Best Cute iPad Mini Cases(Covers) for Girls

Welcome to the ultimate round up of the Best Cheap Cute iPad Mini Cases!  What is the cutest ipad mini case for girls or anyone who loves a cute design? On this page you will find the coolest cases for the loveliest of iPads.

Many models of these sweet girly ipad mini cases are also available in different colors. So there are gems for every girls style. In the next section, we have also listed some of cheap cases for iPad mini.

Get some great protection which will make your iPad last longer and stay in better condition for a longer time. So you can enjoy your device much more. The cases give different levels of protection from scratch, dust and the full body armour protection. These cases also make excellent gifts for proud owners of iPad mini’s who appreciate a girly design.

The iPad Mini is a slightly smaller iPad with a 7.9″ screen and is designed to be an iPad that can fit into your jacket pocket.

In order to make sure your iPad Mini is still pocket sized, we feature some great slim cases as well as ‘skins’, which fit onto your iPad Mini and give it extra impact protection while adding only the slightest bit of thickness to your extaordinarily thin device.

Luckily there are already some outstanding iPad Mini covers or Cases available from Snugg, Otterbox, Case-Mate and Boxwave.

The Cutest Cases for Your iPad Minis

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Belkin Quilted Cover (with Stand) – for the New iPad Mini

Very stylish Belkin Quilted cover. It includes a stand and will protect your iPad from scratches and bumps. It has a magnetic closure function and the stand makes it possible to view your device in different stances, depending on what you want to use it for. The quilt makes this a unique and very cute model. Most girls will love this case.

Cover Book Shell Stand Cover for New Apple iPad Mini

A full year warranty is one of the advantages of this cool case. It can convert into all kinds of stands of course. The ports, buttons and care are all easily accessible from the outside. It has a soft interior that offers your precious iPad some padding. The hardback is both useful and gives solid protection. The exterior is made of good looking faux leather. Cool polka dot design that I personally like a lot.

Speck Products iPad Mini PowerOwl Blue

Incredibly cute little owl cover by Speck. One of my favorites among this selection and very hip. Speck is known as a high quality manufacturer that makes great cases as well. So that’s another plus

Night Owl

Lovely iPad Mini owl case. Very nice Owl design, I think the cartoon style is adorable and love to see a owl at night so that makes this one of the best owl cases out there. The cases by Zazzle are high quality iPad Mini protection and they will help a lot to protect your baby against the daily dangers.

Cute iPad Mini Polka Dot Design (Black / Purple)

Super cute case that will be loved by most girls. Offers the same degree of protection other i-Blason models in this range do. Read above for more information. It’s a solid cover that looks really good. Makes a great gift.

Hello Kitty Case

Ultra cute girly ipad mini case of a Hello Kitty Angel. Made out of faux leather and it can be turned over into a stand to watch movies or tv series or youtube videos or something. Keep your iPad mini safe, sound and stylish with this girly case. There are only a few left in stock right now.

Moustache and Skull Case

Very cute moustache case on a background of polka dots. It clips on easily and adds a great layer of protection.
Cute but cool skull case if just cute doesn’t cut it for you. Great artwork looks fabulous on an iPad Mini. Printed on the high quality Zazzle Savvy Cases.

Piggies and Owl Case

Very cute piggy case from high quality Zazzle hard plastic casing with a glossy finish.
Owls are the coolest and the cutest birds… get this cool owl on a quality Zazzle Savvy Case with Glossy finish for your iPad Mini.

Penguin and Elephants Case

Cool badass penguin on a background of pink polka dots. Having this on the back of your iPad Mini is going to make every day a little brighter and more fun. Printed on the high quality Savvy cases from Zazzle with Glossy finish.
Cute Elephant cover with hearts for kids or yourself or a girlfriend. The elephants are just adorable and everyone will love them. They come printed on a high quality Savvy Zazzle case.

Retro and Monogram Case

BUY NOW ON ZAZZLE[/su_button]

  • No more worries about damage from day to day use with this iPad case. Made out of lightweight but tough plastic. This casing clips onto the back of the iPad adding protection without being heavy
  • Protect your device from the dangers of daily life with a highly customizable iPad Mini case. Made out of lightweight hard shell plastic. This casing clips on the back of the iPad quite easily and adds protection without being bulky. Made with a glossy finish, your designs, photos, or text will look fabulous on this one of a kind case.

Andes Design or Custom YOUR Photo Case

  • Cute Andes inspired design made out of hard shell plastic with a glossy finish. You still have easy access to all ports, controls and sensors. You can even have the background customised with photos, artwork or text.
  • Ok sure that’s an ugly dog on this high quality case but you can have your own cute dog or cat or kids looking at you from this customisable Zazzle case.

Savvy Case

  • Supercute Giraffe design on the high quality Savvy cases that Zazzle provides. Love how it looks and they are great designs for kids or anyone with a young mind. I know I can be immaturely drawn to art like this at times.
  • Anyone who loves cupcakes to a fault is going to fall in love with this case. Great present for a kid that loves cupcakes and very cheerful art that makes every day a little bit more special. At the same time your device is protected with the high quality Savvy cases.

Fashion Cute Design iPad Mini

Fashion Cute Design Pattern Hard  Cover Skin For Apple iPad Mini. Very fashionable cool design. This product is very easy to install. It’s made out of quality plastics and it’s designed specifically with the Mini in mind with the cutouts at all the right places. That way you can easily access the iPad buttons, controls and ports on the outside without having to remove the skin.

Adorable Case Cartoon Like Design

Fits the new iPad Mini perfectly and it s a cool print that adds personality and stands out from all the boring grey and black cases out there. This cover is also best for kids

Fashion Cute Glasses Girl Design Pattern Hard Cover Skin

This product is designed with the iPad Mini in mind. You can easily reach the outside controls, buttons and ports without having to remove the cover. It’s very easy to install. I like this design a lot and think it’s one of the most cute and cool ipad pieces out.

White Pink V2 Double Layer Kickstand Hard Hybrid Gel Cover

Your brand new device won’t get scratched or scuffed easily with this skin. It’s made of a double layer of hard plastic and softer silicone that is both very protective and nice to touch. This protection will keep your device clean and safe and you will be enjoying it that much longer. The product has been custom designed with cuts right were they should be. That means you can easily access the devices side buttons, speaker, camera, microphone and charger.

Ionic 2-Tone Designer Leather Cover

This Ionic iPad mini cover has a designer synthetic leather cover which can be turned into several different stances. The inside is lined with a soft material that gives padding and protection for your screen. There were some initial glitches with the first few models but they have been fixed now, the manufacturers assures. Available in Different colors

Top 20 Recommendations

Snugg iPad Mini Leather Case Review

Snugg’s iPad Mini PU has it all: it’s a protective case with high quality stitching that will keep your case safe from nicks and scratches. The flip cover becomes a stand when you flip it around as well as not adding any significant bulk to your slender iPad Mini.

It comes with a stylus loop and hand strap to keep it from slipping out of your hands. It supports the smart cover sleep/wake function. Also, Snugg offers a straight up lifetime guarantee on this case, which I’ve personally never seen offered on a case before.

 Otterbox Defender Series

It doubles the thickness of your iPad Mini, but it provides the ultimate in peace-of-mind protection. You’ll never have to worry about your device in this case.

The Defender Series is Otterbox’s flagship case and is known as being one of the best, if not the best, at protecting your phone or iPad. It comes with three different layers of shock absorbing protection, as well as its own buttons that fit on top of your device’s power and volume buttons.

It also has port covers that protect your ports from dust and moisture, and it also comes with a screen protector, so you don’t have to buy an extra one. The tradeoff with this much protection is that it adds a lot of size to the iPad Mini. It may be overkill for some, but if absolute peace of mind is your thing then the Otterbox Defender is the king of the hill.

Case-Mate’s iPad Mini Tuxedo – A step up from Apple’s smart cover.

Case-Mate’s popular Tuxedo is now available for the iPad Mini. The magnetic cover works with the iPad Mini’s sleep function just like Apple’s regular smart covers. The added benefit is that the Tuxedo is a little thicker and feels more protective than Apple’s smart cover.

The product is made of a faux-leather material that is slip-resistant and feels like real leather. The sides of the iPad Mini are open, which is good for being able to access the ports, but also means that the Tuxedo won’t protect your device from moisture.

Another cool feature is that tit has a hole that enables you to take pictures or video without having to remove a port cover to do so. Overall, this product is ideal for someone who wants a sophisticated, stylish case that offers more protection than Apple’s smart covers but isn’t looking for anything seriously heavy duty.

Slickwraps Carbon Fiber iPad Mini Wrap

The carbon fiber wrap from Slickwraps gives you stylish protection while still letting you (and others) see the slim profile of your iPad Mini. The wraps are easy to put on and once you do your case will look great. In addition to carbon fiber wraps, there are also several other styles of wraps for the iPad Mini: Brushed Stainless Steel, Mahogany Wood, Maple Wood, as well as many different colors in each style.

Zagg Embossed Leather Case – Where style and sophistication come together.

Zagg’s line of leather cases screams sophistication. The genuine cattle hide leather casing comes in three kinds of colors: black, white and brown. You can also choose whether to have your case embossed with a sleek design or to have it plain. The leather provides ample impact protection while giving your case a nice look and feel. The leather is slip-resistant and feels soft on the skin.

Ionic Rotating Leather Case

Ionic’s rotating iPad case is a unique design that really makes it stand out from the crowd. Instead of rotating the entire case, you can view your device in both landscape and portrait mode without picking up the cover and moving it. It also has multiple viewing angles so you can position it however you like. It’s made of a soft synthetic leather that really cushions the iPad Mini and also looks very stylish and pretty

Zazzle’s Custom Cases

It’s unusual, considering how different the Zazzle cases all look to place them all in one spot. But the Zazzle cases are made from the same high quality Speck line of cases. They also have the same printing process, where the designs are embedded directly in the case itself, instead of on top (which means no flaking or peeling off over time). You have the option of either a glossy finish or matte, depending on your preference.

You can either put your own image on the iPad Mini (like a favorite photo, a favorite quote, etc.) or you can purchase one of the creative designs made by the independent artists who sell their designs on Zazzle.


All Zazzle iPad Mini covers and cases are shell case that snap onto the back of your case. This means that they are fully compatible with Apple’s smart cover (or any other cover that supports the sleep/wake function).

Gumdrop  – Weatherproof your iPad Mini with a Rugged Case

Rugged, weather resistant cases for your iPhone or iPad are always in demand, especially if you live in harsh or wet climates. While rugged case-maker like Lifeproof hasn’t made an iPad mini case yet, other case-makers are stepping up to the plate

As far as protecting your new iPad Mini goes, you can’t get much better than Gumdrop’s product. It has a hard ubberized shock absorbing outer layer as well as soft inner layer that surrounds your iPad. The ports have covers on them to protect them from dirt and moisture.

You can remove these covers when you want to plug in headphone or charge your phone. It has its own volume buttons that sit on top of your regular buttons, so you can adjust the volume without having to remove anything.

It also comes with its own screen protector inside the cover itself, so you don’t need to worry about having to buy a screen protector as well. This will survive the day to day bumps of pretty much anything you can throw at it. If you work outside in the elements, or are simply prone to dropping things (like me!) then this product will let you rest easy.

iPad Mini Case with Keyboard from Zagg

The Keyboard Case is the first of it’s kind when it comes to the iPad Mini. This is great news: Zagg has made some great cases with keyboard for the iPad in the past.

ZAGG’s award winning keyboard and cases use Logitech keyboards and use bluetooth technology to connect to the iPad Mini. It also has special keyboard functions, like copy and paste available, and utilizes its space well so you can barely tell that the keyboard is smaller than the regular iPad keyboard.

There’s been quite a few iPad Mini Keyboard with Cases that have become available from case-makers like Boxwave, Belkin and Poetic. Here we rank them and help you figure out the best keyboard case for you!


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