How to Remove Viruses from Your Computer or Laptop

There is a lot of information out on the internet on how to get rid of viruses, malware, spyware, and other pesky and often harmful programs that seem to always end up on our computers. But how can you sort through all the nonsense out there and just get the information you need to solve your problem for good! That’s the principle on why we started this post. We provide you with all the information you need as well as tips and tricks to make your time on the computer as hassle-free as possible!

How to Remove Viruses on Laptop or Computer

Things to Do Before You Remove Your Computer’s Viruses

You’ve done your research, and have come to the conclusion that your computer does in fact have a virus. Now what? The most important thing to remember is to not panic. With some advice from us on how to remove viruses and a little patience, your virus will be gone in no time! There are some very important things you should make sure you do before you even start using an anti-virus.

You already have the virus on one computer, but let’s prevent that virus from spreading to your other computers or friends’ computers. The first thing you should do is to disconnect from your wired or Wi-Fi home network. Since you still need to use the internet in later steps, all you need to do is turn off the network discovery function and file and printer sharing. To do this on Vista go to the Network and Sharing Center, on a Mac go to System Preferences then “Sharing on a Mac.” If you have other operating systems this information is easily available online.
If you have a third-party firewall program, now is the time to use it. This will stop all internet traffic. The last thing you should do to prevent the virus from spreading is go ahead and update your operating system. This may plug up security holes that will let the virus do serious damage to your computer. Some very important things to remember are to not log into any personal accounts such as email, make online purchases, plug in USB drives, copy files, or enter your banking information until you are sure your virus is completely removed.
By doing these simple things before you remove your computer’s viruses you will make it harder for the virus to spread and avoid being removed. This will make your computer last a lot longer and keep it fast (or make it faster!). Now you are ready to start the virus removal process. Click here to go to our removal page and you’ll be one step closer to your computer running better than ever!

Top 7 Dumbest Virus Myths

Computer viruses are a huge problem for Windows users. Every year there are millions of computers that are damaged and destroyed from virus problems. One of the reasons for that is because today’s viruses are different in almost every way from what they were a few years ago. It is of great importance to consider how to remove viruses now than in the traditional terms, but most computer users aren’t aware of these changes. This results in different beliefs that computer users start to have. The following are some beliefs commonly held about viruses by the computer users, and all are myths.

1) Viruses are the reason for every problem in my computer – Although this is true to some extent, as viruses usually create the majority of the problems to a computer, but not all. There can be other issues which are causing your computer to not work perfectly.

2) My computer has an anti-virus installed, so it is completely protected – This is a completely wrong approach, to rely on every anti-virus installed, especially when you want to know how to remove viruses completely. Today’s viruses and worms are designed with qualities that allow them to bluff the best anti-virus softwares. To match this, it is important to have the best anti-virus software and make a habit of updating it on a regular basis.

3) I will find out when viruses attack my computer – This was possible in older times but now the virus’ creators know the tricks of hiding their viruses from the detection of anti-viruses. To stay on the same page as these sneaky people, you should buy the best anti-virus software and update it often.

4) Viruses cannot physically hurt my system – This is one of the most common things people are not aware of. Now viruses can actually hurt the machine physically, and as a matter of fact some are solely designed to mess up hardware. Most of the time what is messed up is the hard drive. Although it is simpler to destroy software, its important to protect your computer from these problems so that your hardware will stay intact.

5) Only .exe files can be harmful to my computer – This is far from common sense! There are more than 40 file types, or extensions, that may contain or spread a virus; some of the most common today are .doc, .eml, .exe, .pif, .reg, .jpg, .vbs, .xls, and .zip.

6) I should download more than one anti-virus to be completely protected – As long as you have installed one of the top anti-virus programs, you don’t need any more. Make sure you update the anti-virus to continue using only one which is reliable enough.

7) I need to download the recommended anti-virus if a warning pops up – If you ever see a pop up on the internet that tells you that you have a virus problem, don’t download the program that it recommends. Many of these hijack your computer. Unless you know for a fact that the virus pop up is from your anti-virus program, dont listen to the pop-up.

It’s time to realize that the facts are different from the myths. If people continue to follow these myths, then they will never understand how to get rid of viruses!

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