come preloaded with certain types of software, or individuals can request that software be installed on the computer.

    Some of the most popular software packages include word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications. Anti-virus software has become a necessity as it keeps an individual’s computer from being damaged by viruses.

    Oftentimes people can obtain this type of software as a trial when first purchasing their laptop computer. Software choices are very important when selecting a company for personal usage. Make sure you clearly understand what is included prior to purchase.

There are some companies that will allow the user to customize their computers step by step. This allows the individual to select all the different components, both hardware and software, for a laptop. This method of “building a computer” is highly sought after and many like the idea of being able to create small size laptops that are specially tailored to their needs.

To help in selecting good mini laptops for your personal use, make a checklist of the components you consider to be most important. For example, memory, disk size, processing speed, wireless card, USB ports, battery life, size, weight, software included, keyboard touch and ease, screen resolution and size, etc.

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What is The Best Netbook to Buy?

So what’s the best netbook to buy? It is one that suits your computing requirements and your budget. Where mini laptops are concerned, one size doesn’t fit all. If you’re a professional who’ll be using it for client presentations, spending on a higher-end brand would be worth the price. If you’re a student who’ll only use it for taking down notes, then a basic model should do.

Don’t just buy the cheapest netbook model that you find thinking that it’s the most affordable netbook, and never buy the most expensive model under the impression that it’s the best. Price doesn’t dictate everything, and when it comes to something like a mini laptop, you need to see what you’re getting for the money, rather than how much you are ultimately spending.

Make sure to check out all the different models that are available. Consider the brand, the specifications and then how much it costs. That way, you can get the best small laptop for your needs, regardless of the brand or price out there.

One of the best ways to decide if a particular model is popular amongst consumers is to check their sales ranking on the websites of major online retailers. Amazon keeps an hourly updated running tally of netbook bestsellers on its site and this would give you an idea of what model is currently popular amongst the buyers.

In most cases, customer reviews are what you should base your purchasing decision on. After all, if everyone is buying a particular model than it must be reasonably good.


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