Tips to Keep Your Laptop Clean

Before using the newly bought laptop it is important to go through the User’s Guide or Manual and learn the correct way to keep it clean. A thorough cleaning once every year is the minimum that is recommended by most manufacturers though some users do it more often to keep their machine clean. Laptops tend to acquire dirt in different forms like dander, pet hair, dust, ash and other residue during normal usage. It is essential that the laptop is cleaned very carefully and softly without the use of any callous cleaning agent containing ammonia so as not to harm any part.

Different parts of the laptop require different methods of cleaning. For instance the keyboard should be cleaned with compressed dry air only. You could also use a damp cloth to clean the keys. The same cloth can be also used to clean up the touchpad and pick up the debris lying on the sides as well. Of course it would be better if you avoided eating and drinking near the laptop as things could easily spill on to the keyboard in the first place.

The display screen should be cleaned, as with other parts, only after the computer is switched off. You should spray some water on a cotton cloth to clean the laptop screen left to right and from top to bottom with light strokes. Never use any cleansing agent which has ammonia as one of its ingredients. You could even make your own solution of using one part of isopropyl alcohol with one part of water. Also remember never to spray anything directly on to your LCD or use a paper towel to clean off any unwanted marks as it invariably fails and makes the blot only bigger.

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The interiors of the machine also require very careful cleaning as the exteriors. The cooling vents can be cleaned by using a can of compressed air. You should be careful with the compressed air that you spray as it should not be too hard and there should be absolutely no liquid on the blades. Cotton swabs should be used to hold the fans while they are being cleaned. Try avoiding spraying directly on a fan as it could cause them to over spin. The input output (I/O) ports should be cleaned by cotton swats to remove the dirt that would have collected there. While cleaning these ports you should ensure that you do not blow any dirt inadvertently into them.

After you have cleaned the exteriors and interiors of the laptop it will be necessary to clean the outer case of your laptop so it looks new and fresh. The easiest way to do this is to use a damp cotton cloth to be used with a bit of water. However if there is something additional that cannot be cleaned with water, you can use alcohol but not any household cleaners to remove the stain.

A clean and well maintained laptop enables you to extend the life of a laptop and prevent unnecessary damage to the equipment. Laptops which are not well maintained to have had various problems like random reboots and slowing down of operational performance causing avoidable discomfort.

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