Top 5 Best Laptops for Law School Students & Lawyers in 2019

Are you a law student and getting trouble to choose the best laptop for law school students? Well, no worry, since we’ve rounded up Our Top favorite Laptops that perfect for law school students. These laptops are also perfect for lawyers.

With so many laptop models and brands available in the market today, many law students feel so confused to choose the best one. Even, they do mistake by buying a laptop without considering specifications of it. Finally, they feel so regret after buying it. Make sure this condition will not happen to you.

As a law student, you may need a laptop that supports your activity, such as finishing your task, presenting materials in front of other students, and many more. So, you need to choose a laptop with the best specification. Many law students buy a computer by considering the price of it. They think that expensive computer will have good specifications. It may be right, but you just need to buy it depending on your need and budget.

Make sure you choose a laptop that comes with useful specifications. So, it will make you feel so satisfied, and you can use it whenever you need. For you who are still confused to choose the perfect laptop for law students, here some detail information about law school laptop requirements and some recommendations for you.

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Requirements of Laptop for Law School

As mentioned before, there are so many types of laptops that can support learning process in law school. Sometime, it may make law students feel so confused to choose the best laptop.

A laptop is an important gadget for law students. A law student need to know some requirements before buying it. So, here are some law school laptop requirements you need to consider:


Law students need responsive gadgets to support their learning process. So, make sure you choose a good processor. Many types of laptop have been released by various companies.

But, not every laptop has responsive performance. When you buy a laptop, make sure it can be used soon after it is turning on. It will make you feel so satisfied, especially when you need to use that device as soon as possible.

You can consider the type of processor. A processor is an important factor need to be considered. Without a good processor, your laptop will not work well. So, try to choose the best processor, such as Intel Core i5.

If you like the latest version of the processor, you can choose Intel Core i7. The latest processor will give better performance.


Many students want to buy a lightweight laptop because a lightweight thing is so easy to carry. You can also consider the weight before buying laptops for supporting your learning process.

Whenever you choose a laptop, make sure you carry it first to know whether it is lightweight or not. But for your information, light-weight gadgets may be more expensive than heavy gadgets.

Don’t worry because you can still get the affordable and lightweight gadget, as long as you choose it carefully. Having lightweight gadget is useful because you can carry it and your books in a bag.

But if you can’t find a lightweight laptop that fulfills your expectation, other choices are available. You just need to choose the best one which meets your expectations.

Screen Size

Another requirement should be considered by a law student is screen size. Actually, you can choose the screen size that fits with your comfort.

For your recommendation, you can choose the screen size which is more than 13 inches, because it will make you easier to do your task. But, don’t choose the screen size which is nearing 17 inches.

Why? It is because large screen size will make the weight becomes heavy. When it happens, you may feel so busy to carry it to your school.

Don’t forget to consider screen resolution. High-quality screen resolution can make you see clear image and graphic. Finally, you will focus when doing your task.


RAM is another requirement you have to consider well. Today, you can find so many types of laptop that come with various RAM capacities.

The capacity of RAM will also influence the price. If you search for an affordable laptop, you can choose a gigabyte of RAM.

It may be enough, as long as you don’t install too many applications. If you have enough budgets, you can choose 8 gigabytes of RAM.

Why do we need to choose high RAM capacity? It is because high RAM capacity will make your laptop runs faster. Whenever you open some applications at the same time, you don’t have to worry because RAM will make every application runs so well.

So, RAM is an important thing you have to consider. High capacity RAM is useful to make every application runs so well although you are operating other applications.

Hard Drive Space

Actually, you need to consider the hard drive. Yes, the hard drive is so important. As a law student, you need at least 40 GB hard drive space.

But if you are a person who likes storing audio files, videos and games, you need to choose higher hard drive space. With higher hard drive space, you can store so many songs or audio files, videos and games.

But, remember that online storage is popular today. You don’t need to choose higher hard drive space if you can store so many files in online storages.

Everything depends on your choice. No matter the size of hard drive you choose, make sure it will support your learning process.


Warranty needs to be considered well. When you are studying in college of law, you may not want to spend your money on repairing your device.

So, make sure you check the warranty first. It is useful for you. Whenever you find a problem happens to your device, you just need to use the warranty to repair it.

So, you don’t have to spend your money on repairing it. Check the term of the warranty. For your recommendation, choose multi-year warranty. It is useful for you.

Top 5 Best Laptops for Law Students & Lawyers in 2017/2018

The followings are some recommended laptop computers for law school and advocates. You can choose one of the best laptops in this list below to support your learning.

Apple MacBook Pro


Do you like products produced by Apple? If so, Apple MacBook Pro can be your choice. As we know that college students in the world like Apple product.

If you’re an attorney and looking for a perfect laptop to support your work , you can also choose this product as your best choice. It comes with stylish design and a 13.3-inch screen.

It is also supported by Intel Quad Core 2.3 GHz i5 processor and Turbo Boost. About storage, it is completed with 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD. Another thing that makes it becomes special is a fingerprint reader. Fingerprint reader helps protect your machine from unauthorized people.


  • Magical touch bar brighter creates a more colorful display.
  • The speaker sound is loud
  • It comes with faster performances, compare to other Macbook.
  • Sleeker screen.


  • Shorter battery life
  • It has an expensive price because it comes with the magical touch bar.
  • The only ports had by this machine are just USB Type-C ports.
  • There is no more MagSafe.
  • It doesn’t have memory card slot.



ASUS Zenbook Ultra-Slim

As mentioned before, a lightweight laptop is much recommended, because it will make you easier to carry your machine. ASUS Zenbook Ultra-Slim can be your best choice because it is lightweight. With an ultra-slim design, it looks so stylish.

It also comes with a fingerprint reader, so it can not be accessed by unauthorized people. It also comes with a 13.3-inch screen, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of SSD, and an Intel Core 2.5 GHz i5 processor.

It also comes with long battery life, so you can use it for long hours. With long battery life, you can do your task without worrying about battery life.

  • Slim and stylish design with aluminum construction.
  • It is so lightweight and thin.
  • Full HD resolution display.
  • The · Sleek aluminum design makes it looks so stylish.
  • It also comes with comfortable keyboard and touchpad.
  • It doesn’t come with touchscreen feature.
  • It lacks keyboard backlight, so you will be difficult to use the keyboard in dark place.
  • Speaker’s quality is not good enough. It may be not loud.



Acer Spin 7

Some law students may choose a laptop for its versatility. If you are also a student that thinks about versatility, you can choose to buy Acer Spin 7. Yes, it is not only a good laptop, because you can also use it as a tablet.

There are some modes you can choose when using it, such as tablet, tent, and display. Acer Spin 7 is also a lightweight laptop because its weight is just 2.65 pounds.

It comes with powerful Intel Core i7 processor. It is also completed with 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD. With high RAM and SSD capacity, you can store so many applications and run every application easily.


  • It is completed with dongle adapters.
  • It comes with a comfortable keyboard.
  • With beautiful aluminum design, it looks stylish.
  • With Intel Core i7 processor, it is so powerful and easy to operate.


  • It doesn’t come with keyboard backlight, so you may not see keyboard clearly whenever you use it in a dark place.
  • It has short battery life, so it can’t be used for long hours.
  • About connectivity port, it just comes with USB Type-C port.



Microsoft Surface Book


Microsoft surface book is the best tablet/laptop for law school and lawyers. If you search for an affordable laptop to do various tasks in your school or your law firm, you can choose Microsoft Surface Book.

It comes with touchscreen feature. So, you can easily operate it. It also comes with a surface pen. There are so many latest features you can find on it.

To support the performance of it, 5th generation Intel Core i5 processor is available. 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD will make you so easy to store and run various applications.

The screen size of this machine is 13.5-inch Pixel Sense Display. This machine also comes with high-quality screen resolution, which is 3000×2000 pixels. About weight, its weight is 3.3 pounds.


  • High-quality gadget and quality build.
  • Powerful processor (Intel Core i5 processor).
  • Useful touch screen feature, with a surface pen.
  • It can be used as a tablet.
  •  Long battery life.


  • Although it has long battery life, its charging time is so long. So, you need to use much time for charging the battery of this device.
  • During low battery, it cannot be changed into a tablet. In another word, transition can’t be done when the battery is low.


ASUS ZenBook UX330UA-AH54

It is another recommended laptop for law school and lawyers. Why do you need to choose this laptop? Actually, it is so lightweight, so you can easily carry it in your bag, although your bag has been fulfilled by books. It’s also best for online college students.

Its thickness is just 0.5 inches. You can imagine how slim it is. Comes with 13.3 inches screen size, it will make you comfortable when seeing something or doing your school work. It also comes with a fingerprint reader.

This feature is useful because it will not make your device accessed by unauthorized people. This laptop also comes with various specifications, such as latest 7th generation Intel i5-7200U 2.5 GHz processor, Windows 10 pre-installed, Full HD display, 8GB of RAM, 256 GB of SSD, and Harman Kardon Audio.


  • It has long battery life.
  • It has excellent quality
  • It has super fast performance
  • It is so lightweight.


  • The screen quality is average.


Final Verdict

Well, those are some information for you about 5 best laptop options for law students and lawyers. There are still many recommendations for you. But, you can use the information above as your reference.

After reading the references above, hopefully, you can find the perfect laptop for law school that fulfills your expectations. If you prefer a tablet instead of laptop, be sure to check our guide the best tablets for taking notes in college


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