Best iPad Games for Kids – Fun, Educational, Makes Children Behave!

The best iPad games for children should be entertaining, cute, full of sounds and colorful. These qualities help children develop their motor skills, reaction time and sometimes, just to keep them well behaved. This page is dedicated for the best kids games for iPad which we use to help the kids in our family learn, play and behave.

Little Genius ($2.99)

Little Genius offers four types of games for kids, which include coloring, two types of matching games and a jigsaw puzzle. It is indeed educational and entertaining for kids – one of my nieces love playing with it for hours, on full volume.

Hungry Time! HD ($.99) – Cute iPad Game for Kids

Honestly, when I first received a message to make a review for this game, I thought it sucked. The gameplay was simple, in fact too simple. It rains fruits and you would have to hit them with arrows (when you are an owl) or it rains arrows and you would have to move the apple to avoid getting hit when you select the bunny. Too simple eh?

But I was reviewing it as an adult’s app. Stupid of me. It was titled, Hungry Time. This game was glaring obvious that it was children’s game. It tested it on my two 2-year old nieces and they absolutely loved it.

Talking Tom HD! (Free)

Talking to is a fun animated cat that responds to touches, like screaming in pain when you touch his toes, says no when you touch his tail or gets knocked out when you touch his head. He also eats.

Whats more fun about this app is that it mimics whatever sound you input, at a higher tone. Just see the videos below for samples!

Ben the Talking Dog (Free)

If they get tired of playing with the cat, then you can download Ben, the Talking Dog.

The app system is actually the same in general, in addition, Ben the dog can mix chemicals being a “retired chemistry professor” and all. You can also touch his feet and hands, but not knock out by repeatedly tapping his face.

You can also make him talk by feeding the device with your voice, but this time, the dog speaks in a lower tone.

Spongebob Marbles & Slides HD ($4.99) – for Kids who are Spongebob Crazy

Spongebob. That alone is a reason to get it. Well, this game is a really a dynamic puzzle iPad game for your Children. You would have to guide the rolling marbles with pictures of the Bikini bottom by drawing slides and tilting the device.

I Hear Ewe for the iPad (Free) – Animal and Vehicle Sounds for the iPad!

Kids, usually below two years old just tap and tap into the device, so this app is developed specially for children of this age range. Watch the get entertained by the device as they tap into it randomly!

Starwalk for iPad ($4.99) – Not Really a Kids Game

This one is not really an iPad Game, but rather an educational app for children. Utilizing the map feature of the iPad, Starwalk can you keep your kids entertained and educated at the same time. Just point into the sky and you determine which star it is, and get information about it. As you graze along the sky, constellations and planets are highlighted. Super cool!

Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime ($2.99)- A Really Interactive Kids App

This interactive iPad app for kid does a really good job reinventing the ild nursery rhymes to give entertainment to the increasingly impatient children today. It does a good job of entertaining my nieces while the nannies eat their meal. 😀

Handy Manny Workshop on iPad ($2.99) – Cool Kid Game from Disney

Handy Manny workshop on the iPad features five different game modes for the kids to keep them entertained:

Find it!
Match it!
Puzzle it!
Color it!
Sing it!

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