Best iPad Mini Keyboard Cases and Covers

One of the disadvantages of the iPad since it was born in 2010 has been not having of a good keyboard. And since the manufacture(Apple) does not produce a keyboard case of its own, so the tablet case-makers like Belkin, Poetic, Boxwave and Zagg to create these cases with keyboard so you can open your iPad Mini and type out an email, essay or idea right away.

The smaller size of the iPad Mini has had many concerned that a keyboard with case would be tiny and cramped. But the 7.9″ inch iPad Mini is only a little smaller than the 8.9″ regular size iPad.

I traded in my first generation iPad (a dinosaur by today’s standards) for an iPad Mini and I can tell you that none of the cases with keyboard on this list felt cramped. I have used Apple’s regular bluetooth keyboard for years and that actually felt more uncomfortable to type on than these cases.

Whether you’re looking for a leather, Polyurethane (PU) or Fabric case we have you covered (no pun intended). There’s also a variety of styles: folio, snap-on cases, and even swivel keyboard cases for when you want to have both landscape and portrait modes while typing.

We also highlight the best standalone bluetooth keyboards that you can use with your iPad Mini (as well as any desktop computer).

If you’re looking to give a keyboard with case as a gift but aren’t sure which one to get, you can send that special someone an Amazon gift card! These gift cards are cool because you can actually print them off at home, so you don’t have to wait for them in the mail. Click here to order an Amazon gift card!

1. Arteck’s Ultra-Thin Apple iPad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Case Cover with 130 Degree Swivel Rotating & Built-in Stand Groove

This might be the most perfect keyboard and case for the iPad Mini so far. I found myself being able to type very fast on this keyboard. Belkin used the 7″ quite well and spaced out the keyboard quite nicely. What’s even better about this case is that it’s designed with the tablet interface in mind: it has a keyboard shortcut for the Apple dictation key.

So if you want to dictate a quick note all you need to do is press that key and speak. It supports both landscape and portrait mode, although it doesn’t swivel like the Boxwave case does. It isn’t a big deal, as picking the iPad Mini up and turning it isn’t exactly a bit deal.

The keyboard battery life is amazing, and after two weeks of regular use it shows no signs of slowing down. Apple never made a netbook but this case makes your tablet feel like a netbook that you can carry anywhere. Style wise it blends in, where they feel like one device.

2. AlPatronic Leather Cover with Detachable Wireless Keyboard

This is one of the nicest feeling bluetooth keyboards out there. The case itself is made of high grain leather, and the rubberized keys are a joy to type on.

Poetic’s case gives you access to all the major ports on your tablet as well as supporting the sleep/wake function like a smart cover, saving your battery.
The Best Thing? The rubberized keys are spill-proof. Awesome.

3. ONHI Wireless Keyboard Folio Case

This is a nice-looking synthetic leather case that’s slim and functional. The back has a stand that kicks out when you start using the case. The keyboard is also removable for when you’re not using it. It also has openings for the camera.

4. COO’s Wireless Keyboard(Detachable) Magnetic Cover

Made from a sturdy pebble grain leather, this iPad Mini case has a semi-rigid bluetooth keyboard that can be easily removed from the case. It also has a stand in the back to keep the iPad Mini’s screen stable when pressing and swiping the screen.

5. ZAGG Tablet Cover with Backlit Keyboard forĀ  iPad mini 1 /2/3

The iPad Mini is smaller, but not that much smaller, and that has helped case-makers come up with keyboard with cases that won’t cause you to get hand cramps (as was the case with during the ‘netbook’ craze a couple years ago).

This case from Zagg uses a Logitech keyboard that feels just as pleasant to type on as the larger iPad keyboard. It has all the special function keys, like copy and paste, which are lacking on Apple’s own keyboard.

6. SNUGG iPad Mini Swivel Keyboard+CaseĀ  – You can choose your viewing distance and angle

This vegan-friendly leather case from Boxwave is neat because it essentially lets you use your keyboard case any way you want it to. It folds up and seals via a velcro closure but still has openings for all the iPad Mini’s ports: including the camera.

The swivel feature enables you to set up the tablet to view it in either landscape or portrait mode. As a screenwriter I like to use portrait mode, since it more closely resembles a page of a script.
You can choose whether you want to have iPad further from the keyboard (pictured), or have it close up.

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