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Holding up a Kindle Fire for any extended period of time, like say when reading an ebook or when streaming a movie through Netflix, can get quite tiring on the arms despite the lightweight nature of this device. There are also times when you want to be hands free using this device anyway, like when you are using it for movie watching for example, as you’ll quickly find you have no more desire to be holding a tablet whilst watching a show any more than you’d desire to be holding your TV.

There are a variety of different options to choose from when choosing a Kindle Fire holder for reading in bed which will vary in usefulness dependant on what your main motivation for buy one is. For the average person who wants to watch a movie hands free in bed then a simple pillow holder might solve your problem. These are lap cushions are designed to prop up a tablet or other eReader devices like Nooks so you don’t have to be holding them all the time.

An alternative to these is an headboard mount which clamps onto the bedframe and can be swiveled and adjusted so you can find the most comfortable viewing angle whilst you lay in bed. A more versatile arrangement to this is a pillow holder.

Amazon Fire Pillow Holders and Cushion Stands


One of the most popular ways people use to go hands free and prop up a kindle the soft bottom lap pillow stands offered by some manufacturers. This is a popular solution because, unlike similar ipad stands for bed, this style is as comfortable on a hard surface like a desk as it is placed directly across your knees on your lap. This kind of versatility makes a kindle holder pillow rest an ideal way to prop up a tablet in bed without having to resort to mounting stands or clamps.

Some popular types of Kindle cushion stands for bed and elsewhere are highlighted below. These are all well rated by customers who love the versatility of this tablet accessory.

Prop ‘n Go Lite – Hybrid Lap Desk for iPad and eReaders with Adjustable Angle Control

I didn’t buy the Prop n Go lap stand for my Amazon Fire, I actually bought it for another device but the design is so perfect it works on this, my Kindle eReader and and I fully expect it to work with every other tablet on the market today too.

The really nice thing about this particular lap stand holder is how easy it is to adjust the viewing angle from one of the 14 different angles available from a shallow 9 degrees to a steep 75 degrees with 12 more in between at around 5 or 6 degree increments. This means no cocking your head or craning your neck around to get the most comfortable position or twisting and tilting your body to avoid any screen glare from indoor or outdoor light. Nope, just adjust the angle until you find the position you like and this lap holder will hold it there rock steady for as long as you like.

The Prop n Go has also got you covered when it comes to storing those little accessories every Amazon Fire should have, like the wall charger or a capacitive stylus and a cleaning cloth. There’s a padded storage pouch underneath which is big enough to hold all these accessories AND the Amazon Fire itself, in or out of whatever fire case you decided to buy to protect it.

If you are looking for a kindle lap desk which is as comfortable on a table or desk as it is at home on your lap whilst you lie in bed or lounge on the couch, then look no further than this one.

Renegade Concepts Lap Stand Caddy For Amazon Fire 10, 8, 7

If you are looking for a plush pillow stand for Amazon Fire 8, 7, 10,  Motorola Xoom or other tablet computer than the Lap Pro come highly recommended.

This soft and plush pillow is a perfect kindle fire stand for bed time movie viewing or reading. It’ll prop up the device neatly allow you to rest your hands while you use an auto page scroller for reading or watching. Of course, it’s not just a Amazon Fire stand for bed but can be used on your lap all over the place and its cushioned bottom will mold nicely to any flat surface without a huge footprint.

Guys, this lap pillow is designed to accommodate our ‘wide leg stance’ easily, so you can sit cross legged or with your legs apart rather than been stuck in that less comfortable prim, legs together pose more suited to anyone wearing a skirt (or kilt I suppose). The Lap Pro will sit across your legs, straddling the gap like a champion which is something all us guys can rejoice over – finally!

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