The Best Engineering Toys for Kids

Do you own a kid who wants to create machines to make things easier? Then this page will provide you with the very best and latest in Engineering Toys in various engineering fields and for different age levels. Simply find the section that interests your child..Read more.

I never participated in any engineering competition before college. Had I known of the vast opportunities available to explore engineering and science in competition, who knows how that experience could have enhanced my engineering mind.

I love being an engineer. I love to share my enthusiasm of my profession with everyone, especially children. I love to challenge kids to solve their problems, try to answer their own questions, and most importantly, encourage them to explore math and science in school.

Books and study are fun…(NOT!), but what truly sparks engineering innovation is practical application of physical, chemical and biological principles in the form of experimentation. I will do my best to supply you with a lens that provides challenges to children so that they can have fun while exploring the many possibilities that the engineering profession provides to all.

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Hands of Engineering

Engineering is not as complicated as you may think. The reason engineers and scientists are able to solve complicated problems is because we are NERDS! Well, yes, that too, but we also take the time to break the problem down into much simpler problems. Once we solve the individual components, the answer to the larger problem will often simply reveal itself.

We all have this ability! Moms figure out which solution removes stains from clothes. Dads take the broken bicycle and mend it back into operation without batting an eye. We are able to perform these tasks because through a lifetime of trial and error, we have solved simple problems in the past that allow us to solve the more complex problems today.

Hands on engineering is a way to get your childs hands dirty in experimentation and discovery. The links below are great sites that I have used with my children. Do not discount sites that you think are not age appropriate. I have presented many of the engineering problems to kids of many ages, and they enthusiastically attacked the problem. If I had told the middle schoolers that I was using PBS Kids as my resource, they would tune me out from the get go.

Live Engineering, Love Engineering

When you deviate from a cooking recipe, you are practicing the art of engineering. You are taking a proven methodology (the secret family recipe) and using your knowledge to hopefully improve Grandma’s Famous Oatmeal Cookies. Now that you have had an opportunity to try out and have some fun with engineering, you can try and take it to the next level. COMPETITION!!!

I am a mentor for a middle school engineering competition, and I love it. The children that I work with not only come up with innovative ideas, they also back up the ideas with practical methods and practices to achieve those innovations.

Best Kids Engineering Gadgets and Toys of 2018

Toys for Budding Engineers that Inspire Children to Pursue their Passion Creating Things

Do you own a kid who wants to create machines to make things easier? Then this page will provide you with the very best and latest in Engineering Toys in various engineering fields and for different age levels. Simply find the section that interests your child the most and read through the various options or click through to every engineering toy that is available.

The future of our civilization is in the hands of those that can engineer solutions to our planets problems and the engineers of tomorrow are inspired today.

Choosing the Right Toys for Kids Learning Games

Whether you’re an educator or a parent, finding good toys is always a challenge.  Any child learning games needs to be reinforced by toys, but there are a lot of products out there that are poor quality, un-educational or downright dangerous for children to play with. Educators have to be very careful choosing toys for a kids educational games.

If you run your own kindergarten, one of the things you will be looking at is durability.  Costs can skyrocket if your toys get broken in every game you run, so you need to look out for toys that can stand    a bit of a beating.

Obviously the safety of all the children in your care comes  first, and you need to be especially vigilant when running a game.  For very young children and toddlers, you simply can’t go wrong with soft toys.  If you want to make the most of a game at this stage of a child’s development, go for large, stuffed toys that couldn’t possibly hurt anyone.

Bright colors are essential, as children at this age respond far more to colour than to any other form of stimulus.  While educators know that each child learning games and its toys will need to be upgraded and replaced regularly, parents are often caught unawares by the need to replace toys.

If your child is demanding another toy or child game, it is probably not because the child is bored of the item, or because the novelty has worn off.  If your child has had the game for at least a year, chances are they are now in a different stage of learning and development, and the skills the game teaches and reinforces are perhaps no longer relevant.

Naturally, choosing kids learning games that is gender appropriate is important, but at the same time you don’t want to gender stereotype children.  If the girls want to play with dolls and the boys want action figures, let them.

It will encourage their imagination, and they will benefit far more from the learning games if they are able to identify with the toys instead of being forced to play with a toy that does not interest them.   Children are very selective when it comes to any game, and if they are made to play a game they do not enjoy or understand, it is unlikely that they will take anything positive from the games.

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