The Best Ereaders & Tablets for Reading to Buy in 2019

EBook(electronic book) Readers are responsible for revolutionizing the way we read books. An eBook Reader is an ultra-light and highly portable device that helps one to read a book in digital format. Imagine going on a vacation without having the burden to carry 4 different books but just a single e-book portable reader. Most of the e-readers available today are even lighter than a paperback book. And what more, the e-books cost only a fraction of the original paper based books making reading much more affordable and enjoyable.

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Top E-book Devices to Buy in 2018

Here are 2 of the top e-book devices on the market today:

Amazon Kindle Portable E-Reader

The Amazon Kindle is the initiator of the E-reader revolution and is to-date the best-selling and most gifted portable eBook device. The newest Kindle version has a combination of 3G wireless and Wi-Fi, which makes it easier for one to connect to WiFi hotspots. It has got a 6 inch screen with good contrast and no glare making it easier to read in bright sunlight.

It weights only 8.7 ounces and can store upto 3500 books. The machine also has a 3G browser which is sill in experimental stage. The biggest advantage the Kindle has over other E-readers is its huge collection of ebooks which is more than a 650000.

With improved technology it is also possible to add notes, create bookmarks and highlight text for future use and lookup. With the wireless on – the battery lasts for about 10 days and with wireless off the battery can last for about a month without recharging. The machine comes with a micro USB cable and can be easily charged from a computer USB port.

With the experimental Text-to-speech feature it is also possible for the device to read magazines and books out loud. The drawback of this gadget is that it has got no touchscreen support and users have to rely on buttons for page turns and navigation.

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Barnes & Noble NOOK Portable E-Reader

The Nook is an Android based portable ebook-reader from Barnes & Noble released in October 2009 and is therefore a relatively new player in the e-book market. With a 6 inch display and a combination of 3G and WiFi connectivity it is almost as good as the Amazon Kindle. A big advantage Nook has over the Kindle is its design. With a rubber back it is much comfortable to hold than a metallic back Kindle. Also it has a small touchscreen serving as a primary input device so one doesn’t have to press buttons to turn pages or for bookmarking.

Also Nook is not a proprietary device giving one the freedom to download content from the site of one’s choice. It has also got a Lend feature allowing one to share ebooks with other Nook users.

The only drawback that Nook has in comparison to Kindle is that its collection of books is not as huge. Moreover one can sort books only according to title and author but cannot organize them into categories. However Nook is still a premature device and many improvements continue to be made, but given the fact that it is only 1 year old it performance and feature list is incredible.

What is the Best Ebook-Reader?

When we talk about e-book device, not many people understand what it is. This is an electronic device that is used by people to display ebooks. It is loved by many people because it is easy to carry due to its size. There are different types of e-book devices available like Kindle and Nook but the choice of the best one depends on the individual. They come with features that vary. To be sure that you choose the best, there are some things that you need to consider; some of which are listed below.

Factors to consider when choosing the best e-Reader

  • Budget – When shopping, budget is the first thing that people look at and the same case applies when it comes to ebook-reader. You need to ask yourself, is the device I am about to buy worth its price? Your answer will be based on the features available. If it matches with your budget then don’t hesitate, go ahead and get thee Reader.
  • Mode of the screen – This is one of the most important features that you need to look for more than anything else. It’s true your machine might be having all other good features but becomes of no use when the screen is a headache. The screen must have good contrast that displays all the information clearly. A good e-book device is the one that displays all pages of e-book properly and one can read without straining.
  •  Size and weight -The perfect ebok reader is the one that is light in weight and small in size. This makes portability easier and you can use it to read information even when you are travelling. Also, the weight determines how comfortable it is when holding your machine. You should be able to hold it for a long time in your hands in case you want to read many pages.
  • Easy to use– Whenever you want to get the perfect ebook-device, you must ensure that it has a manual. With this you can easily read through and understand well how it works. Some devices are so annoying especially when they are on zombie mode. They take too long to display information or the buttons are too hard to press like computers. This should not happen with e-Readers, you should pick the one that is user friendly and easy to use.
  • Quality of the battery – Have you ever been using an electronic device and went off in the middle before you are done? This is so irritating. When it comes to e-Readers, you need to ensure that it can last for at least seven days without a re-charge. This saves you from loosing data before you get full information. It also saves you the situation where you carry charger everywhere you go.
  • Memory and speed – A good e-Reader is the one that can be able to carry large amount of data. There is a lot of information in the ebooks and it is good to ensure that your machine has enough memory. When it comes to speed your gadget should be able to display information with just few clicks.

When you want to get the best eReaders, you need to look for features that will make your reading easier. You also need to get the gadget that is latest in the market with fantastic and quality features and worth its price.

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