The Best Covers and Cases for Kindle Paperwhite

There is a wide variety of Kindle Paperwhite covers or cases. If you have purchased one of the NEW Kindle EBook readers (like the Paperwhite) these covers are an essential accessory to keep the new Paperwhite in tip-top shape for a long time to come.

(They also make great gifts if you know someone who recieved a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas).

The primary desire of a case or cover can be many different things. You may want one that looks professional. Perhaps you may want a cover that is fashionable and elegant. You may want something inexpensive. Or, You may want something just to transport your device. Some people might also need a waterproof case, or ones with stand.

The choices are many, and fortunately the level of protection on all of these covers meets a high standard.

The Kindle Paperwhite are one of Amazons hot new eBook readers for 2012-2013. They make great gifts, either for yourself or others. But, since it is a “touch” reader, it is important to keep the screen free of dust, blemishes and the wear and tear of life. It doesn’t need much, but it does need some sort of cover and protection.

The size difference between the standard “Kindle” the “Kindle Touch” and the “Kindle Paperwhite” is a small one. Any case that is not “form fitting” will work for all of these devices. (Though not the larger Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD tablets).

But that does not mean that EVERY cover fits all these readers. All the options on this page are either sized to fit ALL the ebook readers or are sized to fit JUST the Kindle Paperwhite.

So check out some of these good looking Covers and find the one that will be prefect for you or your loved ones and give a little protection to the new eBook reader.

Leather Kindle Paperwhite Case

Most of these Leather Covers are folio covers; the type of cover that wraps around your Kindle like a book. These covers actually make reading your Kindle easier, as well as making a fantastic looking classy oover, with their different styles of designs.

One of my favorite parts about the Folio covers is that you are never caught unaware. Your kindle will be held in place by these covers 24/7. I am a clumsy guy so this is a great benefit for me. Having a case, where your ebook goes in and out, would not be optimum for a guy like me. Soon enough I would drop it, spill something on it, or place something heavy on top of it without looking.

With the Folio covers, that never happens, and your Kindle is protected at all times. Plus some of these waterproof leather covers just look great in my opinion.

A Multifunctional Paperwhite Case/Cover – Useful protection for your Kindle

This cover is an extremely useful one. In one package it can become a stand, for hands free viewing. It has a strap to securely hold your Kindle in a “reading” position. Of course it gives great protection to your Kindle ebook reader and of course it has all sorts of room to store those little Kindle Accessories that are so useful for your new eBook reader.

The Best Cover is a large amount due to your preference for from or function, but I like this little cover a lot. It is very versatile and gives you a lot of uses for the money you spend. Plus…. it looks great. Awesome color combinations.

“Official” Leather Covers for Kindle Paperwhite¬† from Amazon

Above you see some of the different views of the “Official” Leather Covers. These waterproof covers stay on your Kindle all the time. They act just like a book cover in this way. The covers give you a good, “handle” on your book in addition to looking quite classy.

They are made from premium stitched leather, as you can see from one of the closeups above. When not in use the cover is held closed by a magnetic clasp. Shutting this cover will automatically put your Kindle into, “sleep” mode, and opening the cover will automatically awaken your Kindle to the last spot you read. This ends up saving you a lot of battery life and charge time.

These are high quality covers and made specifically for the Kindle Paperwhite, while other covers will do the job of protecting your new eBook reader, and perhaps do it quite well, this cover was designed just for that task by the Amazon engineers.

You can see some of the “color flavors” this cover comes in below:

Kindle Paperwhite Sleeves – Quick and Easy Protection for your Device

Keeping your Kindle safe and secure should be a very important. These sleeves are a simple, yet effective way of keeping your Kindle free of scratches and all the minor damages that lugging your Kindle from point to point can bring about.

Colorful Slim Sleeves for the Paperwhite

If you are looking for a bright, waterproof and vibrant case for transporting your kindle from place to place, this could be the perfect case for you.

These slim cases have a bright vibrant color. They make a great statement and, or course, most importantly, they will protect the screen of your new ebook reader from any sort of scratches, damage or dings.

Designer Covers from Verso

If you are looking for something a little bit, “extra special” for your Kindle Paperwhite, you may want to look at some of these fancy eBook covers. These covers look awesome and are a great way to protect your new eBook reader while also looking unique.

waterproof case


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