Best 18-Inch & Larger Laptop Backpacks and Sleeves [19″, 20″, 21″]

This is a page for anyone looking for the best large laptop bag online, be it an 18.4 inch, 19 inch or  20 inch Laptop Backpack, sleeve or case.

Anyone who are looking for large laptop backpacks know that the options are limited. They also know that that though a backpack might claim that it will fit a specific size, it doesn’t always mean it will fit your computer. Here we have gathered the top rated large laptop backpacks. If you are shopping from the UK then take a look at 18 inch Laptop Backpacks (UK)

In the selection below we have tried to bring you the best large-size computer cases available. Not only can you fit a large notebook into these backpacks, but we have made sure to select the backpacks that both look good and are practical and easy to use.

Top 10 Products

Case Logic PNC-218 - Best-Selling 18" Computer Case (Black) - A Smart, Lightweight and Stylish Briefcase
Yorepek Backpack - A Casual Looking, Lightweight Backpack
Everki Commute - Most Recommended Sleeve for 18-Inches Laptop
Case Logic PTCSLGVNC218 VNC-218 - Top Rated Men's Computer Briefcase
Clark & Mayfield Marquam Metro -Top Ladies Computer Bag
Trendy Flyer - Best Rolling Bags
Handmade World - Best Leather Bags
Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag, XL - A briefcase/messenger style for a 19 inch notebook
GATOR - Best 20" Computer Bags

Finding a Backpack to fit a Giant Notebook

While looking for a big computer case, I realised that often it is worth looking for a backpack that is made for bigger computers, especially if you need to carry a little more gear with you, hence I found myself looking at:  18.4″, 19″, 20″  or even 21″ laptop backpacks or messenger bags

And though I found this to be quite challenging, I did find some really good backpacks. Few people buy big-screen laptops, so the demand for large size laptop backpacks is less than for smaller laptops, resulting in limited choices.

And when it come to the ladies, finding 18 or larger laptop backpacks for women, can be even more challenging if you are looking for an obviously feminine laptop tote or bag. So there is only one obviously feminine tote, but it is both stylish and functional.. On the other hand many of the backpacks here are more unisex then masculine so most women should find a backpack that they like.

One of the things you might also have to look at is what style of backpack to get as these computers can be quite heavy. You have the option to go for a briefcase or maybe tote style for the ladies, but probably a backpack or rolling bag might be easier to carry if that is an option. In the end I found an 18.4 inches laptop backpack was the best for me, I decided a little bit bigger was safer, plus it was more my style.

Case Logic PNC-218 Laptop Case (Black) – A Smart, Lightweight and Stylish Briefcase

This product has constantly been one of the most popular and best 18 inch notebook bags.  It is a pretty basic briefcase style laptop case, that is lightweight, something that is not to be ignored when looking for a case to fit any of these large laptops.

While made to fit most 18-inch laptops, this seems to be a very popular bag for those with smaller laptops as well.

Yorepek – Best 18-inch Laptop Backpack – A Casual Looking, Lightweight Backpack

It is a very spacious backpack. It was designed specifically for carrying large gaming and everyday laptops, so not only is it very lightweight, but it is also strong, and give and expands to fit more then just a few extra accessories.

This backpack will fit most 18-inch laptops easily as well as a good amount of the technical gear we need with our laptops and any other personal or business stuff you might need.

Yorepek has worked seriously on the design, so this is both comfortable to carry and organize backpack. The many pockets inside and outside make it easy to organize all your stuff and get to everything easily without taking everything out. The laptop compartment is padded and will keep your machine safe and secure.

While this backpack is made to fits most 18″ laptops is seems to be a popular choice for the smaller laptops as well.

Best 18.4-inch Laptop Sleeves

A notebook sleeve is great when you don’t need a full blown 18″ laptop case with all its extra pockets for accessories and other things you might need to carry around.

Most computer sleeves will protect your machine when not in use from dust, pet hair, etc. or when you need to move it from one place to another. Cushioning the machine from any inadvertent falls that may occur, at the same time a sleeve hardly adds any bulk to you device, so it is good if you want to use it with another none notebook case, but do not want it to be susceptible to knocks.

Most eighteen inch computer sleeves are not used alone, so may not have a carrying handle, basically they form a padded sleeve that protects your machine from dust, pet hair, etc as well as from scratches from other stuff that comes in touch with it when you carry your device in a larger case without a computer sleeve. Notebook sleeves should be bought close to your computer size for the best protection, you want as snug fit as possible.

Buy Large Laptop Backpack from eBay

eBay can be a treasure trove for these sizes, apart from the quite common 18.4 inches computer case deals, you may also stumble across some unique or rare designer 18.4 inch laptop backpacks that are hard to find or discontinued.

Some of the designer brands you may see are Vera Bradley, Ralph Lauren and others.

18.4-inch Men’s Computer Bags


Case Logic PTCSLGVNC218 VNC-218 Briefcase


I am not sure I would call any of these styles totally just for men, to me they look more unisex then anything else. They have nice clean simple styling and construction, more functional then anything else. The ones below though do look the most masculine of what I have found at these sizes.

Clark & Mayfield 18.4-inch Women’s Computer Bags

While I find most big computer bags are basic, functional and unisex, there are a few big-size computer bags for designed  for women. So far there only seems to be one basic style of eighteen inches women’s computer cases, made by Clark & Mayfield Marquam, luckily it is a lovely design and there are a number of fashionable colors to choose from.

This style comes in both a carry tote/briefcase style and a wheeled version, and even though style seems to have been an important factor while designing these ladies computer cases, it has not been at the expense of practical and functional features.

18.4-inch Laptop Backpacks

These top rated big-screen computer back packs are great for anyone who needs to keep their hands free, even when lugging a massive eighteen incher.

18.4-inch Rolling Case Or the lack thereof

Sometimes you get surprised that something you thought would be common is rare or in this case none existent. Wherever I looked, I could not find an eighteen inches laptop wheeler, I did find one 18.4″ rolling tote and a 20″ computer rolling bag reviewed lower down.

if you would rather get a rolling backpack then that would be your choice. It is large, but then it is also easy to maneuver about as it has more of a vertical orientation, and of course it does end up giving you more room for everything else you might want to carry.

18.4 inch Leather Computer Bags

Leather is heavy on its own, so maybe it won’t come as a surprise that there really aren’t any 18″ leather laptops cases. There is though a 19 inch soft leather sleeve for those who like the look and feel of leather, so you could get that plus a leather bag that is big enough to fit it into.

Large Laptop Backpack Reviews

For those of you that have an 18.4″ or larger laptop, these backpacks should hopefully be large enough to comfortable fit in your computer.

As with the size above, there seem to be a good selection styles and colors to choose from the 18.4 inches notebook cases. With quality in mind, below are some of the best, most durable and reliable 18.4″ laptop backpacks you can find online.

Best 19-inch Laptop Backpack Reviews

I was surprised, just how few 19″ laptop backpacks there were online, but fortunately most of the ones available are pretty good. The styles seem to be limited to extra lightweight briefcase style computer bags, though this is probably a good thing considering most 19 inch laptops are heavy enough by themselves. The 19 inch laptop backpack price range reflects this too, with most except for the Timbuk2 , ranging between $25 and $50.

Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag, XL – A briefcase/messenger style for a 19 inch notebook

The Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag, XL made by Timbuk2 fits any 19 inch notebook easily. This is a well designed bag with some now famous features, such as the secret side Neapolitan pocket beside the 3 front zipper pockets, lets you get to things without having to open up the main bag. The design is simple, and the linning is weather proof. Underneath the main flap is are some great organizational pockets for your iPod, phone, keys, pens, etc. The main section is large enough for bokos, files and even a couple of change of clothes.

Alltogether this is a really nice laptop case to have, it is practical, stylish and can carry just about everything you can need for a business street.

Best 20-inch Laptop Cases

Almost impossible to find, the 20″ laptop cases is very rare. I only got to find one on Amazon, a roller notebook bag, which sure makes sense as most of these laptops are over 8 pounds.

Below I would also check eBay, as sometime you may also be lucky to find a case that fits 20 inch or 21 inch laptops on eBay.

Hp Roller Case for 10″ Laptop(KD853PA)

With the very large laptops in mind, this case comes with rollers, and considering how heavy any 18+ inch laptop is, a wheeler makes sense. The HP 20 ich computer Roller Case is sturdy and rolls smoothly when used as roller computer case. If needed the bag can also be used as a backpack. The case actually has enough room to make it more than just a computer case or even a combo book bag, it can easily serve as an overnight bag. It is essentially the size of a small suitcase and can carry a large laptop, all its peripherals, books, toilet kit, and a couple of changes of clothes quite easily.

This is a large case that does a very good job of protecting the largest notebook models.


Targus CPT401DUS – Good Quality Case for Large Laptops

While this case is spec’d for seventeen inch laptops, you can see from its dimensions and the comments by reviewers that you can fit an eighteen inch computer into it easily. Looks like is the Targus laptop case everyone has heard about, it a really good bag, able to combine that elusive combo of being a notebook case that has lads of extra room without being too bulky!

Toshiba PA1453U-1BG8 18.4 inches Laptop Backpack – Perfect for wide-screen laptops – and stylish too

The Toshiba PA1453U-1BG8 18.4 inches gaming backpack is a highly rated laptop backpack built for comfort and durability. It comes with an adjustable padded laptop compartment that snugly holds laptops up to 18.4-inches, but also works great for smaller laptops, all you need to do is adjust the velcro straps to get a perfect fit around your notebook.

This backpack has three main zippered compartments that provide plenty of storage for all your computer accesories, add ons, gadgets and files, though if you do have an 18.4 computer, some larger extras may not fit.

This is a very comfortable backpack to carry, there are air-flow channels to create a space between your back and backpack padding, keeping you cool as well as contoured, padded shoulder straps for exceptional comfort.

This definately the gamer backpack to get for those larger gamer laptops, but it is not just for gamers, it is also a great backpack for professionals on the go.

19 inch Navy Blue Quad Compartment Organizer Notebook Briefcase Carry Case Shoulder Messenger Bag – A Great Cheap Notebook Case, With a Great Design and Loads of Space

This is superb computer bag by any standard. The bag is water-resistant and features an Anti-Shock System with extra inner shock-absorbing cushions. Easily holding up to any 19 inch computer, the bag is very lightweight yet comes with enough pockets to carry both your computer accessories and other essentials. The back velcro compartment gives extra storage space for magazines while its bottom zipper enables you to unzip and change to slip panel for stacking on carry-on luggage while on a trip.

This bag is fairly simple and as such should not be overloaded, but offers some of the best protection for laptops in the 19 inch range and looks pretty good too.

19 inch Black Lightweight Multiple Compartment Organizer Notebook Tote Briefcase Shoulder Messenger Bag

If you are looking for a durable, high quality notebook briefcase that is also water resistant, the 19 inch Black Lightweight Multiple Compartment Organizer Laptop Tote is a great bag. It is a large 19 inch computer bag that should fit most laptops with screens up to 19 inches, with a padded laptop section, designed to protect your machine from impacts, and Velcro straps to prevent it from shifting. Inside there is also another secure section that an be velcroed shut for magazines, documents, folders. For the usual computer accesories ther are two mesh pockets on the document compartment panel for organizing your computer USB cables,etc. The front of the bag has 2 zippered pockets where you can store commonly used items, while the back panel also has zippered compartment large enough to fit extra papers or magazines.

For added mobility, since large laptops can be quite heavy, is the reinforced trolley strap on the back pocket to securely slip this on to your other carry on luggage. Of course there is also the ergonomic detachable padded shoulder strap to carry it alone.

19 inch Cafe in Paris Silver Gray Notebook Carrying Case

This carrying sleeve is made from a form fitting neoprene material that will stretch to accommodate most notebooks screens with up to 19 inch display.

The fully padded computer sleeve comes with a two-way zipper for easy access and is just the thing that should protect your machine from the normal scratches that come along.

This is not a case to carry your notebook by itself, but more of a protective covering before you put it into another big enough bag, where you would carry any other gadgets and accessories you may need to use with your computer.

Buy 20 inch Laptop Backpacks from eBay

Before buying make sure you measure the height, width and depth of your computer so that you have it on hand to compare to any bag, or computer sleeve you find on eBay.

Other Large-Sized Laptop Backpacks to Check out!

There are even more large size laptop backpacks to be found on Amazon, here are some others we found with good ratings.

Large Laptop Backpacks, Cases and Briefcases (UK)

Most of this selection has more briefcase style computer cases, most do not hold more then the minimum computer accessories, plus phones and pens, but some also have enough space for extra files and more.

Large Laptop Backpacks (UK)

While there is a slightly different choice in the UK, the two best backpacks for big-screen laptops are the same. Everki make these exceptional backpacks, with loads of space not only enough for your notebook, but also for all the other notebook accessories and other electronic gadgets you need to carry with you.

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