Best Wall Mounts for iPad, Amazon Fire & Other Tablets

The sheer versatility of the the Apple iPad makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. Whilst the handheld nature of this device is awesome and the main way in which it will be used, the thin, sleek design also makes it a perfect candidate for mounting on a wall so you can make use of its features in so many more ways.

An ipad wall bracket allows you to mount an iPad or tablet flush against the wall or on a tilting, swiveling bracket stand if that suits your needs better. You can find tablet brackets for the home or for business applications such as mounting on the wall of a trade show booth there are theft proof iPad wall cases with a covered home button to prevent tampering.

The rest of this article looks at the various different top rated wall brackets and mounting stands for tablets available to buy online today.

Flush iPad Wall Mounted Holders

If you want to mount an iPad flush against a wall then the following selection of flush mount ipad brackets will attach the device flat against a wall for those who do not need an adjustable arm style bracket.

Pad Bracket: Wall Mount for Tablet & The Apple iPad

This is a very simple and versatile wall mounted tablet holder for iPad 1 or 2 which is ideal for use all around the home as the video which follows shows. The Pad Bracket allows to wall mount iPads in both portait and landscape mode. To mount it, just slot the tablet into the Pad Bracket and when you’re done, just lift it out. There is no complicated installation required and you get quick and easy access to the tablet when you want to remove it and take it someplace else. These are a great value at this price.

Griffin Tablet Wall Mount (GC16045)

The case allows you to mount iPad on a wall whilst leaving the ports for charging etc. easily accessible so you can use it as a charger if you position it close to an outlet socket.

Swivel and Tilt Wall Brackets For Tablets

If you have ever seen, used, or owned a wall mounted flat screen TV then you will understand the general idea of how these iPad holders work. Whilst a flush wall holder for iPad mounts flat against a wall, the following selection of ipad wall brackets are mounted on a flexible arm which allows you to tilt and swivel the screen to the best viewing angle.

GSI Super Quality Adjustable Wall Mount For Apple iPad Tablet 3G/Wifi, Tilting And Swinging Bracket – For Handsfree Video And Picture Browsing

This iPad bracket features a fully adjustable arm which allows you to tilt, turn, swivel, twist and generally manipulate the viewing angle of your iPad to the optimal position with the greatest of ease. The iPad bracket has a low profile when not in use so it doesn’t look like an eyesore when you iPad is somewhere else. It’s easy to install and its quick and easy to insert of remove the iPad when you need to.

GSI Super Quality Adjustable Wall Holder For Apple iPad Tablet 3G/Wifi, Tilting And Swinging Bracket

This mounting bracket for Ipad 1 or 2 easily installs on a wall in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, den, workout room, garage….you name it, and it’ll provide an easy way to turn you tablet install a wall hung mini LCD TV, interactive recipe book etc. etc. all over the house. It features a fully adjustable tilt and pan movement for the best viewing angle and is very easy to install.

Home Button Locked iPad wall Holders For Commercial Environments

Mounting a tablet at home in your kitchen or bathroom wall is a great idea but there are also many commercial applications where a tablet attached to a wall is a very useful option. For the majority of such applications, you don’t want people to be able to hit the reset or home button and therefore you need a more secure, more enclosed case cover than you would want to choose for use around your home.

The following selection of iPad bracket covers feature fully enclosed cases with a covered home button and secure mounting to prevent theft and damage in a commercial environment such as a store or trade show display stand.

 Wall Holder with Hidden Home Button РWhite Gloss

The sleak looking aluminium case design complements the style of the iPad in this attractive wall mounted iPad holder for business and commercial enviroments. It features a covered home button to prevent unauthorized access and is lockable to prevent theft or accidental damage. This commercial iPad wall mount looks professional in every way and will be a great addition to your place of business, trade show booth, kiosk or wherever else you choose to use it. The finish is available in both matt or gloss versions and it is designed so that the charging cable and power cord is neatly concealed behind the case for an attractive professional look.

iPad Docking Station With Speakers – Free Standing

This iPad docking station can be mounted onto a wall simply by removing the base and using the keyhole slots on the rear of the case or you can keep the base attached and use it as a desktop iPad charging station.

This tablet charging dock allows you to play music and charge your device at the same time and it will accept the Apple iPhone and iPod as well as the iPad or other tablets. Its upright design and slim profile makes it ideal for saving space on a desk or table and should you decide to make use of its wall mounting capability then its low profile design makes it fit nicely here without looking clunky or sticking out too far.

This comes with a remote control and digital FM radio and a free app unlocks SHOUTcast radio, WeatherBug live, enhanced radio and alarm clock features plus additional functions.

Owners of this device love the great sound quality and appreciate the lightweight and narrow profile of the device.

Make Your Own Wall Mount Bracket

Of course, if you’d rather learn how to make your own wall mount bracket for ipads then there are plenty of innovative ways in which this can be acheived. Making your own allows you more freedom to choose the style of case surround and the type of mount arm used if you’ve decided you want an ipad wall bracket with a extendable arm.

The simplest way to build your own ipad bracket mount is to make use of existing techology. For an adjustable iPad bracket which can tilt, swivel, turn and generally be manipulated to provide the best view, you should look at the range of small LCD TV brackets on the market today. With a little innovation, and possibly with some a cheap spare case and some velcro or cable ties, this is an easy DIY project.

For a flush wall mounted iPad case there are again, some easy ways in which you can make your own tablet wall mounts, although since iPad docks which mount flat against a wall are so inexpensive and will look more attractive, it’s probably best to just go buy one! Anyway, if you are determined to make your own tablet holder for hanging on a wall then then one simple solution is go the velcro way again. An older case with velcro on the back and velcro glued to the wall you want mount on makes a very simple solution. To hang a tablet on a wall, simply push the case against the velcro and to remove it, pull it off again.

Buying a commercial tablet docking station is a more robust solution compared to any of the above but for the DIY tablet accessories enthusiasts out there, have fun!


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