Top 5 of the Best iPad Floor Stands to Buy in 2019

So We’ve done some research and narrowed my findings down to the best tablet floor stands, based on features and of course the all important consumer reviews.

I own an iPad and one of the things on my wish list is a brand new floor stand. I absolutely love my iPad. It was a birthday gift from my brother sometime back and I am just as thrilled with it now as I was back then.

The thing is though, it can get a bit tiring carrying an iPad in your hands all the time. These things may look all sleek and slender, but they aren’t the most comfortable to hold.

Now I’ve known about iPad table stands for a while, but I was never all that interested in getting one. Like many iPad owners, I tend to use my device a lot while lying down to read or watch a movie – a table stand isn’t really going to do much to improve my viewing experience.

Now an actual floor stand… well they offer a lot more flexibility when it comes to going handsfree; whether you’re lying in bed, standing doing the ironing, playing a musical instrument or slaving away over a hot stove. I’m really tuned in to concept of a floor stand for my tablet.

So I’ve done some research and narrowed my findings down to the best floor stands for tablet, based on features and of course the all important consumer reviews.

Top 5 Products to Buy in 2019

Here’s my list of the top 5 stands for your iPads.

#1 LEVO Deluxe iPad Floor Stand for all Best Tablet PCs,

This product will not only hold your iPad, but other eBook readers and tablets such as the Kindle, up to a maximum weight of 4lbs.

I don’t currently own a Kindle, but if I did, it’s reassuring to know this product will also double as a holder for that device too; should I decide to get one in the future.

The product is very easy to put together and offers a study grip so there is no danger of your iPad or Kindle falling out of place. When you’re done using the stand, you can just neatly fold it out of the way and store it in the corner of your room (this product has inbuilt rollers in the base).

The level of flexibility this product offers is excellent. You can adjust the device holder to any position you desire and the product is long enough for you to be able to use it lying down in bed or reclining in your favorite armchair. No more straining your neck or squinting to see the screen. You can have your iPad right in front of your face, if you so desire.

I think a big plus with this product is that you don’t have to take your iPad out of it’s cover first. You just place your tab in the slot with or without it’s cover and either way it will be securely held. If the cover is left on, then there is a mechanism in place to help you keep the case open. That sure does save having to constantly remove your iPad from it’s case, which can be a pain at times.

The MTM INC gets a massive 4.8 out of 5 stars from Amazon readers, which is very telling of the mark of a good purchase. In fact the only bit of negative feedback I’ve found for this product so far is that it jiggles a bit when you type on your device. Not really a biggie though as there is no danger of your iPad or tablet falling out of place.

This gets my vote as one of the best floor stands for iPad, but don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at what the reviewers are saying below.

Compatible With : iPads( Mini, Pro, Air), Samsung Galaxy, Surface Pro, Nexus, Miix, Xoom,  Fire and Other E-Readers and Tablets

2. CTA Digital’s Height-Adjustable iPad Floor Stand for 7-13-Inches Tablets – with Gooseneck and Metal Base

Now here’s a classy looking stand that you wouldn’t want to be hiding in the corner of a room. It’s one of those pieces that will blend well into any room. However, if you did want to tuck it out of the way it can be easily folded for storage purposes.

It’s a lightweight stand, yet totally sturdy. The holder features slightly raised rubberized grips which not only help to keep your iPad securely locked in place, but offer additional protection from serious damage in the unlikely event of the mount falling over.

The extension arm is totally flexible so you’ll have no trouble adjusting the mount to any position of your choice. And you’ll be thankful for the built in USB extension which makes it really easy to leave the iPad in the mount while it’s charging. Not having to remove your device from the mount every time you want to charge your iPad is definitely a big plus for those of us who like things real simple.

I suppose the biggest gripe about this product is the price; it’s more than double the price of some of the other stands featured here. However, people who have bought this product claim that the quality is so superior that it was worth paying the extra. it’s certainly up there as one of the best floor stands on the market.

#3.  48″ Universal Tablet Floor Stand (AI-16-001B) by Standzout Standzfree

I love flexibility when it comes to any type of gadget and the Standzfree sure looks as though it wouldn’t let me down in that department.

You can manipulate the holder by adjusting the ball and socket joint on which your iPad rests. This rotates the full 360 degrees.

I think this is really neat as it allows you to move your iPad into any position you want, vertically or horizontally!

The manufacturers say you can use this product when you’re lying in bed too, but from the reviews I’ve read, the shaft is often considered too short to allow for comfortable viewing.

I guess it depends on the size and height of your bed though. Having said that, Standzfree do offer an extension tube that is said to add another 12″ to the stand.

#4. TaoTronics TT-HS01 Full-Motion Rotatable Floor Stand


Flexibility is absolutely key when looking for a suitable floor stand for your tab. You want something you can manoeuvre into a position that works for you whether you’re sitting in a chair reading or lying in bed watching a movie.

The TaoTronics TT-HS01 does not fail to disappoint in the flexibility stakes as it is height adjustable as well as fully rotatable to rotate 360 degrees. You have total hands-free control when your tab is being held in this stand, which means that you can kick back and enjoy viewing your tab anywhere around your home.

This product is easy to put together and easy to store out of the way when you are not using it.

#5. IDEE’s Angle & Height Adjustable Floor Stand – 360 Degree Rotating

Finally we come onto the Tower iPad Mount. It’s touted as an all purpose tablet stand that will hold iPads and Kindles of varying sizes. It will even hold iPads in their folio cases.

Your tab is held in place by rubber pads which is a good thing as it prevents your beloved tab from being scratched. There’s also functionality in the mount to allow you to position your device in multiple angles.

The shaft of the stand extends to a viewing height of 63-1/2″ and you can tilt it at the base so you can draw the stand closer to you.

Out of the 5 products featured here, the Tower iPad Mount seems the least sophisticated. I’m not sold on the look of this product and going through the reviews on Amazon, I’m just a bit concerned about the number of incidences of iPads coming free from the mount.

The manufacturers state that you need to adjust the bracket’s grips when changing the position of your device in the mount, so as to avoid it ‘slipping out’. Perhaps this advice wasn’t adhered to by some? I’m not sure. I think for the price it’s an OK stand and clearly there are some happy buyers.

This product has been reduced in price too, so if it’s a bargain you seek this might peak your interest. Just be sure to follow the manufacturers guidelines on the proper insertion of your device and you should be good to go.

Compatible with : ipad Mini/Pro/Air, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Microsoft Surface Pro,  etc

Cheap Floor Stands on eBay

Now while you can find great deals and discounted floor stands at Amazon, don’t forget to also check in with what’s on offer at eBay. Every now and then you’ll come across a real bargain.

The thing is, you have to check eBay on a regular basis, which can be a pain if you don’t use that platform often. So, below I’ve taken the liberty to add eBay’s most current listings for iPad stands, just in case you wanted to compare prices on the fly.

These are my top recommendations for the best iPad Floor standing holders but I won’t hold it against you if you want to continue your search.


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