Best iPad Mini Cases for Kids

On this page you will find many of the best iPad mini cases for kids and also ones that are aimed at more mature teenagers that don’t just look really cool but also offer any additional protection.

iPad mini is a great device for your kids. They gain access to all the technology which a modern education needs while it has an easy-to-carry shape and weight. They have enough books to carry around as it is and it isn’t necessary to add any unneeded weight to that.

However the device is quite expensive and fragile at the same time. A dangerous combination in an environment with a lot of kids or teenagers around. That’s why a best tablet case that can take some punishment is no luxury.

Top 10 Products of 2019

Blue i-Blason Armorbox

Very tough dual layer case with the I-blason logo. Case was especially designed for the iPad minis. It’s made out of polycarbonate and has a silicone inner sleeve. The outside is of anti-slip material which is very good for younger kids and even for older ones 🙂 This armorbox casing by i-Blason will really make your kids iPad survive a lot more unintended punishment then it would without this precaution or most other cases.

Pink i-Blason Armorbox

Cute pink case that is great for kids because it’s very tough dual layer case with the I-blason logo. This is the g-shock of Ipad cases. The cover was especially designed for the iPad minis but the manufacturer has a wealth of experience designing iPad and Iphone protection. It’s made out of polycarbonate and has a silicone inner sleeve. On the outside there is an anti-slip layer which is very good for younger kids and even for older ones 🙂 Your children will survive a lot more “accidents” and keep a happy little iPad for a longer time.

Ultra Tough

The manufacture offers a full year warranty for this case. It is made out of polycarbonate and double enforced with a shock dampening silicone inner layer. The corners have extra padding to help resist impact damage from drops or hits. Even though this is the tank of iPad cases it’s lightweight because of the material and it comes with the features you would want from any iPad case for kids like a stand fucntion and cutouts for all the buttons and cameras. Check it out on Amazon

OtterBox Defender Series Hybrid

What is the most flexible iPad Mini Cover or Case to get? The Otterbox Defender series doesn’t have fancy color and isn’t designed with kids in mind. However, in my opinion it’s a great choice if you use the iPad Mini often yourself but want to have your kids be able to play with it anytime you don’t have it in use. Or play together on the device without you having to watch every second if it’s going to be dropped.

At the same time it’s protected wherever you go and still very stylish looking in the simple black or white color. Otterbox is very well known for their protective devices and a quality manufacturer. This case is no exception and they even offer a 1 year limited warranty on the product. It has a screen protector built in which is an advantage compared to other cases. The Otterbox Defender can also act as a stand. So it’s easier to view movies and stuff.

Speck iGuy Freestanding

What is the best ipad mini case for kids? Probably the Speck i-Guy. With it’s handles and superstrong protection this is a great case for kids. Solid firm rubber case covering the edges and back of your device. Camera and all other features are still easily accessible. Very solid buy that will probably outlast your iPad.

iPad Mini, Grape Purple, SPK-A1519

Same high quality specks case but in purple. There is a number of different colors offered for girls and boys. Convenient handles so the slippery device is much easier to handle for young kids. Especially designed for use by kids.

Kay’s Case KidBox

Very cute kid-proof case. Made out of safe non toxic EVA foam and lightweight so easy to handle even for younger kids. It has a raised screen bezel and a fun and friendly look that will make kids love their new ipad mini even more. Also Available in Green, Orange and Blue

Griffin Survivor

This is an extremely strong case. Your kids will have a very hard time doing damage to the device in there. It has been tested by an independent faculty to be able to meet the conditions as outlined by the US department of Defense. Tests have included dropping the tablet from 1.8m onto a concrete surface. Other tests included to subject it to wind and rain for 1 hour. The sealed ports can even withstand blown sand and dust. The case can be put into multiple stands like most cases for optimal viewing pleasure.

Roocase T2

Roocase delivers their T2 armor case halfway through December for the iPad Mini model. This case will also be a good choice when your kids regularly handle the device. The silicone with polycarbonate hard shell hybrid case offers excellent protection against drops, shock and falls which is no luxury around playing kids.
The kickstand slides out to prop up against flat surface for landscape viewing, allowing you to enjoy movies to the fullest.


Ultra protective case that will keep the iPad safe from your children and your children from the iPad during playtime.

Hard Candy Cases Shock Drop Series

Hard Candy case offering protection by encapsuling your iPad tight around the edges.

Cute Salmon Pink Case

Adorable looking case that offers solid protection and is somewhat more good looking then the armours that some kid cases are.

Piggies and Owl

Your kids will love these designs that’s for sure! Good quality cases by Zazzle. Perfect for kids not really likely to drop the iPad all that often, if you are worried you can easily upgrade to a much stronger case designed to take more punishment.

iPad Covers on Zazzle

Zazzle has some great cases for Kids as well. Check out these cute designs that are sure to charm your kids. You can get a Savvy case for older kids or the superstrong case that is a bit more pricey and heavier. Pick the one that suits your needs.

iPad Covers from MiniinteBox

Miniinthebox has this cool cartoon case that many kids (and adults) will love. Great gift made out of PU leather. It’s not the best case for really young kids or if you are looking for sturdy protection. Then it’s better to go with a Kayscase or a Armourbox. I included these because of the cool looks and the FREE shipping from Miniinthebox which is always a big + for me.


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