The Best Kids Computer Keyboard & Mouse in 2019

Looking for The Best Kids Computer Mouse and Keyboard? Here, we have Top 14 recommendations for The Best Kid Friendly Computer Mouse and Kids Computer Keyboard that we’d considered to be the best choice among many other products you can find on the store


The computer could be one of the most important tools that human ever invented. It simplifies the difficult process and makes something that in the past looks impossible to do, become doable.

It’s not surprising, if we see everyone, regardless of their age, use the computer for their activity. Kids are also included here. In fact, younger age like this need the computer the most.

The kids computer can help them to learn about many things much easier. This is also the reason, why many companies that made computer and its accessories, design product that can give the best experience to kids, which become one of their promising target markets.

More than that, the kid-friendly computer also gives the children comfortable way to use the computer, as well as for the company itself, a good source of profit. Among many children’s computer accessories, the mouse(mice) and keyboard are two most important accessories.

The reason is the size of kids’ hand is different than an adult. Kids need a small mouse. Therefore, if the children use adult mouse and keyboard, they won’t be able to use them optimally. Creating the right size and design of kid sized computer keyboard and mice is important, so they will be able to use it without a problem.

If you are looking at what you can find on the store, there are many types and designs of children’s computer mouse and keyboard. Here, we have some of those products that we’d considered to be the best choice among many other products you can find on the store.

Hopefully, this review will be able to provide a good reference, for you who want to buy the best mouse for small hands and keyboard for your son or daughter, so you will get the best product that’s suitable with your kid’s preference. Let’s start with the computer keyboard first!

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Top 4 Computer Keyboards Specially Designed for Children

Plugable’s USB Keyboard With Extra Large Keys

USB Keyboard With Extra Big Keys

This keyboard has sturdy design and material, which is suitable for toddlers and preschoolers. More than that, the size of the key is big, so your kid will be able to easily press any button that they want.

The design is also interesting. The key group is colored differently. The numbers and punctuation mark, the vowels letter, the consonant letter and another button for different operation, has a different color.

This way, your kid can easily learn and remember the location as well as the letter and number while they use this keyboard. This keyboard is also plugged and play type tool, which means you don’t need to install a driver and it doesn’t need a battery.


  • Good design
  • Plug and play feature
  • Strong material for kids.


  • The number and letter, and other marks on the keyboard button are painted. Therefore, it is easily faded.
  • No Numpad button.


LearningBoard’s A Fully-Featured Keyboard for Small Hands

LearningBoard's keyboard

LearningBoard from Chester Creek is specially designed keyboard that can help children to learn about the letter, number and their position on the standard QWERTY keyboard. The button is also differentiated by using a specific color for the number, vowels and consonant, punctuation mark and another button for different operation on the keyboard.

The design is also interesting, with the black keyboard base, your kids will be able to find the button’s position much easier and remember it. The hand-rest part is pretty wide, which give your children a nice place to keep their hand steady while they’re typing. Thus, they feel more comfortable.


  • Good design
  • Different color for a different type of button
  • USB compatible (Plug and Play).


  • Only compatible with Windows OS
  • The size is too big for kids.


Fast Finger’s Computer Keyboard With QWERTY or ABC Soft Keys with Wired USB Connection

Fast Finger Keyboard with Wired USB Connection

This is a unique product that has two type of button placement. The first one is QWERTY type and the other one is the ABCDE type. The designer uses these two types, so this keyboard can be used for those who are experienced in using a keyboard, and for a kid who still learn about finding a letter on the keyboard.

This keyboard also is compatible with PC and Mac, plus it doesn’t require a driver to use, with its Plug and Play feature. Unfortunately, the size is too big for children.


  • Cool design
  • Two typing button type (QWERTY and ABCDE)
  • Plug and Play feature
  • Compatible with PC and Mac.


  • The size is too big
  • The two typing button type can confuse your children if they want to use the standard QWERTY keyboard.
  •  The key color is too confusing for some people.


Wireless Keyboard & Mice Combo( 2.4GHz – FD iK6620)

Wire free Keyboard and Combo mice

We can say this is one of the best keyboards for your kids. The design and color are very cute. The shape of the key is round, unlike the standard keyboard.

This design also makes it easy to find and press by your children. This wireless keyboard also comes with its own wireless mouse.

And, you just need to use one USB receptor, plug it into your computer and you can use both of them. This product use battery and the battery life are quite long. It can stand for 12 months without replacing with a new battery.


  •  Beautiful, cute and fashionable design
  •  Wireless feature
  • Plug and play feature
  •  Very quiet keyboard,
  • Compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android
  • Long battery life.


  • No battery life indicator
  • The key feels uneven, which make it difficult to press, especially for a kid.


Top 10 Best Computer Mouses Specially Designed for Children

Logitech M325C Wireless Mouse(Doodle Collection)

Logitech M325C Mouse-wirefree

The doodle collection design gives this kids wireless mouse unique choice that is perfect for kids. With this doodle design, your kid will be happier when using it. It’s not only the appearance.

The texture and material are also unique. It uses a different material for the top part and side part, where side part is used the rubber-like material. Therefore, when your kid uses it, it won’t easily slip.

Then, this is also wireless mouse, plus it also compatible with Windows and MacOS. The Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking Micro-precise scrolling gives it an accurate and sensitive sensor, which make it easy to move and scroll.


  • Doodle collection design
  • Comfortable material and shape
  • Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking Micro-precise scrolling
  • Wireless
  • The size is small, perfect for a kid’s hand
  • Compatible with Windows and MacOS.


  • The clicking wheel sometimes has a problem to click.


SOON GO’s Mini Optical Wired  – Pink Mouse For Women & Small Hands

SOON GO Mini Optical Wired mice

The pink color is suitable for your daughter. It has LED light that will lighten up when you use it. It adds more fun when your kids use it.

The size is perfect for your children’ hand. And the shape is suitable for left or right-handed. It is compatible with Windows OS as well as MacOS. This small mouse doesn’t need a battery, because it uses a cable to connect it to your computer.

This is maybe the only flaw we can find on this product. More than that, this small mice use Plug and Play feature, which means you doesn’t need to install driver or such to use it. Just connect it to your computer and you can use it.


  • Cute design and color
  • LED light
  • Compatible with Windows and MacOS
  • Plug and Play
  • Perfect size for a kid.


  •  Still, use a cable to connect.


Usbkingdom’s Cute Turtle-Shaped USB Kids Wired Corded Mice

Usbkingdom Cute Turtle Shape Mice

The turtle shape gives it different and funny looks, which is suitable for your son/daughter. With an ergonomic design, even though it is in the shape of a turtle, your children will feel comfortable when using it for long period of time.

The surface is soft, which won’t make your kid’s hand cramps or feel uncomfortable. This mice has the medium size, which is suitable for children or adult. This is a wired small mouse; therefore, you may need to provide enough space to connect it to your computer.


  • Unique and funny turtle design,
  • Very comfortable ergonomic design
  • Medium size, perfect for your kids
  • Plug and play
  •  Compatible with Windows and MacOS
  • Doesn’t need a battery.


  • Still use a cable to connect, which need more space on your desk.


Clevy’s USB, Optical, Ergonomic Mice With Sturdy Design (macOS & Windows Compatible)

Clevy toddler's Mice

The right and left button on this mice is colored differently. The right button is red and the left one is blue. On the other hand, the middle button/scrolling wheel is green.

These colors will make your children easily remember the function. And, it will make you easier to teach them how to use it.

The mice uses a strong material with high durability. So, you don’t need to worry when your kids use it. This small mouse still uses wire to connect to your computer. That means it will need more space to use.


  • Different color for each button
  • Right size for your kids’ hand
  •  Sturdy design and material
  • Plug and play
  • Compatible with Windows and MacOS.


  • The wired feature means it needs more space to use
  •  The design is too plain.


ChesterMouse’s AbleNet Chester Creek One Button Mouse – Optical USB (CCT)

AbleNet Chester Creek One Button Mice

ChesterMouse has a unique design that looks like peanuts or eggplant. However, this design becomes the most interesting part of this product.

This product also only uses one button. Your children won’t have any problem to do the click, scrolling, cut, selects an area and other function of the mice. The small mouse uses 800 dpi tracking.

We can say this specification isn’t as high as what you can find on today’s mice. However, this is enough for learning purpose for your children. It’s only available in one color, black. So, if your kids love this color, it won’t be a problem.


  • Unique design
  • Strong material
  • One button, which makes it easy to use
  • Rounded shape and small size for your kids’ hand.


  • Only 800 dpi tracking sensor
  • Only available in black color
  • Wired type mouse.


Chester Creek’s Tiny Optical Mice(Black)

Chester Creek Tiny Optical Mice

Simple product with black color is what we can say to describe this product. It doesn’t have something special. The simplicity makes it looks beautiful and it also makes your children use it easily.

The buttons have a different color. The right button is yellow, the left button is blue and the middle button is dark green. The size is perfect, and it is suitable for kids from 3 years old to adult. The mice uses 800 dpi optical tracking, which is enough to give accurate control. It is compatible with Windows and MacOS.


  • Simple design
  • Right size and a reachable button for a kid’s hand
  • Different color button, very useful for the learning process
  • 800 dpi optical tracking sensor
  • Compatible with Windows and MacOS.


  • Wired type mouse
  •  Not so sturdy plastic material.


Kasstino’s Cute Funny Cartoon Animal Frog Mice

Kasstino cool Funny Cartoon Frog Mouse

This is funny or maybe weird design mouse. It looks like a frog face, where the eyes become the right and left button. The eye is designed to be more protruded than another surface, which makes it looks like real eyes of the frog.

However, the part that supports the eyes isn’t that strong. Therefore, after few uses, it starts to wobble. Although it said it has 1 million clicks Key-Press life, it still makes us worry.

It uses Plug and Plays feature. So, just plug it and you can use it. It is compatible with Windows OS and MacOS. It is equipped with 1000 dpi sensor, which gives it accurate result.


  • Unique and funny design
  • 1000 dpi sensor
  •  Plug and Play feature
  • 1 million click Key-Press life
  • Windows OS and MacOS compatible.


  • Wired type mice.


Small Wireless Mice for 3-7 Years Old Kid – Cordless Mouse with USB Receiver for Computer

mice for 4, 5, 6 year old

The design is classy. It’s really beautiful. The size is 3.23 x 1.97 x 1.26 inches. The dimension is perfectly fit for children’ hand. This small mouse is designed for kids from 3 to 7 years old. It doesn’t use wire, which makes it easy to use on your desk.

More than that, this mice uses 1600 dpi optical sensor, which will give you very accurate movement and click. This is also plugged and play mouse, where there is one USB receiver you need to plug into your computer. It can work with 10 meters distance. This mice is also compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and other OS you can find.


  • Classy design
  • Right size for kids
  • Plug and play feature
  • 1600 dpi optical sensor
  • Compatible with all OS


  • Cheap plastic material.


Usbkingdom’s Cool Sporty Car Shaped 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse with USB Receiver

Usbkingdom Sporty Car Shape mice

The design is very unique. It totally has car shape. So, if your kids love a car, this mice is perfect for them. This is a small wireless mouse that use 2 AAA batteries to operate.

With plug and play feature, you just need to connect it to your computer and it can be used. It has a power-saving function. So, when you don’t use it for awhile, it will enter the sleeping mode to save the battery life.

The USB receiver uses 2.4GHz transmission technology, which can work up to 10 meters distance. This kids computer mouse is compatible with Windows OS, MacOS, and other OS. Unfortunately, it sometimes doesn’t work on Windows 10.


  • Unique sport car shape
  • 1600dpi sensor
  • Plug and Play feature
  •  2.4GHz transmission technology
  • Compatible with Windows OS, MacOS and others


  • Sometimes it doesn’t work on Windows 10.


LingsFire’s Super Cute Panda Mouse (Wireless & Optical)

Cute panda design makes this mice easily place in our first recommendation. There is a black and white color you can choose. The size is perfect for children or for an adult female with a small hand.

This child size computer mouse uses high-quality ABS material, which has high durability. The right and left button are located on the Panda’s eyes.

Press them to click. The unique feature is the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. With this, you don’t need to worry about changing battery and such. Just recharge it, when it’s about to run out.


  • Cute Panda design
  • Perfect size for kids and female users
  • ABS material with high durability
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery


  • Too long startup time (5 seconds).



Basically, those are the best kids mouses and keyboards you can try. They are all specially designed for kids. Therefore, your children will have a good experience when they use it. Plus, they will help them to learn more about the computer.

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