The Benefits of Kids Computer Games

Do your kids love playing computer games? Are you annoyed to see them in front of the laptop? Actually, you don’t have to! Games are in fact Good for your kids! So chill out, read on and find out what the advantages of playing games are.

1) Improve Vocabulary

There are soooo many new words to learn in a computer game! Tin, Silver, Iron and Gold. Do your children know these words? If they do, they might have learned them from the famous online role-playing game World of Warcraft (pic) when they engage their characters in the mining profession.

Besides mining, they can also learn so many other words if they take up herbalism, engineering, cooking or the other professions! And this is just profession, there are so many kinds of tasks or activities that a player must engage their characters in to rise above the ranks. Through these activities, they will learn a lot of words which improves their vocabulary greatly!

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2) Practise Strategic Thinking and Decision Making

Players are required to make constant decisions to avoid losing. What Should You Do? In strategic games like the famous futuristic Starcraft or the popular modern-day Command and Conquer series (pic), players are required to make the right decisions quickly every other second to avoid losing.

For example, when the enemy is about to attack the player with long range missles (pic), he/she should decide quickly on what to do to thwart this attack. This hones the player’s decision making skill.

And in order to win the game, the player has to analyze the enemies and come up with a good strategy to attack them. If not, the attack would be futile!

For example, if the enemy is weak in air-defence, the player should attack them with air units. This practices the player’s strategic planning and thinking.

3. Improve Hand-eye Coordination

In other words, it improves the player’s reflex or response. When players play racing games like the popular Need for Speed series (pic), they are required to constantly see and notice the changes in the virtual world and respond quickly to it.

For instance, when the player (driving a car) comes to a sharp corner, he/she should slow down a bit and drift through it. If he/she is too fast, then he/she might just miss the corner and crash out of the circuit! With practice, your kids’ hand-eye coordination will be improved.

Soon, when you throw a baseball at your son or return the tennis ball to your daughter, you would be surprised of how he/she manages to catch it and throw/hit it right back at you!

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4. Instill Management / Organization Skills

Management / organization skills is important in one’s life. When players play simulation games like the Simcity (pic), The Sims or Roller Coaster Tycoon, he/she will be required to think and organize.

In Simcity and Roller Coaster Tycoon, the player need to constantly think of how to manage and plan his/her city and theme park respectively.

In the Sims, the player will be required to manage his/her in-game character’s finance so that the character can buy more stuff to customize his/her house. All these playing will help the player’s management and organization skills which can be applied into his/her daily life!

5. Encourage Creative Thinking

Let your kid’s imagination goes wild! In role-playing games (or even in EA FIFA Soccer game), players often start with customizing their character’s features and clothing. In The Sims, players are also able to create and design their very own (virtual) house!

These activities enable the players to let the imaginative part of their minds to do some work-out. This helps the players improve their creativity. And creativity is a very important aspect of a kid’s development!

6. Increase Knowledge

Players learn many new things through games! In the Age of Empire series, players control various types of civilization around the world and develop them. When they play different civilizations or countries and develop them through the ages, indirectly, they are actually learning the History of the civilizations!

Players can even check out many information about the civilizations and their rich history which the game provides.

In other examples, players are exposed to different civilizations and their Mythology in The Age of Mythology (pic). In Chinese games like the famous “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” online games, players can learn about the equally rich history of the various dynasties of ancient China and all the wars involved.


Balance Play and Study In spite of all the benefits or advantages that games can bring to your kids, we cannot simply deny the ugly truth that these games are extremely ADDICTIVE! That’s why kids need to be taught how to manage and control their game-playing time. Yes, they should play, but only to a certain extent when they should be off to their study room!

Therefore, parents please take note, DO let your kids play the games; it’s really good for their development. But to avoid them getting addicted, what you need to do is – teach them how to Balance their time of play and study. Good luck!

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