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Today technology is reaching new heights. Many gadgets are introduced to the market to make our lives much simpler and convenient. One such device is a laptop external battery. There are many companies who have manufactured sleek, sophisticated, lightweight external batteries for laptops.

These batteries can be attached to your laptop and give you up to 7 hours of battery life without interruption. How great is that! As compared to the usual 90 minute battery life of most laptops, external laptop batteries are a boon for most laptop users.

These are rechargeable batteries for laptops and can be used for other portable electronics. You can also use them for your other gadgets and it will provide the right output voltage to the device being charged. Some of these batteries come with multiple ports so you can charge more than one device at the same time. So now you can charge your laptop and at the same time charge your mobile phone, MP3 player and other gadgets.

Some laptop external batteries are really cool and very user-friendly. With a push of a button you can see the level of charging on an LED screen. Apart from this the mechanism of an external notebook battery is pretty simple. It usually has a power port, on/off switch, a main output jack, USB port and of course a charging port.

These laptop batteries are quite compact and portable. You can easily carry one in your laptop bag along with the adapter. You can also charge them by an external charger. Some can also be charged by the laptop’s power cord so there is no need for addition cords to charge the battery.

External notebook batteries are not that expensive also. You can buy them for around $100, but the price can vary depending on the brand and the type of battery; lithium or nickel. They also come in nice attractive designs with a smooth shiny surface. This compact device is a must-have for anyone who uses their laptop for long durations outdoors or on the road.

There is nothing complicated about using an external battery for laptop. You just have to plug the laptop’s cord to the battery’s port and you are good to go for hours of uninterrupted working time on your laptop. This device is great when you’re traveling long distance and would like to keep yourself busy on the road.

So if you are looking to boost the battery life of your laptop then an external battery charger for laptop is the best solution. Now you can work on your laptop for as long as you want without worrying about charging it when you get a low battery signal. Just plug in the external battery and you are good to go for hours!

Laptop External Battery – How It Works

All the laptop users out there must be frustrated when their laptop runs out of battery in the middle of some important work. Most laptops have a battery life of not more than 90 minutes so for people who want to extend their laptop’s battery life, a laptop external battery is the best option.

You can buy an external battery for your laptop from any third party company as these batteries are universal and are compatible with any laptop. It doesn’t matter if you are using a Lenovo, Dell or an IBM laptop, just buy a good quality external notebook battery and you’ll easily boost your battery life anywhere from 4 to 10 hours, depending on the type of battery.

External laptop batteries are lightweight and compact weighing anywhere between 1.6 to 3.3 pounds. Their price ranges from $150 – $500 and they can charge multiple devices at the same time such as cell phones, MP3 players or any hand-held device.

If you want to use your laptop for long durations without any interruptions on the battery front, you can carry an external battery in your laptop bag and use it whenever your laptop battery is low. These batteries easily plug into your laptop’s AC power and they don’t need any software to operate.

With a laptop’s external battery you can go through long flights or a day at the beach with your laptop and stay connected with your work without worrying about the battery going low. All you need to do is connect the AC adapter to the power point, and then to the port and back to the battery. This will charge the external battery. When the green light glows on the AC adapter, it means that your battery is fully charged.

Once the battery is charged you are ready to carry it in your briefcase and plug it into your laptop whenever you are running out of battery life. For this you need to find the tip that fits your laptop’s AC connector and then connect it to the cord from the external battery.

If your external battery is not equipped to check for voltage then you need to make sure that the voltage is set correctly for your laptop, before you plug it in. The voltage is usually mentioned in the manual of the external battery. You could also check the AC adapter of your laptop for the output voltage.

Once switched on, the laptop will show connected to AC. Now you can use applications such as Word, Firefox, iTunes, MSN messenger and work on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and use full brightness. You are set for another 4 to 7 hours depending on the type of battery you are using.

Extend Laptop Efficiency By Using A Laptop External Battery

The worst thing that could happen to you while working on your laptop is the critical low battery signal. This means your laptop will turn off in about five minutes. What if you were in the middle of an important task? This frustrating situation could waste your effort and time that you’ve been putting in that important task. This situation is common when you are outdoors where there is no electricity supply so that you can charge your laptop.

The best possible solution is to bring a laptop external battery along with you whenever you are traveling with your laptop. This amazing device needs no software or other fancy mechanism. You just have to plug it into your laptop with the help of AC adapter, switch it on and you are good to go for hours.

The laptop battery lifespan depends on its make and the brand; higher the quality the better the battery life. More over a lithium ion battery is always better than a nickel based battery for people who use their laptop very often using the battery.

You need to charge the external battery fully before using it. Once charged you can connect it to your laptop and use it till you drain the battery completely. You can also recharge these batteries with an external charger. So now you can enjoy unlimited time on your laptop while you’re out.

External laptop batteries are compatible with most notebooks on the market. So you can buy an external battery from any company and use it to increase your laptop’s battery life. This is one of the best advantages of an external notebook battery. There is no need to look out for a special battery to work with a particular type of notebook.

External laptop batteries are less than half the size of a standard laptop. They usually come with a pouch or a carry bag but you can keep it along with your laptop in a briefcase or a laptop carry bag. They are so light that you won’t even feel any extra weight.

You can charge the external battery with the laptop’s power adapter so there is no need to carry an extra cord. Once you keep it for charging, you will see a red light on the AC adapter. It will turn green once the battery is fully charged.

Most external laptop batteries have an aluminum coating so they are quite sturdy. They have rubber feet so that they do not slip away. They usually have a USB port, a charging port, a voltage slider, and a discharging port. The USB port is useful for charging portable devices such as a digital camera, cell phone, PDA and digital audio player.

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