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Today’s accelerated view of world and literally spam of content we face every day is somewhat of a fake base to build on. When you read laptops for free chances are that you are going to have to pay some kind of a monthly fee to acquire the computer in subject. While this all sounds great at first, please take a moment and think why would it worth it for the companies to give out computers just like that. Sure, it would be a great way to promote them, but there are better solutions for actually selling them, so free laptops are just not happening anytime soon in spite of plummeting of production prices.

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Why Are There No Free Laptops?

Not all is lost though, mobile broadband providers are so eager to sell their own products that they are going great lengths to promote them with laptops virtually free. You are still going to pay a monthly fee, but that being within reason, and fair for the service itself you won’t think you are paying the computer too, right? Wrong. These prices are calculated in such a fashion that you will pay for the free laptop and the service too.

Contradiction? Sounds like one, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying this is not fair or misrepresentation, see if you think for a second; this is good for you, the customer, since you are getting a product and a service for a fair price, and good for the provider as they are able to sell both the free netbooks and their service of mobile broad band internet connection.

These free computers are really easy to come by, just turn on the tv and watch an advertisement block, I bet you will see one provider offering it’s free laptop if not more. Be aware the fact though, that these are long term contracts. 18-24 months usually, which means if you want to quit the service, as in stop paying the monthly fees you will be put under a healthy chunk of one off fine. Avoiding this is not all that hard, read everything before you put your signature. Yes, the fine print too, it’s not rude to read everything before you commit yourself to a long term contract, I would say it’s the exact opposite.

If anything it is rude to promise a free computer then giving the funny looks for reading the terms of agreement. Final thought is, always make sure that you read everything you sign and there is no free supper, though the agreement can be advantageous for both parties.

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Laptop for Free – Mobile Broadband Deals

There are mobile providers that would like to give mobile broad band sales some momentum by giving away computers effectively for no initial payment for a set 1-2 year contract and a fixed monthly payment. These deals are usually giving a limited amount of mobile broadband usage on 3G networks and are usually promoted in the United Kingdom.

First deal I’d like to mention is of the provider Three. They give out One of the free notebook offersa Compaq Presario CQ61 Notebook for £30 a month over 24 months. This is a 15” laptop with the usual stuff that are found in value desktop replacement notebooks. It comes with a 1.8ghz dual core Intel processor, 3 gigabytes of memory, a 250 gigabytes hard drive and a 1366 x 768 resolution screen.

The broadband plan promises a 5gb allowance a month which is more than enough to browse social networking or news sites. Email traffic is of no problem with this monthly bandwidth limit at 3.6 Mbit/second nominal speed. An average user consumes about 2-3 gigabytes a month without going all out on internet radio stations or video streaming services. The offer is valid until 28th of February 2010, but knowing where the mobile market heads I am comfortable with saying it most probably will change for the better. Great to have competition on the market, isn’t it.

Second offer I’d like to touch comes from O2. They give you the ever so popular Asus 1005HA netbook with 10 gigabytes of mobile broad-band an 500 mbytes of wi-fi coverage for just £35 a month. I know for sure that this asus laptop would make a great companion while on the move, and that is the reason I can recommend this product without thinking twice. For £25 a month you can get 3 gigabytes of data transfer which also should be enough for any average surfer, optionally the offer with similar parameters is available from Orange as well.

Vodafone opted for the dell mini 10 in their computer for free promotion, which is a very solid netbook at the moment, I have no reason not to suggest having one of these. For around £25 similar specs to the O2 offer with Asus 1005ha are available.

Alternatively you can google for latest free laptop mobile broad band deals to have a more recent picture about the market. As you can see these computers are not entirely free, but they are as close to it as computer gets.

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