Is The iPad Good for College ?

In January 2010, Apple’s owner, Steve Jobs, announced their newest technology yet: the Apple iPad. When he initially announced the launch of this new fantastic piece of technology he raved about all the capabilities it can perform.

The Apple iPad is similar to that of the iPhone, although much larger and now in laptop form. It contains practical applications targeted towards the younger population, more specifically teens and young adults hence perfect for university students.

Due to its helpful applications and the ability to give information, tablets now are widely used in studying activities in the classroom. Its versatility and user-friendly applications targeted towards the younger population is what makes this computer a best for teachers and college students. If you’re a big fan of apple devices, be sure to see the best iPad and Mac for College Students

Is The iPad Good Tablet for University Students ?

Hard Cover Books are a Thing of the Past

University students have many books to carry that can weigh between 10 to 20 pounds per book. Just as people can read books on the iPhone, they will be able to read their textbooks in an eBook format on a much larger screen.

And they only need to carry around a 1 ½ pound “textbook” rather than three or four 10 pound textbooks while accessing all of their reading materials for all their classes on this one light weight “textbook.”

With the great selection of iPad messenger bags on the market it should be possible to have a virtual library of textbooks all weight less then that of a laptop!

Convenient Note Taking and Calendar Applications

Another feature that makes the Apple iPad a good college laptop is that it provides that same user-friendly capability to take notes and have them stored in one compact location. University students will love this feature because all of their notes will be kept in that one location.

You can email notes to classmates without the worry of getting your hard copy notes back. The calendar feature is extremely useful for an university student as it easily allows them to plug in all important dates for exams, assignments, and meetings; they can easily plan out their own time frames of when to begin working on an assignment, dates of important exams, study group dates, and social events.

Video and Photo Applications

It’s no secret that today’s teens and young adults are addicted to iPods, You Tube and iTunes as well as taking pictures. The great thing about this device is that you can watch your favorite videos on a clear and crisp 9 ½ by 7 ½ inch screen.

Also, the iPad gives you easy access to purchase and download your favorite music on iTunes and listen to them in high quality through your device. This device can also be used as a digital picture frame when not in use. The Apple iPad makes for a good tablet for university.

The price runs from $500 to just under $850 and is reasonably priced compared to other laptops, especially for all the features and applications it has. Is the Apple iPad a good student tablet? Absolutely! You get a great high quality tablet with optimal features and will meet the needs of any university student.

Useful iPad Accessories to Support Your Study

If there is one thing that has changed in recent years when it comes to being at college, it is the use of technology to deliver learning materials. There is also the prevalence of social networking sites such as Facebook, meaning that is now more essential than ever for students to have a laptop or WI-FI enabled device to get the most out of their college experience.

Colleges throughout the world now deliver not only lecture notes, but entire lectures online. Gone are the days of submitting printed or hand written versions of your coursework, as essays and projects are now delivered electronically. Indeed, many universities now make the ownership of a laptop compulsory for all students.

The advent of tablet PCs a number of years ago gave way to a new way to interact with your computer, and ultimately the content it contains. Early adopter technology students saw the appeal of a small touch screen device for taking lecture notes or checking facts on the web during lectures. With the release of the Apple iPad, there is now an even easier and sleeker way to access your entire course and social materials.

You can use your iPad for everything you would need for university. Need to take notes in class? You can use the inbuilt note and word-processing software, along with any number of third party apps available online. If you need to email your friends for a night out or hook up with some family overseas you can do that all from your device.

Tired of lugging around all those heavy books? No problem, just download them as eBooks from the new Apple iBook store if they are available, or obtain PDF versions online and load them in to the Stanza app from the App store.

Imagine, contained within this small device with a very functional 9.7 inch screen you can have all your reading material, course notes, social communication, entertainment, music and photos. Packing for university or college has never been so easy. Just toss your device in your bag, housed of course in a protective case, add a few clothes and you have everything you need for your semester at college.

If you are concerned about writing long essays on your iPad, there is no need to worry. For those who don’t like the innovative onscreen touch keyboard you can hook your device up to one of the keyboard docks and you have a fully functional external keyboard to tap away on.

Compared to a fully fledged Macbook, the device is more portable, user friendly and cheaper. When you combine it with all the iPad accessories you have to choose from, it could well be the must have accessory for your college computing needs.

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