Best Laptop Mouse in 2019

Are you looking for a good mice? We have listed the best wireless mouse for laptop or PC/desktop from popular brands such as Anker , Logitech,  VicTsing, Apple and more..

A computer or laptop wireless mice makes sense in several ways, mostly due to mobility, practicality and flexibility. Probably one of the main reasons you bought your laptop in the first place was so that you could be free to use it where required and not be tied to a desk or specific location.

The ability to use your laptop on the move while travelling, once you arrived at your destination and at home gives you a freedom which needs to be matched by your peripherals such as the mouse and keyboard. A wireless or cordless mouse means that you can put your laptop down and not have to worry about whether there is room immediately next to it for the mouse.

You are not restricted by the length of the mouse cord. Given that cableless mices are no more expensive these days than a corded mouse, it makes sense to go cordless.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Wire-Free Mice

However, there are so many wire-free mice available on the market today that you need to have a good idea of your priorities and needs in order to make a good choice. So what should you consider when looking for a cable-less mice?

Bluetooth, Infrared Or Wireless RF Technology

The decision regarding whether to opt for bluetooth, infrared or RF is largely down to what your laptop or PC can support and is compatible with. Generally, the most common option is to go for a wireless RF mouse which uses a radio frequency signal. It will consist of two parts, a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter will usually be inside the mouse and will send information back to the receiver.


All cordless mice will require power in the form of batteries. You need to consider whether you prefer standard replaceable batteries or rechargeable batteries. If you choose a rechargeable model, it will come with a dock to charge the mouse. This will mean an extra bit of kit to carry around if you travel frequently but if you are mostly in one place then it will obviously save on the cost of buying new batteries.


There are so many models to choose from that it is best to make a list of the important features you require. The traditional mechanical mice with the rubber ball are more or less obsolete now as they were clunky and tended to get clogged up with dirt. Modern mice now use optical technology which is more accurate and lightweight and can be used on almost any surface without the need for a mouse mat.

Think about whether you need a scroll function which is very useful when surfing the Net and even if you require a tilt function to scroll sideways. You can also get mice specifically designed for left hand users and there is a wide range of ergonomically designed mice which can minimize the risk of repetitive strain injuries. You also have the choice of how many buttons you need including those customizable for tasks you do often.

The market leaders in cableless mice are Microsoft and Logitech who between them have a huge range to choose from. All wire free mices should install quickly and painlessly once you have made your choice and in the rare event that you have problems after buying, fixing any problems with your wireless notebook mouse should be straightforward. Given the change in our lifestyles today towards more mobile and lightweight needs, a wire free mouse for laptop fulfills our desire for hassle free and liberating technology.

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4 Reasons Why You Need A Wireless Computer Mouse

If you just recently purchased your new PC, laptop, notebook or netbook, then you have landed on the right page. Perhaps you are wondering how you can increase your productivity working with your new laptop. On this page you will find out the four reasons why it might be important for you to buy a computer wire-free mice right away.

If you haven’t purchased your new computer yet, it is good to know that Dell, HP and other companies offer branded wireless computer mice as an add on during the customization process.

Also, if you have been using a touchpad on your laptop, or a wired mouse on your computer, and something does not feel right, listen up! Your productivity may be impaired. The four reasons why you need a wire free mice right away are: Cable mess on a PC or Mac if you have a desktop computer, and Your big thumb if you have a laptop touchpad, Gaming, and Precision. Let’s look at all four reasons individually.

  1. Cable mess with the wired mouse on your PC or Mac. Mouse cables are so 20th century when it comes to desktops and laptops. They can easily get tangled, and some people have devised elaborate mechanisms with weights on the back of their desks just to keep the wires straight! No need for that. Today’s wire-less mice are a much better choice precision-wise and ergonomics-wise, and look, there are no wires to mess with!
  2. Your big thumb or big pointing finger on the laptop touchpad. Some laptops have nice, indented touchpads with a well defined rim. Others, especially netbooks from certain manufacturers, just have a touchpad “area” that can be felt by the presence of the bumps that are scattered throughout the touchpad area. For speed and due to its position, most people use the thumb or the pointing finger for the touchpad navigation. Why is thumb a problem? First off, it is difficult to determine where the thumb is relative to the rim of the touchpad with such a system. I never had patience enough to try to completely figure it out. Second, if your thumb is as big as mine, you will end up working with a very low precision, and a lot of trial and error, and back and forth with any touchpad. Using the pointing finger might be a bit better than using a thumb but not by that much. So getting a wire-less mice for computer or laptop wireless mouse is a solution to the people who use the thumb or the pointing finger a lot for windows navigation and pointer control.
  3. Need a wireless gaming mouse. As you can imagine, gaming requires fast action. Some studies have shown that the gamers hand travels as fast as 2.5 meters/second during the fast gaming action.Also, gaming can become emotional, and by tapping on your touchpad you could seriously disturb your laptop’s inner workings. Additionally, the touchpad is much less precise and you may end up with one slow and failure-ridden game that you will likely lose if you use a touchpad. For these reasons I do not recommend using your gaming laptop‘s touchpad for the game control. Wireless computer mice, especially the so called “gaming mouse” or “gamer mouse” on the other hand, are made for gaming. They will perform the fast paced commands flawlessly.
  4. Precision. Sometimes you need just precision and not so much speed. Again, when precision is required, a wireless computer mouse will beat touchpad every time. For the highest precision pick the DPI, dots per inch, rating of 1000 or more.

There. Four big reasons why you should use a wireless computer cableless mouse instead of the wired one or even the touchpad. Do any of these reasons apply to you? If they do, you know what to do. You can keep your touchpad as a secondary device, but get a no wires PC mouse right away. Your productivity and gaming provess will soar.

Best Wireless Laptop Mouse – Why You Should Buy One?

Even though every laptop and notebook out there come with an integrated as a way of supplementing for the traditional desktop mouse there are many occasions when using the touchpad just isn’t feasible or you’re just not used to it so you prefer to use a wire-free mouse for laptop instead.

  • Since you are considering wireless netbook mouse it probably means that you already have had at least one traditional PC mouse and you weren’t satisfied with the space that they occupied as well as the fact that they tend to tangle quite a bit while in transit.
  • Besides the tangling issue, the cable of a traditional mouse is also very vulnerable to external factors; it can break, melt, be pulled apart or snagged on various things and it’s generally a pain to pack and unpack because the cord tends to tangle a lot.
  • A wire free mice solves all of those issues by completely eliminating the need for a cord, instead realizing the link between it and the computer via a radio signal, and infra-red beam or more recently Bluetooth. The latter technology is definitely the best choice at the moment as it is at the top of the wireless technology evolutionary tree, at least for the moment. The other technologies came before it and they were ok while they were here but Bluetooth has allowed our gadgets to interact and connect to each other much easier than previously thought.

Now there are definitely some things that you need to keep in mind when considering purchasing no wires mouse, one of this factor being price. You can definitely find some cheap options out there and they can work pretty well for as long as they will, so if you don’t need any special kinds of features and will be using it to work from home then you can definitely replace them whenever they break without any sort of problem.

The choice becomes trickier when you do need all those special features that the cheap versions can’t offer. Similarly if you will be using your wireless optical mouse to give presentation in board rooms or in general in front of business partners then you will definitely want to spend your money on a name brand that will usually also look pretty good.

It’s important to keep in mind that there is another difference between cheaper wire free mice and name brand ones beyond the extra features, flashy design and warranty, also connectivity might be a bit of a problem so if you happen to be a hardcore gamer on the go you will definitely have some problems getting fragged all the time in your favorite FPS.

Nowadays it is extremely easy to find review about any sort of products that you might want to buy, all you have to do is to head to your keyboard and get on your favorite search engine and look for what other people had to say about a good notebook mouse models that you are interested in.

Best Cheap Wireless Mouse – You Can Get It Here

These days, everyone is looking for deals on cable-less mouse models. And rightfully so. The offers from Dell, Hp, Microsoft, Logitech, and others have flooded the market and the prices have dropped over the past three years.

You can pretty much select any of the offers at Amazon and you will get a bargain after various discounts, rebates, etc. You can even buy a used or refurbished items throug the same link above at Amazon.

Is getting a cheap wire-less mice risky? Sometimes it is. You may find an item that goes bad or stops working, so look for the testimonials under every cheap laptop wire-free mouse that you feel might be too good to be true.

However, with today’s wireless technology, laser diodes as a signal emitting mechanism and electronic readouts, there are hardly any moving parts on modern wire-less mice. The only moving parts typically are the buttons and the mid-button scrolling wheel. Therefore, the chances that something mechanical becomes wrong with your cableless mouse are small.

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