The Best Gaming Mouse to Buy in 2019

In this guide, you will find the best performance gaming mouse of 2019 and learn how to save money when buying one for yourself. If you’re looking for gaming keyboards, Click here.  And, don’t miss our guide list of Top 10 Gaming Mouse Pads to Buy in 2018.

Every gamer out there need good quality computer gaming mouse that will endure almost all the clicks needed to finish countless game plays. You do not need to buy cheap pc mouse that will break or not work after you have played couple games. You would spend much more money on buying these cheap ones over and over.

And that is why I have decided to review only the best PC Mice for Gaming brands and types that are build really well. But there is a problem. There are many types of these computer mouse for gaming and of course you can not buy all of them. The reviews I will be writing here should help you to decide which laptop gaming mouse will be best for your gaming pleasure.

Make sure that the mouse will be wireless unless you really love the cables hanging around your computer. I actually hate it, so there will be no reviews of a computer mouse like that. Also you have to thing about how long you usually play your games on the PC. If you go for long hours, you need to choose mouse that is very ergonomic and will not make your hand and fingers tired.

Imagine if it would be hard to press the left or right click of the mice. How fast you would be able to click? Not much. So it would really slow down your game play. Thankfully I have found about dozens of gaming computer mice that are very durable, very nice to touch and the reaction time is awesome. The only thing is that these PC gamer mouse types are little bit expensive for a mouse, but I will try to make sure you will always have some discount when you buy your favorite one through the links on this blog.

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Top Gaming Mouses in 2018/2019

Mouses that are classified as gaming mouses are, in fact, not only useful to gamers. A high-performance mouse will also be an invaluable tool to graphic artists, animators, and anyone else who wants comfort and precision in mousing.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good mouse, especially if you use the computer often. We’re talking about something that can reduce fatigue and the risk of injury, and make your work or play easier and more enjoyable.

These mices are also suggested for any clickers who either use their computers often or who simply want to buy high-quality components. In addition to the added accuracy that gamers crave, gaming/precision mices are designed ergonomically to maximize comfort, avoid fatigue, and reduce the risk of injury.

So, Here are 7 of Best Gaming Mice in 2019:

Logitech G9X

Logitech is the worlds premier peripheral company, so it shouldn’t be surprising to see their name at the top of our list. The G9X is really a superior mouse and has some really unique features including 5,600 DPI, fully customizable macros, two interchangeable shells (to change the mouses feel in your hand), a weight system, and on-the-fly DPI settings.

It is a refreshed version of the Logitech G9, which is one of the best selling mices for gaming of all time.  We have been very impressed with the G9X in all of our testing, you wont be disappointed.

Razer Mamba

The Mamba redefined wireless gaming mice, taking them from an afterthought to the hottest item on the market today. The Mamba features a blistering fast 5,700 DPI sensor, Razers timeless distinctive stylings, and wireless response time that rivals some corded mice.

Gamers can use the mouse for nearly 20 consecutive hours of gaming (77 of regular operation) before needing a recharge and the mice can be used while being recharged. Though a little pricey, the Razer is one of the best mouse on the market today.

Razer Imperator

The Imperator is one of the most comfortable mouses we’ve ever used. The rubberized shell not only is incredibly comfortable, but sports some flashy graphics including a light-up scroll wheel and an illuminated Razer logo.

It is very similar to Razers Deathadder mouse. Under the hood, the Imperator has a 5,700 DPI laser sensor, sensitive enough for any gaming task you throw its way. The Deathadder supports up to five button profiles for its seven programmable buttons, meaning you can have up to five different configurations or layouts that you can easily swap between.

What makes this mouse stand out is its superior ergonomics. The two thumb buttons slide forward and backward, so regardless of how large or small your hands are, you can achieve perfect positioning for your hand size.

Honorable Mentions

Microsoft Sidewinder X8

The Sidewinder series has long been an industry leader and, while the Sidewinder may show its age with its 2,000 DPI sensor, this mouse still packs a punch. The variable weight system is far and away the best we’ve ever used and the interchangeable rubberized feet help provide just the right amount of resistance for your gaming sessions.

On-the-fly DPI buttons allow you to switch between 400,800, and 2,000 DPI and a handy LCD screen shows you the current setting. The Sidewinder supports macro recording and is one of the most customizable mice we’ve used.Highly recommended.

Razer Lachesis

Another slick rubberized offering from Razer, the Lachessi has a 4,000 DPI sensor which, until recently, was the highest in the business. It supports on the fly adjustments of 125 DPI, so you can quickly go from low-to-high sensitivity without removing yourself from the gaming action.

It has 9 programmable buttons and supports 5 different user profiles which are stored in onboard memory (no reprogramming your mouse if you switch computers).

Logitech G500

The G500 is the revamed version of the MX518, one of the greatest gaming mices of all time. It has similar contours but adds on-the-fly DPI adjustment, an LCD screen and a 5,600 DPI laser sensor for precise tracking.

The mouse has 10 programmable buttons that support full customization, including macros. On board memory keeps track of your settings wherever you take your mouse. As a bonus, the G500 also supports adding up to 27 grams of extra weight.

Logitech MX518

You didn’t think Logitech would only show up on this list once, did you? The MX518 is a gamer-favorite. Like the Sidewinder, it is showing a little age when it comes to its sensor, which is rated at 1,800 DPI.

Like the Sidewinder, this mouse offers so much that we can look past its relatively low sensitivity. Sporting eight programmable buttons and an optical sensor with software-controlled sensitivity, this mouse has an incredibly comfortable shell (best in the business) with a funky dented metallic look to it.

Because its older, this mouse is considerably less expensive than your other options and, because its from Logitech, its built for the long-haul. You can find these mices incredibly cheap and you will NOT be disappointed. We know a few gamers, who despite having access to newer mouse for free choose to keep using the MX518.

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