How to Unlock a Tablet, Phone or Smartphone

It is very unusual these days to encounter somebody who does not own a mobile phone. People from all generations and cultures have taken up the trend. Even if they do not use it frequently, you can bet that almost everyone you meet has a mobile phone somewhere. It is a good policy for everyone to know how to unlock a smartphone or tablet yourself if it should ever become necessary. The following pointers may come in useful.

Using Special Tools

Are you confused about unlocking your android tablets or smartphones yourself? There are various businesses and support centers that have tools and strategies available for unlocking mobile phones. Sometimes the tools are specific to a certain make of phone but others can be used for any type of phone. Useful as they may be, making use of these tools and services can put a substantial dent in your pocket.

If you do not know how to unlock a phone yourself you can send your phone to its manufacturer and ask for assistance. Another strategy is to make use of the various companies that are not affiliated with any specific manufacturer but are prepared to do this on your behalf. However, this service may cost you quite a bit of money. On the plus side, these companies may be manufacturers of mobile phones themselves and in order to attract more business and gain the trust of their customers. They may offer a refund in cases where they cannot successfully unlock a device.

How to Proceed ?

There will be one consequence of unlocking a phone whether the user decides to remain with their service provider or move to another service provider. The consequence is they may have to start from a blank page when it comes to loading data onto their device. They also have to reprogram certain settings for example getting onto the internet (following a reboot). Unfortunately, unlocking a phone simply cannot be done in the case of certain mobile phones, regardless of what you may try to do.

Also, even if you may have obtained a series of alternative unlock codes that you can try, you may only attempt to do so four times. After which the cell phone will be “hard locked” and the only way to then regain access to the device is by using specialized tools. In other words, be very cautious when entering the unlock codes or you may never be able to use the device again.

Unlocking Nokia Devices

In an ideal world, a brand new smartphone freshly delivered from its manufacturer will talk to the SIM card of any service provider. However, on certain contracts for example when a network provider offers promotional prices, they may attempt to force users to only use their service and lock a phone so that it will not connect to any other network. Never fear, you can learn about unlocking tablet yourself.

  1. The first option is to contact your network provider and ask them to give you the unlock code for your phone.
  2. You can also obtain software that will spit out a series of possible unlock codes that you could try. An online search will provide links to various such sites that may or may not charge a fee for their software.
  3. Find your device’s serial number or IMEI that is normally located beneath the battery. Another way to find it is by dialing *#06# and the number will appear.
  4. Switch the device on with no SIM card in the slot and wait for the “Insert SIM Card” message to appear.
  5. Now use the program you downloaded to find possible unlock codes that you can use. First enter the name of your device’s ­­manufacturer (eg Nokia) and wait for the codes to appear and choose one to unlock your device.

Unlocking a Smartphone Yourself Regardless of The Service Provider

Perhaps you have a favorite smartphone that you want to hold onto when changing service providers but it is locked to the new network. Then it is useful to know how to un lock the phones yourself to defy attempts to enforce customer loyalty. The answer lies in the SIM card – a microchip normally located beneath the battery. Here are some guidelines to learn about unlocking smartphones yourself and ensuring you can use your phone on any network:

  • Obtain a SIM card. If there is not one located beneath the phone’s battery, search online for a provider. But keep in mind that of the two types of networks operating in the States – SIM and CDMA – you will only be able to use a SIM card in a mobile phone that connects to a SIM network, not a CDMA one.
  • Be aware that there will be three unlocking options that you could choose from if your device is fitted with a SIM card.
  • You can ask the supplier of the device to unlock it on your behalf and if your contract is in good standing, they may be able to assist you.
  • Alternatively you can have your phone unlocked by professionals who specialize in this service. This is an easier option, but it is not necessary free. Expect to pay between $5 and $30 and in certain cases you will have to give them access to the device itself in order for the work to be completed.
  • If you know about unlocking phones yourself you can obviously try to do so. The benefits are that it is free but you may need some Internet research behind you if you hope for it to be successful. If you know how to do it should take you no more than ten minutes. But that is only if you are really clued up about the latest technology. Since it is possible to damage a phone irreparably if you do not follow the instructions correctly. So it is time to put in practice How to unlock a smartphone yourself!

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