The Best Budget Gaming Laptop 2019

What is the best cheap gaming laptop? I know a lot of kids, and adults that aren’t foolish, who are looking for best budget laptop for gaming simply so they can play their favorite online games.

I’ve played online games for a very long time, and I can tell you exactly what you want. I’ve played a lot of MMORPG games that demand great computer performance or you’re lagging to death while people kill you. I see a lot of players fall into the hole where they don’t have a good enough computer to keep up with the demands of their favorite games. As such, I know that people are almost always looking into this topic.

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Top 5 Cheap Gaming Laptops in 2018/2019

Let me begin to break down certain hardware for the best affordable gaming laptop. I can show you specific hardware for gaming, but I’ll begin with a list of the best cheap laptops for gaming packages that come prebuilt.

Best Pre-built packages:

  1. Lenovo IdeaPad Y530 – At $629 you can’t really complain much. Contains a GeForce 9500 graphics card, 4gb of memory, and an Intel Centrino 2 cpu.
  2. Toshiba Satellite P305-S8 – This costs $999 and that is also a very great price for a top of the line laptops for gaming. It comes with a Radeon HD 3470 graphics card, 4gb of memory, and an Intel Centrino cpu.
  3. Alienware M17 – Getting a little bit higher at $1299, but this is maybe the best deal on this list. It comes with an Intel Core 2 Duo cpu, and a dual graphics card for twice the power. As such, the battery life isn’t quite as good as the others. Not terrible though.
  4. Dell XPS M1530 – This computer also comes with the battery draining Core 2 Duo cpu at $1099.
  5. Gateway P-6860FX – This notebook has a nice video card with the GEForce 8800, and a Mobile Intel PM965 Express cpu at $1099.

So what are the best criteria when searching for laptop hardware? You’re looking for a top of the line graphics card first and foremost. You probably want something that supports at least 512MB video memory, and you’ll also need about 4gb of computer memory to really speed things up. If you can afford it, I recommend getting a laptop with a Core 2 Duo cpu.

These laptops have a cpu that is worthy of a desktop, but it will drain your battery a little bit faster. The Core 2 Duo cpu technology is the idea of 2 central processing units grafted onto the chipset, and is the most popular technology today. Those are the most important, and easiest to control criteria that I can lead you towards. For more information, I would recommend asking a Computer Science professional or student. They can provide you with a wealth of great knowledge on the intricacies of certain hardware.

Best Budget Gaming Laptop

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If you love to play games and are looking for a new computer, you might be wondering whether there are such things as best affordable gaming laptops. Traditionally desktop computers have always been expensive when it comes to playing games, and laptops even more so. Whilst playing games on your notebook will not be an option with the very cheapest models available, there are a few ways that you can save on a laptop for gaming.

Laptops for gaming are extremely popular due to the fact that they have a portability that desktops cannot have. To play your games on the road you will need to make sure that your machine can handle this. That means having the necessary processing power, good gaming graphics and memory. Standard laptops will not come with these gaming features, so you should check the laptop specifications carefully.

One of the easiest ways to find the best and cheap gaming laptops is to buy refurbished. You may also be able to find a good cheap laptop for gaming by doing a search online for old stock which should be dropped down in price dramatically. These options will be perfect for you if they match the specs of the game you want to play. If not, you may have to consider buying your brand new laptop.

When looking for a new laptop make sure that it comes with the latest technology, if you can afford it. This means you should aim for as large a RAM size as possible (3GB+) as well as multi-core processors, a large hard drive and at least 2GHz processing power. All of this information will be available from the store or website from which you are buying.

Finding your good cheap gaming laptops will not be easy. Mostly this consists in doing your research, shopping around and comparing before you make your decision. When you do make your decision, think carefully. Laptops are notoriously hard to upgrade in comparison to desktop computers, so don’t have the mindset that you will spend a little now and upgrade when you have more money. Bear all of these factors in mind and you should find a notebook to suit your needs.

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Does The Best Budget Gaming Laptops Exist ?

the best gaming gaming pc

Laptops have been used more and more for gaming since the past few years and through the use of some great technology, laptops are designed to handle all you gaming needs and can hold some of those heavy-duty graphics while providing top notch gaming experience. The difference between a gaming notebook and a regular notebook lie more than in their appearance but laptops to play games are also much more powerful and the features that these laptops boast, make an everyday laptop seem inferior in comparison and while gaming laptops tend to be expensive, if you know where to look, you can find a best affordable laptop computer for gaming that you will love.

In order for you to get a low budget gaming notebook that will boast both power and speed, you need to either get a used one or one that is refurbished because if you are not looking to spend some good amount of money on a new one, a used or refurbished notebooks for gaming is your most affordable way out. You want that gaming notebook; therefore, there are some specific features that you need to consider before purchasing one.

You need to get a notebook that is able to handle whatever graphical content you put on it, without it slowing down or giving you mediocre performance. Your video card should be at least 1GB and your RAM should be at least 4GB because that will give you a good enough performance; although if you are looking for a really high end laptop, an 8GB RAM is what you need.

Do not get your laptop with a quad-core processing speed of less than 1.6GHz but the higher the speed you get, the better. Due to the fact that most new games take up a lot of space, you need to think about how much space to get on your hard disk. The least space your notebook should consist of is 320GB and getting an external hard drive is not a bad idea either and finally, your screen size plays a major role in your laptop choice. The bigger the screen the better your gaming experience will be. The average screen size to get is a 17 inch.

Now that you know it all and is aware of what to look for when getting high functioning notebooks for gaming, all you need to do now, is go out and get best affordable laptops to play games that you will love.

Best Cheap Gaming Laptop: Do They Even Really Exist?

With the downturn in the economy people are looking for inexpensive gaming laptops since one of the biggest trends remains playing video games. Moreover, online gaming has recently become a hit due to faster internet connections. Everyday, there are more people interested in playing these so called online games.
Though playing online games is more advisable on a desktop, having the option to play them on your notebook is not a bad idea. You just have to take note that gaming notebooks will always be more expensive than the basic models. But, there are always ways to save your hard earned dollars.

In searching for that perfect laptop for gaming, all you have to do is make sure all the features you need are all there. Basic features include things like RAM. The more RAM you have, the faster your games will run.

A high-end processor is also the key to getting good results for your games. Moreover, no matter how fast your processor and how much memory you have, there is always also going to be a need for good graphics hence your need of a good video card.

Some features that you can save money on are the screen size and its sound card. In choosing a screens size, you don’t want a small one, but a smaller one can save you some money. If you’re planning to use speakers for your notebook, then get a good sound card, but since you’d probably be playing mostly in crowded places, it’s more advisable to get high quality ear phones than an expensive sound card.

Nothing beats an affordable gaming laptop. The target is an excellent price to performance ratio. Though you might know that laptops for gaming can cost over $3000, your goal is to get the best performance at the lowest cost. You might be surprised that there are a lot of options now on the web for these cheap laptops.

Some purists would disagree that there are no cheap gaming notebooks. Words like cheap, gaming and laptop just doesn’t go together. But if you are well equipped with the knowledge of the specs you want to have in that gamer laptop, then maybe you’ll find that you can get a good laptop at a very reasonable price.

As you are already no doubt a gamer, you are most likely already knowledgeable as to the dos and don’ts of choosing the best gaming laptop.

Have any advice or tips on how to buy or even build the perfect gaming computer? Then share what you know below the ads.

Choosing The Best Budget Gaming Laptop – What to Look for ?

Traditionally, most serious gamers have used desktops for their gaming needs, since 3D and HD games require high-quality graphics, as well as a lot of processing power to make them run optimally. However, as technology has improved, it has finally become feasible to run even the most graphically-intensive games on laptops, some of which have been designed specifically to afford the needs of games such as these.

The good news is, if you want a fantastic gaming notebook, you never need spend more than $1500 for it. A best cheap gaming laptop is very much becoming the norm. You can get everything you and more to run your favorite games, and do so with beautiful graphics and lightning-fast, seamless processing. You should easily be able to find all of the features noted below in an inexpensive laptop for games, that is at or under the price mentioned above.

  • In order to secure superior visuals, you will probably want to look for a display that is 720p or above (1080p is perferrable) and at least 17” in size. Most importantly, however, carefully consider the screen size and resolution before you buy, so you are not likely to be disappointed.
  • In addition, for the fastest frame rates, you will want a high-quality, dedicated graphics card with at least 1 GB of its own memory. NVIDIA with SLI technology or correspondingly, ATI with CrossFire are usually pretty safe bets. The reason for this is simple: built-in graphics cards will not allow you to efficiently process the complicated features of the latest 3D games. In addition, a high-end dedicated card will also make wide-screen HDTV, dynamic presentations, and mobile video editing possible.
  • The sound quality on your notebook is not as important as the visual quality, but still, it would behoove you to check the power of the onboard speakers, since as a notebook you will want it to be easily mobile. You can invest in a separate system (including subwoofer) for docking at home, but for on the run, a decent set of built-in speakers are nice. And for public places, some decent headphones are a must, but can easily be purchased aside from the laptop package.
  • As far as processing power, you’re going to want to get as much as you can afford. We recommend at least a dual-core processor, with a quad processor being the best option (such as the Intel i7). Similarly, the more RAM you can feasibly get, the best. At bare minimum, you will want 2 GB of DDR3, but ideally, 3-4 GB is much better. As for hard drives, look for a 7200 rpm, or even dual hard drives. You will also require a Blu-Ray optical drive.

Where to buy

Amazon consistently has the best prices on best budget gaming laptops, in addition to fast shipping and great customer service. We do not recommend buying these laptops used, although refurbished can be okay because, simply put, because you don’t know what you’re getting. If you truly want to have the best gaming experience, you simply cant risk buying a notebook with a malfunctioning graphics card or a system bogged down with viruses.

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